[News] Hallyu star JKS donates 820 kg of rice from fans to charity

On 2 Nov at “You’re my Pet” press conference held at Lotte Cinema, Jang Keun Suk’s fans from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong gave nearly 820 kg of rice (flower) bouquets to JKS in support of the event.

JKS will donate these rice bouquets to children in need and under-privileged people

All the rice donated by JKS during this period from fan meetings, drama press conferences and concerts amount to 6 tons, which is enough to feed 50,000 people for one meal.

Source: Innolife

18 thoughts on “[News] Hallyu star JKS donates 820 kg of rice from fans to charity”

  1. OMG! Sukkie! My big hearted Sukkie! U’ve done so many charities! God bless u!
    After all of this, if there’s still any person who dares to criticize u or think that u’r bad person, then that person should die in the hell!!!

  2. Sukkie hasn’t the greatest fans. They know him so well to gift him with something they know he would appreciate and good comes out of it.

  3. This kind hearted little man is really sharing and donating his life to all around the world who need help to live, Thank God for bringing him in this world! Luv you more sukkie!!

  4. juste by curiosity ,why is it every time you donate something it’s rice?
    why not clothes , flour to make bread , medecines….
    is there a special signification by donating rice ?
    anyway rice or other stuff there are always so many miserable people around the world who lives thanks to this donations .
    so god bless all the donors

    • @maya,,most of Asian Countries consider “RICE” as our major food..I don’t know If the girls will agree with me but in my Country it is..*_*

      • Maya, I think it’s bcoz it’s our staple diet & easy to store compared to flour and doesn’t rot when compared to say, potatoes. I’m sure the appropriate bodies will donate medicine as laymen wouldnt know what medicines to buy. Furthermore, the first survival necessity is food. Donating cash is more often than not misappropriated.

      • Farina, I love this song very much as Sukkie has such a warm & calming voice & this song seems so perfect with him singing with good & meaningful lyrics.. I also like what he said to the adopted child Minsu.. very natural..

  5. Gomawo QQeyes for the vid, very touching and inspiring. And I really love the Dream Wings song too,one of my fave.

  6. thanks Charlotte and Farina for the explanation . although i don’t like rice (in fact , i hate it the most) it’s really heart warming to know that people (celebrity and common person) work hand in hand to help all the powerless in their coutry .
    btw for the muslim nation “aid el adha” is the day where the rich (even the miserly)must donate meat and other staff to the poor to help them enjoy this holiday .
    so ,in this great occasion , i wish to all the muslim in this blog and in the world a wonderfull “aid” and i hope that the next one will find the muslim nation in peace .
    same goes for the other religions , GOD is generous , and every body will have his whish granted inchallah

  7. Does anyone know how much was donated from the collection boxes that were put up outside the recent Japanese Arena tour? There seems to be no news item to acknowledge this donation from Sukkie and his fans.


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