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Today is the day to offer greetings at YMP stage. Can see the pet at the cinema, and can also see stage greetings ^^

Use my own car to be the Chauffeur for Owner, going to several places in Seoul to offer stage greetings .. even chose the songs to play in the car!! Keun-chan!!! You’re the best pet!!
用自己的车给主人当司机 在首尔地区到处跑舞台问候..连车里面放什么音乐都给选好了!!根酱!!!你是最棒的宠物!!

That toy dog has a motor… I put it on the road, where will it walk to, curious.. if you want to have a perfect pet like Keun-chan, strongly recommend you all to wear mini skirt, hahaha, YMP big success!!
那个小狗玩具有马达会动..在江边北路把它打开放地上 会走到哪里呢 好奇..想要得到像根酱一样完美的宠物的话 强烈推荐你们穿迷你裙 嘎嘎嘎 宠物情人大发!!

Despite the never-ending work, still have a bit of time occasionally .. happily playing the hammer, haha, really! Todya the pre-order for YMP starts! Japanese eels!! Fighting!
尽管工作不断来 但偶尔还是会有芝麻点的时间..铁拳玩到兴头上 嘎嘎 真是!今天开始宠物情人预卖开始了!日本的鳗鱼们!!加油哦!

Actor Jang doing stage greetings. The pet’s appearance today ^^
舞台问候的张演员 宠物今天的样子^^

In the twitter world communicating with the world, I met many people. I felt a lot through them, but I don’t want to be misunderstood anymore .. from tomorrow midnight onwards, I’ll close Twitter.. if you want to play with me, come to JKS app .. ho, tweet storm gogo
和世界沟通的推特世界里 见到很多人 虽然通过他们感受到的东西很多 但是不想再被曲解了..明天午夜开始关闭推特..想跟我玩的话来张根硕app..厚 刷屏gogo

Going on stage for greetings. bye cri ~~~~
进去舞台问候了 bye cri~~~~

JKS and Owner

And JKS substitute and Owner

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  1. can someone help me understand what is going on? why did he actually had that message? i only know a few tidbits that there are some nasty write ups about him circulating but i don’t know the details…

      • hi aphrael77…i actually don’t have the details..only something i got from korean eels asking around twitter what was happening…why did he actually had that message about closing twitter…aside from those i have no idea…

  2. What??? Closing twitter??? Oh, NNOOOOOOO!!! T.T
    (this news truly destroyed my day T.T)

    • felt the same 🙁

      im a bit sad that he only thought about those write ups….but i guess he’s doing that for a reason…but i really hope he thinks about it…

  3. I really dont wanna believe this..and this is like a repeat of what happened with cyworld..i cant stop crying..dint realize how much suk was a part of my life..comin from a place where there are not much fans who are crazy for him i found solace only in twitter and this blog…even if he doesnt tweet in eng or if he doesnt RT me jus to see his tweets always gave me so much happiness and now to take that away within a second cos of antis this is so cruel..mayb am overeacting..but i cant imagine twitter without @Asiaprince_JKS and am not rich enough to afford JKS apps as i dont own Android or I phone..what should i do to stop crying…i think i`ll jus close twitter too..there is no use otherwise..hate all the badmouthers..but if suk has taken this decision i dont think he wil change his mind..such a bad bad way to end my day..

  4. Oh no…. this is unexpected… On the one hand, he’s one to Honour his words, he sounded serious and looking at all the news that gets blown out of proportion and how he has mentioned that he’s often misunderstood and misrepresented by the media, it’s a great possibility that he will close his twitter account. However, knowing his personality to always try to ‘trap’ people, it can go the other way too…. Meg, Miracle and others who may be disappointed if he does close his twitter account, there’s no words to comfort you. I feel at a disadvantage too when I hear about his ‘castle on fire’ as I’m not an official eel on his FC. We will just have to depend on Aphrael on whatever news and I will try my level best to feed you all with whatever bits that I find ok 🙂 Afterall that’s what friends are for right?! Cheer up girls!! There’s always a way!

  5. My friends here, I don’t want to hurt you but honestly I totally agree with Sukkie’s decision. Because I think (I might be wrong because I only use Twitter to check others’ tweets and I don’t tweet myself), Twitter itself is prepared for those who want to tweet myself. But Sukkie is kind enough to use it as one of the communication tools with his eels. But the situation has changed already. Even his eels have teased him to catch his attention and want him to reply their comments. For example, if I put on mini-skirt, will you be my pet? I know they are just jokes, but I believe, especially when Sukkie is too tired about work, these comments are not the comments he really wants to read. Of course, there are still such thankful comments on Twitter, but except eels, because of the feature of Twitter, creeps such as antis can read and reply his tweets… On the other hand, the comments posted on his app are all heartwarming because antis don’t purchase his app. No wonder Sukkie wanted to stop his Twitter.
    But don’t worry, eels! 🙂 Remember the day before he started his own Twitter. He used his agency account, Tree-J, to tweet if he wanted to say something to eels. So even if he quits his Twitter using Asia_Prince account, he will tweet us. Sukkie is so smart that he must think using the agency account makes antis and unkind tweets vanish and only loyal eels’ tweets remain.

    • Kaori-chan, thanks for sharing.. I think it is a good way to filter out the antis using the Apps & I believe what you said about using back the previous Tree-J account.. in fact, I have not downloaded the apps yet as I already find myself can’t catch up reading the translated news from the blog & KSC’s weibo ^_^ Also, though I wanted to “talk” to Sukkie but seeing him so busy, I will just wait to listen to what he says instead..

      • QQ, Yes, it’s true! Even if there is no his tweets, we can know his idea and latest news through his interview, with, besides, no limitation of words!

  6. I’m trying to understand the situation. But neither explanations nor videos helped me calm down…i don’t think that it’s a trap!

    (i don’t know how u, girls, feel, but i’ve really fallen into depression…can’t concentrate on my work…)

    • even me sis! am crying for over an hour!! gosh am so childish..maybe what sis farina,tenshi said is true..that its for the best but my heart wont listen to my mind..and isnt it a rule that apps msg,vdo,foto cant be shared..well thats perfect..am even more depressed..

  7. @ Meg: don’t be sad ….

    maybe it’s a trap and he’s not serious ….
    Sukkie likes to communicate with fans (and he likes to talk/write a lot too), so maybe in future we’ll still see tweets from him. Never is such a long time, isn’t it? Decisions can be changed ….

    even if he does not tweet anymore, he won’t limit his communication or exposure to just his apps. I don’t have the apps too, but Sukkie has so much news, there’s still Tree-J twitter. His on-going work, YMP, Love Rain etc – we will still get to see a lot of him~!

    … i can only say, let nature take its course…. the most important thing is, if Sukkie is happy doing whatever he wants to do, let’s respect his decision too ….

    • you are all so mature abt it..and yes mayb he will communicate with his eels some way…but i should say that suk was the one who made me addicted to twitter and now he is abandoning it..makes twitter a waste..and yes i will respect his decision..but it wont stop me from being sad..
      and to think all this heartbreak are due to antis and bad media..it jus sucks the air right out…heard that suk got so many antis..am going to trend #dontbashsukkie as my last gift to suk before he leaves twittr… bah!!! :/

      • @ Meg: i don’t understand / use twitter and trending, but yes, i think it’s a good idea to trend #dontbashsukkie. cheer up 🙂

      • hi all!! am going to speak out my mind by trending #dontbashsukkie and sis miracle i and many others have decided to upload our own pics in twittr…jus lik a small gift to our prince!! hope others will join us!!kumawo!! 🙂

      • Come on guys! Join twitter for one day!! Cherish ur last day with Suk on twitter!!!
        …Don’t u wanna see our real faces???…kekeke….

      • @meg(india)…hahaha,,know what I did,,I look over my album and pick which I think is my coolest pic with V sign (hahaha)he might laugh at it but I don’t mind it.lol..

        wait,,there’s a new Account in twitter: @WorldPrince_JKS,,but you need to ask permission in-order to follow him,,is it JKS? Well I have to wait for further announcement,,,but to respect Prince privacy this time,I won’t retweet this news,,I just want to share here incase you’re not yet aware of it..*_*

        p.s – can I have your twitter account and the rest of the girls here..

      • hahahah!!sis charlotte awesome!!even i uploaded a pic..but not with V sign..ya!!my username Meg_JKS!!!jus mention me sis i`ll follow u back!! ya saw that worldprince acc dunno if its him..we`ll wait!!

      • you’re fast charlotte!!! i hope it’s him. 😉 my twitter account is browneyes_88. please follow me, i’ll follow back. thanks, girl!

  8. a part if me thinks that this might be a trap but if he does close his own twitter account soon, it’s for the best.i agree with you tenshi, Sukkie is a smart young man. Because of some uncivilized act by others, not only Sukkie, but i believed eels suffers too!reading and seeing those unappropriated tweets/comments sometimes really get on my nerves!But still, there’s many other ways that we can get the latest scoop on Sukkie and his professional activity. .Sukkie is considerate to his eels.He’ll think of something to reach to his eels.We all know that he love his eels, right? Maybe this is one of the way to protect TRUE eels.

  9. your comments are most reassuring during this time of distress. I dont use twitter, but always read them from this site. I hope eels dont feel too bad abt this.

    • Many thanks QQ. for the vid. and it’s even titled “close to you”, which makes me feel that : trap or for real , Sukkie will always find a way to be close to his eels, as usual!
      cheer up girls!

      • …i was barely stopping myself from crying….but after ur words i’m really crying tears of river…..feel soooo bad!
        i just need some time to recover….

      • that song “Close to you”!…was one of my favourites before!….that’s OST of chinese movie with the same title (starring Shu Qi and Vicki Zhao Wei)!..Very touching movie!..Is there anyone who has watched it?

    • @Miracle, Oh! My dear! so sorry, pls. forgive me if I made you feel worse. I really meant well . I’m very bad at comforting people.

      • it’s ok, sahar! it’s not ur fault! please don’t feel guilty!…everything is about my personality…. ….i’m really emotional and sensitive!…. sorry girls, if i’m playing on ur nerves or making u feel bad!!!

      • sis miaracle think many of the eels here are very mature..we both are baby eels thats why we cant unders that what suk decided is necessary…well i decided to cry my heart out…then mayb i will feel better..and as you said our personality is very sensitive..and sorry if i made anyone feel bad!!mianhe!!

  10. I don’t want him to cry wolf. So I don’t think it’s a trap. He is always sincere to eels and what he said. Again, read his tweet carefully! Sukkie just said, “I’ll close Twitter.” It doesn’t mean “I’ll stop tweeting any more.” So be calm and look forward to his tweet using Tree-J account in the near future! Whatever happens, Sukkie is always close to us! 🙂

  11. that’s so sad… 🙁 i hope he’s not serious about closing his twitter account. but if he is, i will respect his decision because i know he has a damn good reason for doing so. sukkie is a very level-headed man; he always has his eels’, his family and friends’ as well as his own interests at hand when making decisions.

  12. Oh no!!! This can’t be happening! No matter how much I try to console myself, I have the feeling Sukkie isn’t just kidding with us. He sounds a bit too serious. 🙁 My day never feels complete without reading Sukkie’s tweets! What should we do? I feel so down!

  13. at some point I feel guilty,,I just wrote a letter in his OFC a few hours before I read his tweet that he will shutdown his twitter,I feel so down,huhuhu..Maybe Prince read my message and he got offended,is it my fault,,I wanna cry….I have this feeling that he read my messages co’z sometimes he often speak some of the words I used in my letter to him (don’t know If I should be happy)but hopefully not…I claim to be his eel but I am not even an official member of his OFC, and I just got into twitter b’coz of him..Ahhhh,,I hate this feeling but if its Sukkies decision then there’s nothing I can do..All the best Sukkie,,I will try my very best to catch up with latest updates about your life..Tenshi & Aphrael and to the rest of the gang in this blog,,thank you very much,,without you guy’s I don’t know what will happen to me,,I feel so desperate now.

  14. Aphrael and tenshi are really wise, I never heard about a fan that so devoted before, but after I know sukkie, I realize he deserved it. Frankly, I am just in the beginning to be loyal for sukkie, I open my account only to follow him. I think its really cruel if he just leaves it that way, but if he really meant it, now we depend on you guys. I do hope he will find another solution…

  15. @Meg and Miracle, you are such two so sweet girls! It’s all right to be emotional and sensitive, actually this is the sign of a loving, caring and kind heart. so pls. don’t appologize for that! Luv u girls!

  16. it’s so sad to hear this news.. but if it will make our sukkie at peace i’ll respect his decision.. just like us if we feel sad and depress in this kind of news that we don’t want to happen i believe it same with sukkie because he loves to tweet.. sigh.. so sad 🙁

  17. I’m going to miss his tweetstorms, but oh well, hopefully he’ll keep tweeting through Tree-J. I think I’ll resort to staring at his app messages, wondering why on earth I haven’t learned Japanese or Korean haha. 😛

    Don’t be sad, everyone! There’s lots of stuff we can do to spread the love, and I don’t think he’ll just stop communicating entirely! *hugs*


    • Ah! Good morning, dear friends!! So happy i’m here in this blog again!! I behaved so foolish yesterday that don’t want even to remember about it ….Actually i believe whatever happens it’s for the best!!! Life goes on! We should just take it easy!!!
      Farina, thank u for the pic!! It’s lovely!!!
      Sukkie Eels, have a nice Sunday!!!!

  18. Such a sad news…I too follow him on Twitter, I truly feel grateful more so now for this blog since it’ll be my main source of Sukkie news….haaaysst…

  19. Hi gals, please don’t throw stones at me for this. I agree that Sukkie makes the right choice to shut down his tweeter, as much as I love reading his tweets and believe me his tweets always made me smile and laugh a lot. I love him much that if shutting down tweeter would spare him from further hurt and pain from those JKS haters and abusive medias, then I would respect and support his decision. Lately, I read so many bad news about Sukkie; I cannot help but being exhausted and emotionally drained from the negative vibes circulating on ever websites I visited.

    If I’m a magic genie, I wish korean medias and people don’t misunderstand him so bad. What is wrong with speaking one’s mind?? What’s wrong with setting one’s goals to the highest would possible be? What’s wrong having a big dream?? Don’t we all have dreams???? Since I knew and followed Sukkie, he was (is) always proud of his roots and acts honorably on every thing that he does. Should Korean people be proud of him, instead of trying hard to bring him down. Gosh….I’m not even Korean, I’m so proud of Sukkie’s accomplishments.

    • Kailey, I just read one of his latest interviews. He said he understood his saying and behavior looked pretentious, but he add that he always did everything with sincerity, if not, it was just a pretentious style and led my downfall. As I posted before, it’ll take some time to prove he’s not a pretentious guy. It’s true that Korean media has changed his evaluation little by little. I’m happy to read the favorable articles in Korea. 🙂

      Here is the link although I couldn’t read Korean at all…

      • Thanks so much tenshi-chan, for posting positive news from korea. Unfortunately, I cannot read hangul at all so I take your words for it. Patiently waiting for translation……please… pretty please… who can translate these articles.

      • @KaileyCA,,girl please check ” @SukiHeather ” account on twitter,,from there you can read Sukkies translated inteview,,I hope I can make it this time for my mistake..^_^

      • I also notice that many in Korea has get to know more about Sukkie & I would like to share again one vid by China media as this report really is reflecting what I feel why most eels find in Sukkie when many have not discovered… most of the time, his honesty+sincerity+humor are mistaken by others as “pretentious or empty gesture”.. in this report, it analyse that Sukkie standout because of the charms he displays as overall (talents, honesty, sincerity, humor, constant changes in images & continue discovering etc..)

      • Kailey, you can read the article using translation site on the internet. It’s not accurate, but it’s helpful! 😉

  20. my god what have I done,,I’m very sorry..you can check ” @SukiHeather ” account at twitter to read the translated Interviews of Sukkie,,forgive me for my mistake..T_T

  21. I wish I can understand what he say at twitter..must learn korean after this
    looked like he and KHN on road tour to promote YMP..fighting !!!

  22. Lately, there has been a lot of journalists in Korea lining up to inteview him so surely that must mean that he is now more popular and more accepted in Korea? So stay positive girls!

    I saw somewhere that the Korean Men Association has lost their case to ban YMP. Maybe someone can find out more about this? Good news to end our weekend!

  23. KaileyCA, don’t worry, I will give you a hug.. not stones..hee… I’m sure more will get to know Sukkie more in future and uncover their “national treasure” little by little.. ^_^

  24. sorry out of topic..the last picture really funny,,i can’t stop smiling, what if MomoSuk really transform into the substitute man? LOL

  25. Thank you so much for everyone in this blog for words encouragement and comfort in time of eels’ worrisome and sadness, special thanks to the creator and distributor of this blog, aphrael and tenshi-chan for your tireless devotion for our Prince’s updates and news. You gals are the super awesome eels and best of friends united by prince JKS. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

    • He deactivated..profile will be there for 3o days until which if he logs in it will work..
      If u check his TL for his mentions they stopped around 9 pm kst..so he deactivated it then!!

  26. Well… I am a little late catching up on the news. I can understand his decision. I used to tease him at first and make silly tweets but a long time okay I just started sending random messages of support and affection cause I figured that is what he needed more than anything. I am not familiar enough with Twitter to figure out if he is really gone since I only started using Twitter when I fell into his trap.

    I love that he and KHN seemed to be having so much fun in their promotional tour of the different theaters showing YMP. Makes me wish I could have been in Seoul at one of those shows but I just live vicarously thru here LOL.

  27. nyaaa….i’m late reading this page!!
    is he already successfully closing his twitter account?
    if the reason is the battery down so fast, he could only just un-install the twitter app in his iphone. He can always tweet n re-tweet from twitter deck
    it’s easy! please somebody help to tell him T_T


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