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That hat…. sound cannot be heard clearly …
저 모자…소리가 잘 안들린다…

Stage greetings start in Kyonggi area! Today I did not wear a hat out, let my beauty radiate without any limits…
京畿圈舞台问候开始!今天没戴帽子出来 让我的美貌无限大的发射吧…

Because of a burger, both persons drift apart rapidly … from the left, Owner’s manager, Pet’s manager ..
因为一个汉堡 两人关系急剧疏远。。。左起是主人经纪人 宠物经纪人。。

resolved … resolved… peace ..

No matter what, twitter account will be closed at midnight today. tweet the last message. tweet storm gogo
不管怎么说 今晚12点会删除推特账户 放出最后一条信息 暴推gogo

In the midst of a happy stage greeting tour~~!! Everyone come to the cinema, come come, YMP big success!!
在进行愉快的舞台问候Tour中~~!!大家来剧场come come 宠物情人大发!!

For everyone watching YMP in the cri-j group, actor Jang prepared a personally written message and coffee, sweet chestnuts. While watching the movie, felt the warmth. Actor Jang, thanks

Cri-J also prepared items for the event ^^ and hope you all will receive the YMP and Last in Seoul posters given out via lucky draw today. Please support YMP ^^
crij方面还准备了活动物品^^还有今天抽签送出的宠物情人以及last in soul的海报希望你们都能收到哦。请多多支持宠物情人^^

Who knows how to delete twitter account?? Tell me~ can it be deleted from smartphone??

Many people ask.. why do I want to give up twitter.. don’t lose to the detractors .. fighting .. but really there are other reasons.. always low on battery… my mobile phone is hungry and so am I..

One point is for sure, that is, when there was no twitter, we could also live happily .. ah.. at that time, we had mini houses and neighbourhoods, right … hahaha, ah memories keep surfacing
有一点很确定 就是还没有推特的那个时候 我们照样可以很开心很幸福..啊…那时候是有mini小屋和社区的是吧 嘎嘎嘎 啊 回忆 不断涌现

This really is …. the deletion in Twitter is not a permanent deletion…. no matter what, even if it’s deleted, it also looks like deceit by Twitter…. mm…. what to do …. hope everyone can teach me

codeinconnu: Just leave it on… what can you do …ㅡㅁ ㅡ;;
JKS: You look at my battery .. don’t know how many rounds of life and death it has undergone today..
codeinconnu:就那么开着吧…能怎么办…ㅡㅁ ㅡ;;

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  1. i will miss his tweets… i get to know more about him through twitter — his funny and cute side, his serious side, his naughty side, and so on and so forth. *sigh*

  2. It’s nice to see JGS having fun and smiling. And driving himself with KHN and their managers in his own car.. Ahh i’m gonna miss him in twitter. Hope the anti fans gets karma since the loving, innocent eels also got effected from their actions.

  3. its really for real.. saying goodbye to twitter.. i gonna miss him much.. only in twitter i can feel JKS is really near to us.. sigh.. 🙁 but at least the only consolation for me was to think that he will not be hurt anymore of bad writes up of misinterpreting his messages.. JKS be strong, keep fighting, you still have long way to go!

  4. I was not able to go online for 3 days and when I came back, the twitter news met me with a bang. It’s sad that he is closing his twitter account just when I just started following him there. I’m not tech savvy like the rest of the people here but because I wanted to know more about JKS I signed up for Twitter.
    It’s sad but I respect JKS decision if he wants to shut it down, I’m very grateful to aphrael and all the contributors on this blog for the continuos updates. I do hope he visits this blog, he will find a lot of good eels here. I’m also happy for the success of YMP.
    To JKS: whatever you decide, just remember that we will support you all the way and we also want what’s best for you. Always remember, “LOYALTY” is very important, and you have a lot of loyal eels, official or non-official, who will stand beside you all through out.

    • aprilsky dear, Bravo to what you said! We, eels, are loyalty indeed. We love him beyond doubt; will always support him in low and high of his career. JKS fighting…..

  5. Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum but have been reading silently to the wonderful translations of JKS news. I’m wondering if anyone is familiar with his iPhone dedicated app. Does he update his news first hand in the apps? For example when he updates his Twitter previously, does it gets reflected in his app as well?

    Thanks and do stay cheerful. Like what many say, he’s a well-liked artiste with loyal fans. Considering that he’s now venturing into the Asia market, I’m sure his company and JKS himself will find an alternative efficient way to keep in touch with all his non-Korean fans. So perhaps trusting his decision and waiting for more updates from him is the best thing to do so now. =)

    • Jus, he’s been busy these days, it’s not so often to send message on app, still I think the app deserves to buy! 🙂 But honestly, he usually posts comments in Korean and Japanese, sometimes, in English. But the most different thing is that the messages by eels there are full of love to Sukkie, because we have to pay for the app to see and post messages. So antis don’t buy the app. Did you try the free version? I’m not sure about English version. Because of the OS setting of languages which the buyer used in iPhone, iPad, Android, the menu is automatically selected… So I can see only Japanese version. someone here can show you in more detail.

    • Sometimes he posts in English. I think the only solution for now is to keep lobbying Tree-J for someone to translate his messages into English – they are fairly short, so it wouldn’t be that difficult to find someone to do it officially.

      • Hello everyone, thanks for the prompt responses. Currently contemplating on getting the application but because Korean language is totally beyond my means… :p

        I tried signing up @ JKS official fan club but I encountered problem after submitting my details. The problem is that the error pop-up is in Korean, probably as an image and I can’t translate it with Google translation… Not sure if anyone has encountered similar issue.

        Perhaps getting his app would be a better choice. I’ll probably ponder for the week before deciding. But meanwhile, it’s been really great reading this website. Thanks to everyone for the update and the wonderful translation. Really thankful for the nice articles we get to read here and the support everyone gives to each other. Go Go Go! =)

      • Hi juz! Welcome! Are u using iPhone to purchase the app? Cos it also has English instructions for sign up. The only setback is that he posts his messages mostly in Korean & Japanese. Only recently he tries to send English messages even though they are short ones.

  6. Can’t accept why he decided to close the twitter, so sad and sad :'( but it’s him, whatever he wanted to do, it must be for his good way to go further without fear, fighting sukkie prince!

  7. As he said in Twitter (not yet translated above), remember the day not used Twitter! We always support him whether there is Twitter or not.
    He confessed one of the reason why he decided to quit Twitter that it burns battery power! Lol! Sukkie doesn’t want eels to feel sad. Enjoy our time till the time comes! 🙂

  8. His tweets are so funny. I smile. I laugh. I even cry with joy just to see his tweets, of couse. So this is like a farewell to his personal tweetland……hummm..^ sighs ^

  9. lol! we must suggest to our rich man to bring along stocks of hphone batteries instead of few sets of laptops! so the problems will be automatically solved! Yea agree that when we didn’t have hphone before, we had if not plenty but at least more time to spend with friends and relatives at least to say ‘hi’ to them, but now it’s true that we don’t even see who’s going or coming to us because we are so busy looking at our phone which are more interesting and easy to communicate virtually, and slowly we loose our hand in hand and eye to eye to people around us, i didn’t mean to put away the technology but it’a a pro and a kontra, only we as person who will choose and maintain the technology we create ourselves.. hope that he doesn’t loose his friend around him and at the end of the time he feels so lonely and sad.. it’s a no to our prince, so let him do what he and his team think the best for him right now, and hopefully he will cheer his life and us as his eels! <3

  10. i felt sad and shattered that sukkie decided to close his twitter account… though sukkie is a fun loving and free spirited individual i noticed from his interviews that his very intellectual and honest but what disappoint me is his being frank, speaking what’s on his mind and even his jokes were misunderstood not only once but several times giving his haters the opportunity to use it against him 🙁 that’s why i think that it’s better for him to live less publicly…

    to all my co-eels let us be console by thinking that instead of tweeting his going to use his extra time eating and sleeping more :-), let us all continue to love, support and cheer him by helping each other giving and sharing any latest news or updates concerning our beloved sukkie! kamsahamnida!!! fighting!!!

    • Yes, if closing Twitter means he can avoid the antis and sleep more, I’m all for it. All of his recent pictures make me worry about how much sleep he’s getting >.<

  11. Ah. Saw this yesterday when I was traveling. So sad but better than Sukkie be happy. He has such a dry humor sometimes Yes it is misunderstood. I think he is finding it frustrating that no matter what he says and does it ends up negative news. That being said…

    … I love that he and KHN ran around having fun and showing up at different show venues for the fans. I wish something like that happened in the US but thats not practical 🙁 Movies seem to be more a production in Asia than here in the US. Or is it because of Sukkie? I loved that there were handouts for fans that went to the show.

    I will be sad if Sukkie really does leave Twitter but he said before he was leaving and came back after a few days so who knows. In the end it is up to him and there is still the APP. Maybe he will use the app more often. Like someone says already Eels are loyal and true Eels will continue to love Sukkie regardless of what he does. By the way, I did eat Unagi on my vacation LOL. It was different but good.

  12. nyaaa….i’m late reading this page!!
    is he already successfully closing his twitter account?
    if the reason is the battery down so fast, he could only just un-install the twitter app in his iphone. He can always tweet n re-tweet from twitter deck
    it’s easy! please somebody help to tell him T_T *gonna miss his tweet-storm

  13. he has not closed his twitter account last night…

    i think he was having second thoughts on this because someone might use @asiaprince_jks and ruin his name more if he close his account..

    although he is really serious about closing his account, i guess he did thought that this may be used against him…thus ruining his image more…

    anyway, lets wait if he uses twitter again….

  14. Cheer up guys! Sukkie will not abandon us. He will surely find a way to communicate with us. That is one of the reasons I like him because he makes an effort. Let us trust that there are reasons behind his decision.

  15. CLOSE TWITTER? Tell me it isn’t true!I haven’t checked twitter for two days and the first thing I heard is Sukkie wants to close his twitter account!Oh.. my god..it feels like a building just dropped on my head!He is the reason I join twitter.Checking his tweets really makes my day but now he is closing it. But I know I need to respect his decision. Maybe closing it will do him good…I think I need to cool my head first..having massive headache after reading that bad news…I’m seriously going to kill all those antis and media…

  16. last night i watched kbsw. entertainment weekly, they mentioned that other artistes also closed the twtr because of other people misused or took advantage over artistes name.. and many bad stories came which disturb their daily life, etc.. happy because our prince became the first news on that program, like!like!

  17. I was busy for the weekend and didn’t check the news, so it was a big surprise to me to learn that he quit twitter. I will miss him definitely, he is the reason I join the twitter, but again, I believe he has dawn good reason to do it and also he will never leave his fans alone, he will continue to find way to connect with his fans. I do believe twitter is kind of overwhelming sometimes for a person who has very busy schedule, it could be a bad distraction. Hope he will gain more time to be normal and continue work on his dream to conquer the world.

    We will always love him and support him!


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