[ENG-SUB] YMP greeting session

Credits: Sukbar
English subs: Aphrael77

A more complete, though short, overview of “You’re my Pet” greeting sessions, which seem to be full of fun and laughter. And JKS is a sport for demonstrating how he gets shot! And after watching the movie, the minority male viewers also have positive comments about it. YMP fighting!!

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  1. Great to hear the news abt male viewers!! heard that 81% were females lol!!even males cant escape from Prince j`s charm!!!go go!!maybe we will have male eels in our blog too!!lol!! ROFL!! 😉 Thanks sis for your hard work…

  2. did u notice that when Sukkie hugs smb the audience screams loudly but when KHN hugs smb …….!!!!!….kekeke…u already know what i mean, right?!….

    • the difference happens too when JKS gives out the gifts and when KHN gives out the gifts… :p

      and Sukkie is so naughty, he ‘kissed’ the hand of the guy and not his girlfriend. did the girlfriend ‘hit’ the guy after that? 😀

      • aphrael, if i were the girl, i would kiss my bf’s hands thoroughly after that and wouldn’t allow him to wash his hands for the whole day, LOL

    • ha! how the audience screams when he starts talking! sukkie’s effect on people is really something else!!! 😉

  3. it is considered as guerrilla greetings in cinema right? or the audience already know beforehand that they will spot-visit to that cinema? they should do it more often in more random cinema….

  4. I loved that! I am so envious of those fans. I love this concept shame it doesn’t happen in US. Is it common in Korea? Or just something they were doing to further promote the film on its opening days? Anyway, thanks for the awesome video. Brought a smile to my face and happy tears to my eyes since he looks so happy in the video.

      • Yeah.. I have so many things around me now that remind me of him. I was showing some pictures of my vacation to a coworker and she asked me who was the picture of the mouth with tongue (thanks Farina!) on my picture gallery cover LOL. I have a printout of his eyes on my desk at work. He’s also my phone background. I have a pigbunny charm on my phone now. I have this blog as my homepage on my laptop. Most of my newsfeeds on facebook somehow Sukkie dominates (guess I joined/liked a lot of Sukkie related pages). I have a mix CD in my car which is 1/2 filled with his songs (the rest is filled with Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yong Hwa and FT Island). I miss him on Twitter but comforted so many other ways. I just don’t know I spent most of my life without him in it!

      • same here with me dear,ahhh it’s been 2 months and a half of nonstop Sukkie mania over me,,I could not say hello to my friends in Facebook,because the first thing I do when I open it,I went to JKS fan pages,and then tag myself with his photos,share his videos on my wall so I could rewatch it again/download some of it.My wall was filled with Sukkie’s face and vids,hahaha..I add friends who have the same passion as me,follow JKS related accounts of twitter and weibo,everything…My friends favorite korean actor was Lee Min Ho,and when we spoke about our idols,arghh I feel hurt when she’s comparing Sukkie w/ LMH although she like Sukkie too co’z he’s cute..When I feeling down,I listen to his song “BYE BYE BYE” his voice was so warm..Can’t live a single day w/out seeing his face and hearing his voice!!

    • LOL… Yeah I saw that article from twitter link (yeah still go there despite its lack of Sukkie *sigh*) or facebook… can’t recall which! I wish I was in Korea or Korean. I never wished this before this year.

    • Ah. But was there any doubt? Lol so wish I could have tried for the ticket lottery. But I didn’t even bother because it looked complicated and language problems. Funny thing I get lucky usually with these things. I got lucky to see Pope a couple years ago when he came to Washington DC. Only way was thru lottery and millions entered for chance but only 50000 tickets.

    • Woww!!! Sukkie’s power….or should it be Eels’ power!!! This is truly “the beginning” of conquering the world. Keep on doing your best my Prince.
      You will be World Prince soon.

    • Besides, what made me happy today was Sukkie posted the message in English today!!!! He’ll understand our situation, so keep on requesting it! 🙂

      • Hi!I am wondering how to to get his app?Is it free or I need to buy/subscribe it? Do I need an Iphone to do that or any android phones will do?Thanks!

      • Oh. Android or Iphone. Doesn’t matter cause both have App and it does that same on both. There is a free and a pay version. The pay version gets you the messages but its just one time fee and not too much. He usually only posts in Korean and Japanese or just Korean. Rarely in English but there are kind people that post translations.

      • @charlotte, if you’ll get an Android, buy one that has a big screen, not the small compact ones. his App is not compatible with the small Android phones. mine’s like that and i can’t download his App so i’m now thinking of getting a bigger phone.

      • Good morning, guys! I have just one more question to Andrea. Where do I get the paid version of Sukkie’s app? I searched in Android market and I found one which is free but I want to get his msg so I ought to buy the paid version. I’m also planning to buy an android phone because I’m still using the old school one. Thanks!

  5. @ Aphrael77 thanks for the subs , i always enjoy watching his videos but like all of the eels , i prefere understanding what he says coz he never failed an oportunity to make jokes over himself first and also the others .
    bdw i find this old interviews in youtube , can you please translate them when you have time ? THANKS

    after the good news about him cames flooding in from all over , i became certain that the first step for his “world prince dream ” was done succesfully .
    all he has to do now is to keep on the good work (and of course his warm personality ) and also make sure that all his products (movies;dramas, shows..)have english sutitles ,i think this will definitely helps him to win the international market .

    • @ Farina i think you have other things than moles in common with JKS :it’s your nose and your hair style (he must had take it from you coz you’re the older one), and of course your shining smile . your familly and co workers must be very lucky to have your warm smile to start their days with , when others like me begins theirs with the complains of the patient .this world is really unfair !!!!!!!!!!

      • maya, this is so strange! coz. when I read Miracles’s comment somewhere that Farina has got two things in common with Sukkie ( teeth and smile ) I really thought that they both have something in common regarding their personality too! this common thing is:
        they both always manage to put a smile on my face, It’s this cheerful and hyper active personality that is always radiating joy. Farina I guess the way it’s going we might ask Aphrael for another blog: Farinaforever. com! ( don’t worry we re not pervy friends, we won’t be hunting your moles)!

      • Omg!!! I just came across these comments! You guys really make me speechless!! This naughty ahjumma can only take a little dose of praise at a time…. However, on a serious note, please don’t praise me too much, it makes me quite uncomfortable, I’m afraid I will disappoint you one day. I have my faults and bad sides too, so please go easy on the praise ok? Though I appreciate it 🙂 Hugs!!

      • Oh and you don’t need to hunt my moles, I will unashamedly show you! Wait, will that mean I’m an exhibitionist?

    • Maya dear, you are in luck! From the first link, after you open it, go to the Rate/comment section. Scroll down all the comments and a kind person by the name of ‘lifeissocrappy’ did a summary of the interview! It’s so funny!!


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