[NEWS] The toppest dollar was paid to obtain the broadcast right of “Love Rain” in Japan

PONY CANYON INC. is well-known for eels as the company produced Sukkie’s singer debut in Japan. Today it is announced that PONY CANYON has obtained the broadcast right of “Love Rain” in Japan and they have paid the toppest dollar for it since Korean dramas started to be broadcast in Japan. The airdate hasn’t been decided yet.

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  1. I love that top picture of him. I stole it for my cellphone. Anyway, not surprised that a Japanese company has already bought the rights to broadcast Love Rain. Japan loves our Prince.

    • You are right. The surprising point is PONY CANYON paid the toppest dollar for “Love Rain.” The news didn’t mention about how much it was, but sooooo big money must have involved in it. So I changed the title of this post.

      • wow,,he deserved all the success he is a very hard working young man,,thank you JAPAN for choosing our Prince to be your No.1 Korean Star,,and ‘tenshi” ありがとう!!!

    • Oh my goodness… Hot and handsome wet Sukkie. After seeing the top picture, all my pains and sadness have gone away. Yumm.. Love..love..loving it!!

      Andrea, 100% agree. No surprise!! He is very where in Japan. Japan loves Sukkie, so are the rest of the world. World Prince…. Fighting.

      • He definitely is making BIG Waves and that is because he is a worldclass artiste. His dream of getting himself an Oscar is on its way to realization. Now Asia and very soon the World. Way to go, my Prince!

    • I’m becoming more and more trapped every day. I am drowning. I am seriously considering blowing off the trip I’m planning to Italy for my 40th birthday and considering changing it to Asia. Japan, Korea, Singapore maybe Philippines *deep sigh*.

  2. 1. that pic of Sukkie with wet hair, OMG!

    2. of coursse they paid top dollar. It’s because Sukkie stars in it. Anything our prince puts his hands on becomes a big SUCCESS! A true prince of Asia! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I’m sooooo excited to watch this drama. Ahh! Come faster or at least make a 60 sec teaser for us while we wait. Haha.
    From all the hate comments I’ve reading about Yoona being the lead actress, I seriously hope and pray it won’t ruin the drama, aka JGS too. As a viewer, it is hard to continue to watch a drama with a bad lead actress. (Exception for Sukkie’s dramas). Especially in melo dramas that requires ALOT of different emotions. I’m not against Yoona, since i never watched her act before, but from all the comments i seriously hope she brings all her effort into this. Since I have a feeling that this is that one drama where our prince will shine even more throughout Asia. (and become the next Winter Sonata) FIGHTING!!

    • ya the lead actress is worrying me too…we know suk can Act *and omg he ACTS so gorgeously* but there are serious abt yoona…guess we`ll know soon…

      • Hi Meg, you know actually Sukkie has praised Yoona for her acting in LR shooting so far. I think from appearance she just look like a 70s girl so innocent. And when you see her dance with SNSD group, I believe she can be the modern role too, not only that but she was in some the acting roles and feedback was not bad. Maybe this sounds like I’m fan of her, actually not. I just trust Sukkie’s words and also believe in LR team. LR fighting!

      • woah!!!dint know that..well lets hope…but am sure gonna bawl like a baby..In HGD,BV,YAB i used to cry even before suk does in the emotional scenes…So whatever happens LR is gonna be a HIT for me!!!

      • LOL. I actually like crying during dramas. Its very therapeutic for me. So really looking forward to the angst. Anyway, not familiar with Yoona but I am sure Sukkie will bring out the best in her. Even if she isn’t a great actress I doubt he wouldn’t show patience with her and coach her thru. I’m just that confident in him.

    • @chinkyrol (Philippines) ,,girl we need to make “LOVE RAIN/ SUKKIE” a big news in our country so that the TWO big Station will consider taking the broadcast rights of it and bring Sukkie in the Philippines..Anther thing,we should flood request to N.R Phil,to sponsor a fan meeting or Cri Show in Manila..

      • i’m sure one of the two big station here in the Philippines will broadcast it.. i wish it became a big hit here just like “Meteor Garden” so that the station that will broadcast it will bring JKS in the Philippines.. gogogo love rain!!!

      • I agree with you 100% percent sister. I’m disappointed that we don’t get much Asian movies here since I really want to see ” You’re my Pet”. I know many Filipino eels are really hoping for him to come here. Did u see the survey in FB? His fan page there has more than 15k likes. here is the link…. https://www.facebook.com/questions/129738960452119/

      • hi ladies, just curious to know if Philippines TV stations have broadcasted any of Sukkie’s dramas on national TV? In S’pore, his dramas only on cable TV (paid) & only HGD on national TV (free) but at 11pm (off peak).. even BOF is shown on national TV here for 2 runs already but still we have no chance to view Sukkie’s dramas like YAB & MMM on national TV.. I guess these 2 dramas have high price for the broadcasting..
        Also, it is nice to hear Philippines & Malaysia have Nature Republic stores.. here I don’t see in city areas yet..

      • @QQeyes007

        it was, YAB and MMM.. lots of korean dramas was broadcasted here in the Philippines.. even Hwang Jin I.. but im not sure of Hong Gil Dong and Beethoven Virus..

      • migrap26, wow.. that is great to have YAB/MMM both broadcasted on national TV in Philippines.. no wonder Sukkie is very popular in Philippines.. in S’pore, Sukkie only get popular only recently this year after his drama shown on cable TV, if his dramas are shown on national TV, Sukkie would have long been the most popular Korean artiste here.. but recently I learnt from newspapers that Sukkie has become the most popular actor here..based on the sales of DVD here after the broadcast on cable TV..

      • I think one of the big tv station here in our country already obtain the Rights to broadcast Love Rain. I saw a post in fb last week or two weeks ago.

      • @ jacs, really!! my problem is that I hate the dubbing ( no offense meant to my native tongue). It’s just that I like to hear the actors’ natural voices that’s why I resort to watching online rather than on TV here. Especially if it’s Sukkie’s voice, I love the deep timbre his voice makes when he speaks…

      • can’t agree with you more, chinkyrol! i’m also not too keen on the dubbing ‘coz i love to hear the actors’ voices, especially sukkie’s. his rich baritone voice is music to my ears!!! ^_^

      • Oh. I hate dubbing! I’m okay with it in Anime but not films or TV. You lose the essence of the scene and the acting. I don’t care that I can’t understand a single word Sukkie is saying but his voice is magic. Hard to believe such a rich voice comes from such a beautiful face (although as he gets older and matures his face is taking on more masculine qualities or maybe my eyes are just seeing it more).

      • I just hope when they air Love Rain, It will be given a primetime spot..They aired MMM on an off peak time.

        I just knew about him when they aired the first episode of MMM and got to watch it on a holiday.

        Shows here that usually hit are those in between 7pm until before the late night news where BoF timeslot was.

        I just hope one of the station can think of getting Love Rain and promoting it like what’ve done with BoF..or even Meteor Garden.

      • It’s nice to know that there is a possibility for LR to be aired in the Phils. Really looking forward to it. Hope that JKS will also include the Philippines in his Asian tours. He will be surprised to know that he a lot of supporters here.

      • @zailane, agree. i am also hoping that if they did get the franchise for Love Rain that they will air it on night primetime. they aired MMM and YAB on afternoon primetime where most of the people are at work but i guess it still made quite an impression as a lot of Filipinos fell into his trap. i only got to know of MMM and sukkie when i saw an episode while i was on leave from work, and it was already halfway through then. but that got me interested to watch it online ‘coz sukkie completely captured heart. 🙂

  4. Awwwwwww….. the 1st pic!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally can’t get my eyes off it!!!!!
    OMG! This look & expression i have never seen before!!!! Totally different from all the roles he have acted in! Sukkie really never fail to amaze me with his superb expressions!
    I can already foresee that Love Rain is going to be a big HIT!!
    But i hope LR don’t make me cry too much while watching!! If not i will need a pail to hold my tears!!! sobz…. ::::(

    • I’m sure for 100% that this drama will definitely make us cry a lot! i don’t know what u feel but looking at his expression in pic #1, i can feel the love pain in his eyes!!!

    • Actually I like to cry. I am currently watching a drama that I’m crying almost entire time that I change my eyeglasses to my secondary pair so I don’t have to wash the tears off my main pair of glasses before going to work. I love that Sukkie is branching out and taking roles that have more substance. He’s such a great expressive actor. I say bring on the tears!

  5. Wow sukkie so sexy and yummy.. Slurrrp.. Hehe 🙂 That’s the best look with the best feeling I’ve ever see.. Go sukkie! Conquer the world!!

  6. God!! the first pics is so beautiful.. it makes my heart beats so fast… love it!! can’t wait to watch love rain!! Love Rain Fighting!!! 😀

  7. As all you here were trapped by Sukkie, I just wanted to share the 1st pic with you. The news I posted was a mere excuse :p

    • Kaori-chan, that picture really remind me of his Hot Chili Papers photos & this one looks innocently sexy & Hot Chili papers shots are seductive+sexy ^_^

    • you’re darn right that picture is soooooooooooooo sexy. That look, the hair and god, how come a guy can look so pretty in any color. Totally trapped. Lol.

      Btw, Apprael, the JKS official weibo has that CF longer version with Chinese sub. I think you will put English translation to share with eels, right? Well, only when you have time. Thanks.

      • I do prefer him with dark hair. I have a thing for dark hair. And yes he looks great with any color hair (I admit reluctanty even blond although I don’t like blond hair on men *sigh*). I grabbed that picture and thinking of making it my new phone background. It will be tough because I’ve been using the street singing performance in front of the restaurant in Busan as my background for awhile now and love it. But his eyes.. his lips… breathtaking. I feel like such a dirty old woman.

    • breathless… can’t get my eyes off that first pic, too! i keep staring at his eyes and lips (my two favorite parts of his face). how can you not be trapped by such a perfectly handsome man?! 🙂

      • Yeah same for me.. eyes and mouth. Silly me was trying to convince myself I couldn’t like him as much as I do. I was unsuccessful. I am truly trapped and drowned in his pool.

  8. Hi tenshi_akuma, I managed to get online before flying. I am actually flying into Tokyo this Sat and be in Seoul next week and Farina was telling me i could reach out to you to find out where i can get JGS’s cds/mugs/calendars etc etc in Japan?? I am actually staying in Shibuya – many thanks in advance for your advice!! I hope i get internet access to check your reply too. THANKS!

    • Hi Hazy, sorry for my delay in replying. Before answering your question, have you ever been to Tokyo before? If so, it’s easy to tell you directions. Shibuya is a busy town, especially for young people. You might be overwhelmed with the crowd. I’m familiar with Shibuya, so I can show you in detail.

      If you want to get some JKS goods in Shibuya, I recomend you to go to big bookstores. You can see many JKS’ cover magazines there and some of them include his poster! I’m not sure which area of Shibuya you’ll stay at, so I’ll post the link of major bookstores near Sibuya station.
      (This shop is located on the scramble crossway, very near Shibuya station. You can see a big screen on the wall. 6th floor is for magazines. You can also buy JKS’ DVD and CD there. Visit B1 ,1F and 2F. Before buying DVD, I recommend you to check your DVD player or PC if they can play Japanese version ‘region code 2’ or not.)
      (You can also get DVD, CD and books.)

      If you want to get some JKS’ goods in Japan, Shin-Okubo is the best place to visit. Shin-Okubo is a very famous spot for Korean showbiz fans.
      1) Get on JR Yamanote-line (yellow-green colored train) bound for Shinjuku and Ikebkiro.
      2) Get off at Shin-Okubo.
      Just walking around, you can see sooooooo many JKS there. Most of them are not official products, but some are officials. Just looking Sukkie’s face will make you happy! 🙂 I think these goods are more available than Korea.

      Enjoy your trip! 😉

      • Hi Tenshi_akuma 🙂
        So happy to see your reply!! Thank U so so so much! This is not my first time in Tokyo, I have been there 3 times last year and stayed in Shibuya Cerulean (the same place i am staying this time). I think i saw Tsutaya before, it seems to be everywhere in Japan 🙂 I am flying in Tokyo tomorrow and i can’t wait!

        Thank you so much for your detailed explanations + links! Really helpful! I will definitely check out Shin-Okubo. I am actually flying out from Tokyo to Seoul next Wed, and hope to catch YMP in Seoul. i have checked they only have in Japanese subtitles and no English subtitles 🙁

        You are so right, even if i don’t buy anything, I am sure by walking around and seeing Sukkie’s face everywhere will make me a very HAPPY person 🙂

        Arigato again!! :))

      • Hazy! What a happy person u r! Whenever i hear smb visiting Japan or Korea, i also have wish to go there! Now this have become my one of my dreams!!! From the bottom of my heart i wish u could meet our Prince (this is one of the greatest dreams of eels of this blog) or at least watch YMP in the cinema when u’r in Seoul! Then don’t forget to share ur impressions about YMP and ur trip! 🙂

      • LOL Miracle. I was talking with Farina that my dream is to go to Asia sometime in the next year or 2. I had originally planned to go to Italy for a few weeks in my 40th birthday year but now I am strongly considering dumping those plans and going to Asia. Ideally going at a time when/if Sukkie is doing another Asia tour and preferably if he is going to perform in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc so he’s more likely to use English. My dream includes one of those locations so a bunch of us from here can meet and go to the show together. That is my dream but not sure it will become a reality. Also want to go to Japan and of course Korea during this trip. Like I say its still over a year (more like 1 1/2 years) away but that is what I am aiming for.

      • Oh and Hazy I was just thinking while I was in the shower (yes, I was thinking of Sukkie in the shower.. Farina might find this funny after what I told her recently) just now it might be fun to play a scavenger hunt game of finding Sukkie’s endorsements in Japan. Not sure if you are traveling with anyone or not and if they are a fan of our prince. But this would work for anyone going to Japan. Would be cool to see how many times and in different ways you find a Sukkie endorsement. I don’t know, kinda have a checklist of things you know he’s endorsing and try to spot adverts throughout Tokyo. I did that last time I went to Rome I noted all the obelisks throughout Rome and tried to get a picture of all of them (I didn’t because a couple of them were in ackward places) but you get the idea. Its a casual game and you don’t have to go out of your way or spend any extra money. I’m not big on spending money so I am all for the memories.

      • oooohhh…..Andrea thanks for the suggestion! I indeed went “searching” a bit just now, and found Sukkie at Lawson! 🙂 It was raining and many pple was crowding there so i can’t take a picture, but I am sure I will be back again tomorrow to snap a shot! and I totally agree, it is really the experience that counts!

        I would like to give a special thanks here to Carol Ow – thanks dear for emailing me the details and tips on Seoul!

        Thanks eels! You peeps are GREAT!! 🙂

      • Hazy, I’m so happy everything worked out for you 🙂

        Andrea, now on my agenda is to find you a pic of Shower Suk! Guys, you can help too 🙂 We’ll hv to wait if ever he does a crying scene while showering….

      • No problem. I travel alone most of the time. Sometimes to motivate myself I give myself goals and challenges (this past vacation I challenged myself to trying Eel for the first time, eating Korean food, and a few other things that are interest only to myself) to push myself because I have a tendency to procrastinate or choose the easier path. Must be fun to Sukkie-site in Japan though LOL

      • Farina… maybe Sukkie will oblige in Love Rain. Hopefully lots of crying and maybe I’ll get lucky and he cries in the shower. Crying in the rain doesn’t count. Not quite the same thing.

      • Farina: HUGE credits goes to you too! Many many thanks for linking me up with Carol and advising me to post here to check with Tenshi_akuma 🙂

        Eels: I had so much fun today going around “looking” for Sukkie. Took a picture with him in Lawson, got free brochures on the street for Shufoo with his cute pictures, went Shin okubo and saw him EVERYWHERE 🙂 and even took a picture with the ANJell group with JKS standing beside “me” (ShinHye’s body, my face, hahaha), it was great fun! I hope all of you share my joy and happiness…and that one day you get to experience this for yourself too!!! 🙂

      • Hazy, I’m happy to know you’ve enjoyed staying and looking for Sukkie anywhere in Tokyo. Even in trains you’ll see Sukkie’s poster here and there!

      • Hazy.. sounds like you having loads of fun! I’m hoping Japan still loves Sukkie in a year or so from now as they do right now so there are lots of endorsements throughout Tokyo and beyond when I finally get to go. I wish I didn’t have to plan my time away from home so carefully or I would be heading to Japan & other parts of Asia right now!

    • i read it too.. another great interview from him.. i like the part when the interviewee said that “I was honestly quite surprised by you in KBS TV Series “Hwang Jini” which received a lot of attention as well as in KBS “Hong Gil Dong. The Hero” and MBC’s “Beethoven Virus.” YOU HAD A PRESENCE WHICH DID NOT GET OVERSHADOWED EVEN BY ACTOR KIM MYUNG-MIN”

      it shows that JKS is really a great actor.. but i still don’t understand why there are still people don’t want to recognize his great acting.. maybe they were envious because their idol can’t match our sukkie so all they have to do is to bash him.. poor them, they don’t know how to acknowledge a good actor.. 🙂

    • sukkielatte, thanks for the sharing, this interview is another good one! ^_^ As usual, I love the way he responded & really shows how mature he is beyond his age

    • He’s amazing with such positive mind and attitude, overcoming sad events in his early life and taking on everything what the world offers…I sincerely hope he becomes a world prince of movies and music! A person with a tremendous range of depth in acting and singing along with a strong mindset to achieve his dreams is a good role model for everyone, particularly the youth…Yes, continue to surprise us with different characters you take on in the future…stay healthy and be happy always

    • sukkie never fails to amaze me especially during interviews ‘coz he shares a lot of himself and his thoughts. he is a mature person trapped inside a young man’s body. i like the way he looks at failure and the fact that what matters most is that he won’t have any regrets in the future.

      i had to laugh when he said “I don’t, you asshole!” i can just imagine his facial expression when he said it.

      • I love the interview, thanks for sharing the links! My favouritedt part is that too! He really brings out the joy in us and somehow with all his faults and flaws, he’s just PERFECT as he is!

      • @farina,,have you seen his Asian Tour? I will forever remember when he said these lines..

        ” My favorite part of my face is my Eyes,I like people like that,not someone who looks perfect like a sculpture,but someone who has their own aura,not the type of look that is created by having cosmetic surgery,but the type of aura that’s created by inner presence and a person’s heart,That’s the sort of person I want to become”

        that’s my boy,our Prince Jang Keun Suk!!!

  9. Hi Andrea, I like them in darker hair too. I mean color was mainly the color of his clothes. Sorry, wasn’t clear on that. This man can wear all colors and look charming. I think because I’m an eel. Just trapped, no more to say. heheheh

    • Oh. I just use any excuse to gush over him LOL. I am trapped too. Drowning actually. But I don’t mind drowning because he will save me.

      True story (I just put it on other thread but hey I like the story). Last night I was supposed to stop at pharmacy for Mom on my way home but I was so distracted by Sukkie singing on my CD player that I drove home instead. So I pull up, sit in the car waiting for the song to end, turn the car off, get out.. then I realize I forgot to go to the pharmacy! So I had to get back in, pick up her meds, and than came home. I got to listen to Sukkie even more. 1/2 the CD is his songs but I have it set on random so always surprised and never bored.

      • hahaha, i tell my experience last night, I learnt he had new APP, but I couldn’t checked in my office because there was no signal. So I got off work an hour later and drove home, I am a good driver (just say that) but I was control myself so hard not to check his APP until I drove into my garage, then just sitting there in the garage, I open APP and read comments and send some message myself to him. 🙂 Yes, I have to do it first before I get into my house. Lol.

      • LOL that happens to me too. My mom is really jealous of my Sukkie obsession (and kdrama obsession). I know Sukkie is probably in bed now (oh geez I just thought of him in bed!) but I still have my cellphone next to me just in case something pops up. Anyway I’ve had it happen that I check my phone before leaving work.. no msg.. I check it when I get home and I message came over while I was driving home. I die a little because I wasn’t one of the first 100 to comment LOL

    • icajgs, I think this is the same interview which is shared by sukkielatte with Eng translated version… just scroll up in the same thread here..

  10. I’m just kinda doubtful about Yoona’s acting in the drama though. She isn’t really known for her acting skills. Plus (I mean no offense to her fans, this is just my personal opinion), I don’t really think she’s pretty. I guess I was just too disappointed because I was hoping the girl from Brilliant Legacy would be his partner…

    • Yeah saw that earlier. Since it wasn’t to my taste I decided it didn’t exist and forgot about it. On the bright side it described him as one of the leading stars right now that is a plus.

      • Truee.. Decided to mention it because it really connects to the interview that is posted in this thread in a way. But I’m really proud of Sukkie for having such a positive attitude. Really one of the best interviews I read from an actor. Full of depth, professionalism, and emotion.

    • seem to me that the writer of that article is always biased to our Prince.huh!! Btw, this won’t shake JKS charisma and outlook in life..Some may win positive criticism and Prince movie may not be no.1 but what matter’s is Prince win the heart of million of eels not because of how great he acts,sing,dance etc.,but on how great he is as a person.And the end of the day,all fame and fortune will vanish but you’re quality as a person will always be the best thing that you can be proud of..I want to say this,” everybody can become a best actor in a movie/drama,but hey,what about your true identity,are you proud of it,can you get a best actor trophy out of it?Well,,I guess our Prince could have won various awards by then if we talk about performance of a lifetime…
      JKS,,to me you are the “ONE AND ONLY”,love you buddy!!!

      • I totally agree!! Usually actors,actress, and singers captures their fans through their talent of acting or singing or appearance BUT sukkie goes way beyond that! Because of his personality he will always be surrounded by eels. At my stage of being an eel, i’m really proud that I admire this guy. The “Bond” he said before in Japan is really true. Without his eels, i bet he wouldn’t successfully come this far in the business and without Sukkie in the lives of eels, we wouldn’t know what true admiration truly is towards an actor. Hopefully he titles his 20th debut with the word “Bond” . Adding to this, it just effects me reading bad articles because we all know he lives under a busy schedule, than just seeing negative comments saddens or drives me mad lol. *Sigh* FOREVER EEL <3 (Ps. Sorry if it's so long haha Sukkie is an addicting topic to talk about)

      • LOL. Yesterday I was actually analyzing why I love him so much. I can’t put into words what it is about him but I just couldn’t figure out why I love someone so much after years of not really going out of my way for any actor or performer. I actually tried to convince myself my feelings were not real that he wasn’t all that great a singer or actor. Before the thoughts fully formed I had already told myself Yes he is as great I think.

        I don’t know what it is but my heart flutters. I try to share with others that don’t know him but all I get is a shrug and a “yeah he’s cute” but no one in my life understands. I know he’s flawed and because of those flaws he endears himself to me even more. But I think that is why we love him so much because he doesn’t try to hide his flaws and he makes himself more relateable becauase of them them. I could go on and on and on but I better stop now before I annoy someone.

    • Atetweet, agree with you, disapointing too. This article is not written in an objective manner about our Prince at all. I do not expect all praising or flowering words about our Sukkie from all Korea’s medias, but at least they can write objectively about something or someone (even someone that he/she might not super like ) if they call themselves professional journalists. Hah…about this article I come up with my own conclusion…….maybe he/she didn’t want to write about JKS at all but was forced to do it by superiors…. Hahaha. No doubt any article about Hallu Star, JKS’ name must be mentioned because he is the TOP Hallu star.

      As for Korea’s Media not favor Sukkie as much as he should reserve like other Stars in the same age group, I found it odd at the beginning. If they don’t think of him as good actor, at least, recognize his pride and proud being Korean who is promoting good things about Korea to the world.

      Since I started to follow Sukkie until now, I always have the impression that what Sukkie wanted MOST is to get a recognition from his country people that why he worked so hard to prove himself as one of the top Korean artistes.
      True, majority of Korean people might not love Sukkie much (or for better word, not as much as Japan or oversea countries love him).

      In a positive note, I have the feeling that more and more Korean people start to like him now. Because I realize that there are more positive articles and interviews about him now. Of course there are a few BAD ones which I totally ignore them.

  11. Failure won’t bring him down, Sukkie realize some of his past project didn’t make a big hits but he always do his best, i don’t think some Korean actor can act as a cute pet like him who can dancing,,singing and make a charming gesture,,
    oh c’mon why every single step he did always criticized and never been good for some reasons? uuggghhhh!!!

  12. Re Chungmoro F4 article JGS part. I read it several times trying to work out what exactly it was trying to get at. It doesn’t make sense. Is a good actor judged by box office result only? Why compare movies Sukkie made when he was only around 19 years old? Didn’t he get a new actor’s award for the movie ‘Happy Life’? And please – he IS a Hallyu star now not a ‘rising star’! Eels, don’t waste time on this article. Go watch ‘Baby and I’ instead. Love that movie!

    • Wen, agreed with you as some of these reports are biased & normally I will ignore even the TV or movie rating in Korea as I notice a movie/drama doing well in Korea may not do well in overseas.. just like YAB/MMM, also for movie, YMP has not been shown overseas yet… most important thing is eels already acknowledged the acting skill of Sukkie & thus in drama like MMM which has problem with scripting still turn out well in the end because Sukkie & MGY as well as good production team are there.. I understand last year both Japan/China paid also high broadcasting rights for MMM (before it has completed production).. the case is similar to Love Rain now as much confidence is with the strong cast & already expecting high demand by audience in these countries, I have full confidence of Sukkie’s drama/movie.. totally ignore those biased critics ^_^

      • also to share my thoughts on his 10asia interview.. Sukkie always mentioned that sometimes he intentionally choose an unknown but challenging path.. a good example is he chose BV over BOF even he knew then BOF will be a super fast track to make him popular sooner as he studied both scripts.. but given the choice then that BV has many good senior actors/actress as cast whom he respected & a rare chance to learn from (knowing also much pressure because many of them are very top notch experienced actors & they would have high expectation) & also Sukkie portraying someone much older than his age then at 20.. but it is this drama that he got best new actor awards.. also this drama, he realised he has room for improvement..

      • I’m kinda glad he did BV over BOF even though he was 2nd lead in BV. But also read somewhere that when he was offered Goo Joon Pyo he actually wanted to play Kim Hyun Joong’s character of Yoon Ji Hoo. BOF although I enjoyed it (a couple of times now) wouldn’t have been a great drama for our prince. I don’t know, I just don’t see him in it and thats one of the reasons I’m glad he didn’t do it. Although I would have loved to see what he would have done with the character of Baek Seung Jo in Miscievous Kiss (if it had been offered to him but don’t really know if he even got an offer for that one). Regardless I am happy with the avenues he has pursued up to this point because everything he does is part of his evolution as an actor and a performer. Coulda Woulda Shoulda shouldn’t be part of his life and hope his doesn’t live with any regrets. But it seems as though he chose Love Rain with enough care and forethought that I think it will be a success. I am hoping when he changes his image for the contemporary character that he will be a little scruffy. I haven’t seen him scruffy except for in BV and I thought he was very charismatic in BV.

      • Andrea, actually based the Eng sub vid report below I shared before, Sukkie was the first actor to be offered many scripts like “Playful Kiss”, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “Bread, Love & Dreams” in early 2010.. but Sukkie passed on these scripts to others.. reason not specified in the report but I tried to analyse based on Sukkie’s choice & what I understand from the story of these drama.. “playful kiss” & “BLD” may not be challenging for him as an actor.. SKKS may be similar to YAB story but in ancient time,
        so it is similar to YAB in 2009.. with those scripts choices against his 2010 Asia tour schedule, I think he decided to wait for other suitable scripts.. in the end YMP & MMM came in mid 2010.. but YMP was delayed due to casting for actress.. that is why during 2010 Asia tour, we see Sukkie losing weight to prepare for YMP but in the end later change his image to prepare for MMM.

      • QQeyes007… yeah I don’t know if I could go thru life calling Sukkie “Stupid Robot Boy” (I read dramabeans recaps) like I do Kim Hyun Joong now after Playful Kiss.

      • Andrea, if I tell you I can’t watch many dramas (besides Korean dramas) beyond 3 eps after I have seen Sukkie’s dramas, do u believe? ^_^ it is funny as I have set such high standard that only those veteran actors with good scripts can pass the 3 eps… even recent City Hunter I only watch up till 3 eps as I started to imagine Sukkie in the drama already..Secret Garden can go slightly beyond as I like Hyun Bin as an actor in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”… but most of the time, I’m happy to re-watch Sukkie’s past dramas & movie or listen to his songs and those interviews are enough to keep me occupied..

      • I believe it. Some people are like that. I am addicted to dramas though. Yeah would prefer Sukkie but I have no problems. My 2nd favorite actor right now is Jung Il Woo because of 49 days. But Sukkies dramas are the only ones I’ve actually bought. I do struggle thru some dramas and I haven’t completed City Hunter. I think I got as far as when Nana got shot in ep 12 or 13 but haven’t gone back. I’m trying to finish Spy Myung Wol and only have 3 episodes left. I don’t think I will watch Beethoven Virus again. Despite Sukkie being in it and liking some of the supporting cast (cello, bass, oboe, flute.. even found french horn amusing to a small degree) I couldn’t stomach the lead female and this was before I even knew about her scandal stories. I did like Kim Myung Min but I watched this show for Sukkie saw it was hard to deal with him being 2nd lead LOL. I am currently watching Hong Gil Dong but hard to get thru because Sukkie is 2nd lead and doesn’t have enough air time in my opinion LOL (hard to follow the story when I keep on waiting for Sukkie to get back on screen). I am so glad he is well past the 2nd lead stage in his career. I’m extremely addicted to korean dramas but only been watching since February this year (BOF was my first didn’t discover Sukkie until May)

      • i have to admit i am not a drama addict but i am totally addicted to Sukkie! 🙂 i did watch several Taiwanese and Korean dramas but only if i find the story or the characters interesting. my introduction to Korean dramas was through BOF.

        i watched City Hunter early this year because i like LMH but that was before i even knew Sukkie. i only found out about him around July or August this year. the most recent dramas i got interested in was 49 days because of Jung Il Woo and My Fair Lady because i found the story interesting and funny, and again Jung Il Woo was there. after that, it was all JKS for me.

        as for BV, i understand why Sukkie chose it over BOF because the story has depth and it was all about passion in what you want to do and achieve in life. i didn’t know he was offered the lead in BOF until i saw the Ideal Type show. but i agree with @andrea, it’s not the best role for our Sukkie.

        yet another confession, i haven’t fully watched Hwang Jin-yi or Hong Gil Dong as i cannot find English subs of those dramas online and the fact that i need to forward everything so i could get to the parts where Sukkie appear is just quite frustrating for me. hehe! now, i only watch YAB and MMM over and over again and am really looking forward to Love Rain where i can once again see Sukkie’s great acting abilities manifested and highlighted. i am also impatient to watch YMP as i think he is wonderful in it despite the negative publicity once again thrown at him. 🙁

  13. I just read a portion of an article re:how the 4 hallyu stars’ movies are faring at the box office, particularly on jks’s ymp—said it wont reach 700,000 after 2nd week seeing it only attracted 300,000…the article mentioned that “if jks wants to be an actor then stop acting as hallyu star in his movies” or words to that effect. I thought the movie was doing well despite being shown alongside “punch” and 2 other movies (song joongki’s included)…what’s the real score? Anyone?

    • au, my advice is to ignore the score or box office rating or bad critics in Korea for YMP, it will make you feel better ^_^
      Firstly, the critics does not seem to understand YMP is actually based on a Japanese manga & the character of Momo is supposed to be cute & talented – it is not because Sukkie as a Hallyu star acting in it or not but he is playing the role of Momo as an actor & he did very well in fact and I doubt any actors in Korea can play this role as well as Sukkie as this role is like Sukkie in real life, cute & very talented.. and without care of his Hallyu image! (he looks like Suni actually when he is Momo ^_^)
      Secondly, I notice for movie or drama to do well in Korea, it must either be action or historical or family type or non-fiction… Definitely Sukkie can choose such a movie to make it a box office hit but I think it really boils down to the opportunity and type of scripts which comes by.. at his young age, he wants to experience those movie/drama which he can play the role well w/o feeling awkward & imagine in a 3- 5 years’time, I don’t think Sukkie wants to take on movie like YMP anymore as it may seems awkward for him to play teens or young adult.. by then, he will be playing many of the roles which majority of Korean audiences like.. and I got a feeling, by then, Sukkie may have more say on scripts or drama/movie choices too as we knew he also has passion & talent for scripting/directing/producing…

      • well said @QQeyes007..the fact that the Director of Love Rain who is famous for his work wanted Sukkie to portray the lead role is for me an statement that Prince is indeed a caliber actor…

      • Just wondering, but what films do Korean people like.?? Because i have a feeling if the type of story of YMP will be made in the Phillipines, it would be a really big hit because of the comedy and romance it has.
        And I’m sorry for sharing that article. It wasn’t intended to give bad reports, just mentioned it because it’s amazing that Sukkie remains to be positive, like what he says in his interview… Sorry

    • the writer of the article is obviously biased and it can be seen that he/she is not fond of Keun Suk as he was only briefly mentioned in the article whereas the other stars where discussed in detail. i really don’t understand why the Korean media is so negative of their opinion of our Sukkie. why can’t they just write objectively? i really admire those writers who gave positive feedback on him, although it seems it is not quite enough (yet) to change the impression of him in Korea, but it’s a start. i hope Korea realizes what a gem they have in their hands with JKS.

      it’s a good thing Sukkie isn’t typecasted to a certain role or character because he can play around with many characters and show his versatility. kudos to him for doing that! not many actors are brave enough to do what he does – being able to choose the characters he wants to play and manage his career the way he wants to. and the fact that he remains to positive despite all the negativity thrown at him is just downright admirable! it is imperative now that all eels give their all out support to Sukkie (especially Korean eels) for they matter the most in changing the way their country sees our Prince.

    • I think the writer quoted that from some movie critic but the article didn’t really make much sense so ignore it. YMP is not everyone’s cup of tea and Sukkie knows it. He wanted to do it while he’s young and the character is so similar to himself. This movie was investment from Japan which shows they really think he can do it so this movie will definitely do well in Japan.

      Sukkie is in the movie industry for the long haul. He has said in various interviews that he wants to be a very good actor and acknowleges that he is still too young and need time and more experience to achieve that goal. He will try out different movie roles, tackle different types of projects (like singing and making his own films). He has been in the industry for a long time but deliberately chooses to try to do things differently than the norm. It is a long road and he is not in a hurry as he is still young. Sukkie has to be commended for being able to think outside of the box and take on a path unprecented.

      Sukkie has already received some acting awards and is in demand by movie/drama producers which is proof enough that he is a good actor. Don’t forget, he has already made many dramas/movies before YAB. If he wasn’t good, why would they give him important roles when he wasn’t that famous yet?

  14. Atetweet, don’t be sorry to post the article here. What I like about this blog is that it has all the news and information about JGS. As a fan of JGS, I love to know everything about him, good or bad, old or new, and I am so thankful to many eels here who make the effort to share it with everyone. I don’t have the time and experience to surf the internet (and our internet is very slow and expensive), I don’t have access to APPS, nor do I understand Korean and Japanese, and my Chinese is limited. This blog has been my greatest find! Until recently, I have been a silent reader and enjoy all the comments, advice, reassurances, and chatting here (incluing the moles search!). It makes me feel welcome and we’re like one big family sharing our joys and sorrows over JGS, and one thing for sure, we always end up feeling better after coming here. So big thanks to Aphrael, Tenshi, Farina, QQeyes, and many regular commenters here.

    I am sure there are at least tens of thousands of JGS fans reading this blog and many might be new or very young. So even though there may be some articles or comments about JGS which some of us know we can ignore but I suggest we bring it here to discuss and to give everyone reassurances.

    • Oh, not to forget that we also have a doctor here who give us medical advice such as the last time JGS had an IV drip which looked yellow and got us all worried! Dr Maya advised it could be glucose so nothing to worry about so thanks Dr Maya!

    • Atetweety, please don’t be sorry for the article. I support Wen’s point. Here on this blog we give constructive feedbacks that I so wish Sukkie will read. We don’t go around bashing each other and we do not downright criticize a celeb with hateful and rude remarks. That’s why I love coming here and prefer this blog over others 🙂

    • Hi, Wen! I’m also in the same situation as u r! I understand neither Korean nor Japanese;and moreover, i don’t have JKS Apps either! The only source where i get Suk news is Aphrael’s blog! It was JKS twitter that lead me to this blog! During two months i got used to read and enjoy JKS tweets, initially i joined twitter just to have fun with JKS, I just wanted to know what kind of person is this korean celebrity who tweets incessantly! Later on i didn’t notice how strongly i became addicted to him and to his tweets! OMG! I can’t believe that this guy has so much great impact on my life, and he has changed my outlook abt ppl with his honesty, sense of humor – in one word with his unique personality! But now i miss him a lot! The only comfort is being updated on aphrael’s blog!
      Aphrael, i’m endlessly grateful to u for creating this wonderful blog with kind, positive and warmhearted eels’ family! And Farina, dear, our precious Mole Hunter, i’m very thankful to u too! Thanks to u i have positive mood and smile during the whole day! This blog wouldn’t be the same attractive, joyful (and naughty) without u!! 🙂

      • Miracle, I enjoy being naughty too! Can’t imagine what my family and friends’ reactions if ever they see my suggestive remarks!

  15. @chinkyrol, andrea and browneyes, and @might be other friends, i also don’t like dubbing, his voice is so valuable and soulful, of course will enlighten my day!,
    @meg, sure you know arjun rampal, i love him and his voice is also deep , and
    @tenshi_a, of course you know Yutaka Takenouchi, charming guy, same reason, manly voice! <3 <3


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