[Reporter’s Note] Jang Keun Suk, please let us see more of your pretentious style!

————————– Aphrael77’s Note ————————–

Before the translated article, I’d like to explain the negative JKS’ nickname which marred his reputation and artiste career. I understand it but its meaning is a bit harder to translate into concise English (where I feel my lack of vocabulary keenly). If I still translate it wrongly, please feel free to correct me.

허세 (ho-sei)

I think it means a false outward appearance (or gestures/actions) where one pretends to know more and be more than what one actually is. For lack of a better phrase, I shall term it as “pretentious style” in this translation.

We know the history of his nickname, and the purpose of posting this translation is not for us to keep on throwing eggs at all the people who have caused hurt to JKS before (even if we feel like doing it ^^), but rather, articles like this coming from the Korean media and hopefully reaching more of the Korean general public may have more far-reaching influence and serve as an initial step to change their perspective of our beloved JKS. We cannot expect a total absence of criticisms and misunderstandings, which may still happen where JKS’ unique frankness and confidence clash with Korean society and culture; but what we can do is to continue to show full support for our Prince.


[Reporter’s Note] Jang Keun Suk, please let us see more of your pretentious style!

Jang Keun Suk acts as usual without any misgivings. His confidence once labelled as “pretentious” has now become a new embellishment for his ambition to be the Prince of Asia, as said at the 2 November “You’re my Pet” press conference. In the movie, he acts as a promising ballet dancer Kang In-ho who crosses over to become a musical actor.

“Am I an actor, singer or dancer? This is a movie about finding one’s true self. Indeed, the Prince of Asia is not a role that can be assumed casually,” JKS compliments himself. Although it made people laugh, his (offensive) forthrightness and liberal spirit came across strongly.

JKS is always the subject of misunderstanding because of his frank nature, and seemingly often wronged. Yet, there is a reason why people view him through coloured (prejudiced) lenses – JKS’ beauty overshadows his acting skill. Despite having gone through the acting test of various dramas such as “Beethoven Virus”, up to now it has been very hard to eliminate the feeling that his appearance is more outstanding than his acting skill. Another example of natural beauty becoming a disadvantage in acting.

The same goes for his unique sense of confidence. The nickname of “pretention” to JKS is fatal; if without “Golden Fishery”, this label would have remained affixed to him. And in fact, rather than say that JKS has excessive confidence, it is more accurate to say that he is only forthright and frank. Artistes like him are rare; the public is unfamiliar with this, and in turn reacts with irritation to this unfamiliarity, especially in Korea where modesty is a virtue.

Artistes will definitely conceal their private life and true thoughts, because in situations where their speech and actions can be taken against them, they will be hurt. But JKS does not hide anything; he keeps presenting himself, asking for the public’s response, and also thus at his beach guerilla performances at Busan International Film Festival in October. His income from his two guerilla performances is 236,500 won. He directly tweeted the income figure and his subsequent donation. If he is pretentious, he would have lied and reported a higher figure. Jang Keun Suk who performs because of his sense of confidence is what makes him shine in people’s eyes. I feel that even if the income is only a few hundred won, he would also have said it honestly on Twitter.

Jang Keun Suk does not need everyone’s approval for his actions, and his actions are not always appropriate every time. In fact, as an actor JKS had ever been criticized. At that time when JKS was in Japan, he heard the criticism from his senior and he immediately called his senior to apologize. This amply demonstrates his frank and open nature, an example where we can see his future. He is not only a person who knows how to present himself, he also knows how to be tolerant of others. If in the past he was labelled as pretentious for communicating one-way, now he is communicating with fans through the internet platform. This is one of the reasons why people’s feelings towards JKS have improved recently.

Although JKS has started his artiste career since young, he is still a young actor, still learning things that he doesn’t know and developing his career as he moves forward. He has gained a lot of popularity in Asia as a Hallyu star, he says that he “wants to become a world star”. As he has said, the road is still a long one. Hope that he will possess an even more pretentious style than now. Just like what he has achieved so far, seeing JKS turn pretention into reality is a very happy thing. Seeing this process and the path that he has walked is clearly an extraordinary matter of much expectation.


Source: Nate News
Chinese translation by: 櫻之荼蘼
English translation by: Aphrael77

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  1. thank you Aphrael…Regarding this article I cannot decide whether it is positive or negative..Don’t know why maybe because of the word “pretentious,,correct me if I’m wrong but the way I understand pretentious, it means “putting on a false appearance.. Are they trying to say that JKS is just pretending in front of the public,is he? As far my opinion is concern he’s not,,what you see is what you get so why tag him “pretentious guy”..Although when I read the whole article,it turned out good,I just had an odd feeling regarding that “pretentious” thing..Btw, we know the truth and JKS knows himself better than anyone else,,case closed..*_*

    • just my interpretation of it – since the nickname stuck from the past, the writer builds on this nickname but says it’s a pleasure to watch JKS “turn pretention into reality” and watch him achieve his various goals and successes. just like in Kneedrop Guru when JKS said that he’d prove himself by first working hard and achieving his goals, so JKS can be said to have gained achievements in reality from his initial situation of “nothing” or pretention…..

      and the writer says, JKS can be more pretentious, in the sense that he can aim higher (pretentious because he doesn’t have that kind of results yet) – when JKS first proclaimed himself Prince of Asia, wasn’t it a little pretentious? I remember he gave this name to himself… and now he says he wants to be world star (when he doesn’t have that influence and status yet), so it’s seen as pretentious? but this “pretention” now is ok, because he’ll work hard towards it and make it come true ….

      • thanks aphrael,,I feel better now,,sorry If I misunderstood the “pretentious” thing..I was a bit upset earlier today because of those “Korean Association whatsoever..*_*

      • Thanks Aphrael posting this article and for your insight and clarification about the “pretentious” meaning. I was at lost and confuse at first…….. I always thought Sukkie is the most candid and straightforward man. Agree 100% with Charlotte, “what you see is what you get” from JKS. It always breaks my heart to hear harsh criticism from his own country’s media and people. Like many eels here, I should have become immune to bad publicity about him by now…because there are so many of them. Nonetheless, I cannot help but feeling pain when people misunderstood him so bad.

        I fully understand the concept of “cannot please everyone” or “beauty is in the eyes of beholder”…etc. but what I don’t understand it why some people hate Sukkie so much to the point that they even created a “hated website” about him and said all kinds of bad things about him.

        Lol…. To be honest, it’s not easy being an eel… have to learn to defense all kind of negative attacks from everywhere.

      • KaileyCA, I feel the same way as you do. I really don’t understand why there are people who hate him that much. I do have actors whom I don’t like, but when I hear/read news about them, whether the news is good or bad,I don’t critisize. I guess some anti-fans are so jealous that he is so famous and way more famous than their idols so they created that kind of web,and I guess they think they feel much better when they say bad things about him,but for me that just make them seem so ugly and cruel. We should just ignore them and continue to support our Prince.

    • Yes i agree with you the word PRETENTIOUS is not the right term..Being naturally frank is just being honest to everyone. Being what you are is being honest and sincere. I like JGS coz he’s being true to himself and everyone.

      • You have no idea: an eel is the most deadly fish in the water, so if you want to get on your feet and defend your prince, you can be the winner in this fight with no doubt!! But being able to fight doesn’t mean you have to!! you know, there is this saying in our society in the meaning of “if the ignorant says bad things; reply with good or keep quiet”; in other meaning, no one should reply on the bad with the worse, but like we all learned from our prince: just do good and live good; only good will be remembered!!

        Being natural and front is the strongest point in geun suk ssi’s personality; living in the open; sharing himself with the world, not afraid of making mistakes; that’s just him being honest.. “”well only god don’t have flaws!!””

        About jealousy!! I doubt the cause is him being famous; I guess the ones who can’t build their own success, just stand aside criticizing the hard workers and trying to hold them down to become nonfunctional like them!! Luckily we have this strong family to stand and support with love and cares, and help our JKS to achieve every goal he’s out to..

        Thank you eels 😉

  2. A very outatanding article that really brings Suk`s nature to limelight. the reporter has exactly understood Suk`s char.. and he was right about suk not needing to lie..
    He is not a show off who needs to lie and act prim & proper to get fans!! Eels follow suk because of his outstanding and flamboyant char… if people want to call it as “Narcissistic”
    well go ahead… but from his own words if he jus did what was expected of him then the JKS now wont exist..And eels wont love a man who acts outside of his char..eels love him much more cos of his lovable flaws..really really appreciate your efforts to translate!!! thank you so much…Love JKS forever..and Love this blog JKSForever forever:)

    • Hi Meg! Didn’t know you’re from India, I thought you were Sporean 🙂 Another country Suk has set his charm on 🙂 I feel extremely happy to see people from so many different countries in this blog gather together and share our thoughts (though some are naughty, ehemmm….excuse me there), our love and unwavering support for Sukkie.

      As I always tell my kids, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all….don’t always work though 🙂

      • Hello sis farina!!
        Yep kdrama fever is slowly spreading among coll students here.. but sad to say i still havent met crazy eels lik in this blog in India yet.. so feeling bit lonely.. but it vanishes when i visit jksforever and twitter..
        Really love your mole comments.. and i started counting my moles too kekeke.. i knew i had many moles on my face but was very very happy when i found one on my jaw just like sukkie!!!!

  3. Finally I can smile reading this article ( specially bcoz it came from korean media ), after I shouted angry two days ago ( bcoz of the korean media questioning sukkie too many- action overseas ). It’s really cooling my heart…
    Gomawo aphrael …^_^ ( biggg smile…)

    • I know this site from U (Arie-tristan).
      Thank’s to U… Onnie.
      And thank’s to Aphrael too, for translating… Now I know more abaout JKS, i read it with big smile… (ʃƪ♥ﻬ♥)

      • Hi dear…welcome to aphrael’s beautiful castle, where you can throw out all of your ‘deeply enjoyable pain’ of loving The Most Wonderful Prince in The Whole Universe and the only place where you can meet so many unbelievable cool ahjuma and noona eels all around the world…
        Warning : Watch out! you will get infected soon to a very dangerous and cureless disease spread by crazy (but cute hihi^_^ peace…) eels here. So, be ready Just Anita!

  4. “I feel that even if the income is only a few hundred won, he would also have said it honestly on Twitter.”

    yes that’s him.. he even posts ugly pictures on twitter for everyone to see.. i never see any actors do that to embarass themselves..

  5. aphrael, thanks for the translation. it‘s a good article. whoever wrote it is sure giving a positive light this otherwise negative impression of him. i think korea is not quite ready yet for someone like Jang Keun Suk, which is why he‘s always been given negative publicity. but it‘s nice to know that he is slowly being accepted and recognized for who he is. the reporter is right, he is indeed “rare“ that‘s why he is special and definitely a gem in the entertainment industry.

  6. In the showbiz world, good and bad criticisms are constant. This is what brings the stars to where they are – – to stardom or downfall. What’s important is that JKS is true to himself and all the eels are there, constantly supporting him for who he is – through good and bad times. Some people may find JKS to be unusual, because he is not what they were use to. But like any change that has been brought in for the first time, it just takes getting used to. Once it has been tried and proven to be good or effective – then will come the acceptance. It may take sometime – but I am sure it will be worth the wait. JKS – the eels are here for you – just go on and keep up the good work!
    Thank you Aphrael, your an angel.

  7. this vid special @ Andrea, even Uri Prince was not feeling so well at the preview show, but as eels request, he shuffled. He is a such a sweet, sweet person. Really treated his eels with his full heart. His shyness was the cutest. Enjoy! My eels gals.

    The fans were calling him “milky skin Jang Keun Suk” he shuffled and he blushed.

    His language to eels, shuffle, flying kisses….. we love him.

      • Same here as i have too much time on my hands…let me scout a nanny/english teacher job over there…where is his company/office located?

    • Farina, just a few days without getting into this blog….. u became the President of “Trap Ahjummah Club” huh ???

      Started off with JKS moles hahaha
      Ya, he has 2…. on his chin & left ear

      • Farina & daisy ambin. Yes, went to TreeJ office & delivered all the things that need to be delivered. No outsiders are allowed to enter the office (each floor, needs an access card), instead I have to call the staff to come down to collect all our stuffs.

        I have forwarded some pics & places info to Aphrael. She will post them when is done.

        Caught me by surprise ! Farina u r the President now hahaha

        Can see JKS’s face mostly in Seoul town ^o^ even in the subway, You’re My Pet poster. This crazy ahjummah took pictures with the poster hahaha

      • wow Carol,,you’ve been to Tree J,,so cool..How was the experience,,for me standing in front of Tree J bldg,will be one hell of a lifetime experience,hahahaha..Wanna go there too and take picture of myself..

      • Carol, now if I go KL, I can call you guys for makan and we can show off each others’ moles ok?

    • Farina, not a problem at all. We can even count as many time as u want hahaha. No wonder u r titled as President. Me 2 hands up to support this nomination 😉

  8. In the showbiz world, bad and good criticisms are constant. This is what help bring the stars to stardom or downfall. For JKS, some critics may find you unusual for now, because you may not be what they are used to. But like any change that has been brought in for the first time, it will just take some getting used to. Once it has been proven to be something good and effective- then will come “acceptance”. It may take some time – but I am sure it will be worth the wait. I know you will be able prove the bad writeups wrong.What is important is that JKS is being true to himself and the eels know and love him for what he is – through good and bad times. JKS – keep up the good work and stay healthy.
    Thank you Aphrael for your update!

  9. Aphrael77, thank you for this site, I visit this often to read new articles that 99% I know I will get a translation in English that is easy to understand. I seldom comment but this article seems like it is calling me to do so. At first it upset me to read that he is called pretentious. I become interested with him since MMM. I find him to be honest, generous and outspoken and funny who wants to live a normal life, be able to walk, dance, shop and so on like everyone else. I think everyone deserve that. And I think his eels should understand and giving too to his request, that is a very small request for the time he gives to be available to his fans: fan meetings, autograph, tweeters, press conferences,unending arena/concerts, movies, dramas, CF and whatever else he is involve. That more than I think any actor, singer and any entertainers ever give to be always be available to their fans. Now back to the “pretencious style”, I would not call it that, I think the word or the description they should use is hard working visionary. He envision to be the Asia Prince, he work for it and attained it. He wants to be the World Prince and yes he is working on it, he even learn different languages to be able to reach and communicate, though, I think he should concentrate practicing his English because majority around the world understand this language. And I am sure he will achieve being World Prince because I am from Canada and I know some from USA who appreciate him as an entertainer and as a person. I know some Korean here don’t know him that much but I have spoken to them about his popularity around asia even recommended for them to watch his dramas and movies. The funny thing is he is popular to other asian here. I don’t get how his good look gets in the way of his acting ability. I do find him to be a good actor first and a good singer. I think it is jealousy that gets in the way, he gots the talents and the look. I like him for his candid honesty, generosity to people who needs help and to his fans. I like him because he know how to appreciate and utilize the gifts God gave him and he appreciate his fans. His honesty sometimes gets misunderstood as being cocky but people who misunderstand doesn’t know how to look beyond the meaning of the gesture. I find him still innocent that he doesn’t realized that his words are misunderstood because he is honest and say what he feels and think. I pray and wish him more succcess, health and hope for him to attain everlasting happiness and more open-minded people around the world to understand his special personality.

  10. If you allow me guys.
    First Aphrael77 thank you so much for translating and sharing this article.
    Now in Korea modesty is a virtue, this means that be pride, too honest and mind talk is not good at all. Most of the time it seems bad education or unmanner person.

    Like the journalist said, JKS is too young and he has a lot to learn, with time he will change things or may be not, most of the Korean grown ups dont like this kind of behavior because they feel that disrespect them for some reason.
    Like the east way, if you know who you are, what do you mean for people, what your achivement are then you start to brag with all the world how marveleous you think you are.

    We honestly can denied that JKS is physically amazigly good looking and I bet he amazed himself every time he watched his image on the mirror, but, as one of my friends said: “It doesnt matter if people talk bad or good about you, the most important thing is that they talk about you”.
    So when people notice you they will talk even if you sneez, worse case escenario will be if they stop giving nicknames, talking and criticizing… When that happen, then we can be worry because you stop to be notice and interesting.

    So JKS keep up… I know we can still see your potencial grow.

    • Hi yolis,
      Whatever people might think, I personally hope that Sukkie would never change his ways! coz. this is what really makes him genuine.
      No doubt that physically he is amazingly good looking but his real potentials lie in his lively and unique personality.
      I hope many people would watch the Knee guru show where he poured it out, explaining the many misconceptions about his attitude. You can really sense his modesty, sincerity and hard work over there.
      He knows that he still has long way to go, and he’s working hard.
      I think day after day he’s getting the appretiation of more people, who are getting to understand , admire and fall in love with him.
      What is amazing is that he’s doing it HIS WAY.!

      • @sahar

        yes that is true…i have watched the knee drop guru and cried for the rest of the show..oppa really is a true person..he is not afraid to tell everything people must know about him. of course he cannot please everyone but his EELS are always here to suppoert and cheer him up..:)

      • Hello Sahar

        I totally agree with you. I have watched Knee drop guru show as well and i am so touched by his words and appreciate him more as genuine and etc. and understand how hard working he is and doing his best. Do you have link where I can download the show and keep it with eng sub pls. The one provided here previously sept 14 part 1 is missing the earlier part where he talk about his childhood and growing up. Thanks.

        Aphrael77, thank you for this site.

    • @yolis, agree! idolized or despised, he is being recognized either way. but sometimes, the negative things can really get into your nerves.

      @sahar, i more than agree with you!!! he is doing things HIS WAY, and that’s what matters the most!

      i wouldn’t want him to change his ways (and i don’t think he would because he would’ve done it way back then when he started getting those negative publicity). he may be young but he is more mature than how people perceive him to be. there’s more to him than meets the eye (if you get what i mean). as he grows older, maybe he will lose a little of his “childlike” demeanor; but even then, i know that he will always be a child at heart.

      • for me “To Know Him, Is To Love Him”and with time “Love Grows” that there’s no such things as “How Deep Is Your Love” because i’m starting to adore and”Love You Inside Out” .For eels, “Love Will Keep Us Together”because”Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You ” and our “My Heart Will Go On” for Prince

      • Negative comments can hurt and seriously get on your nerves. Especially when you know that you worked your 100% and also gave time and effort. Sometimes instead of giving stupid/neg critisim, theres always a thing called appreciation. Sighhh*

        Soo proud to be an eel. All of us should because we love a man who seriously cares about his true fans. Not like other koreans artists out there. Who smiles waves and sign autographs. Sukkie worked on his singing, stage performances, mastering a language, and creating several web connections for us to “bond” with him. Its all about the relationship with his fans that truly accept him than being someone you’re not just to gain more fans just for their interests (aka..abs, manly type, fashion sense)

        Please continue to show love & support. he posted a pic on his app of an IV earlier today with a sad message 🙁 He hasnt fully recover hopefully this coming december, his schedule would regulate and become more normal again. Hope he takes care of his vocal cords. Love you forever Sukkie!

    • @Karen, Hi Karen, very sorry for my late reply to u.
      Re. Kneedrop Guru, I remember I just dowlnoaded each part as soon as it was out for saving. but I didn’t keep the link. but Karen I checked that for you here in the blog and I found that link: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/?p=6180 . This is the part you’re interested in (about his childhood and growing up) so I hope this will work for you. good luck!

      • Hi, sahar! Only today i’ve watched Knee Drop Guru for the first time in my life, and i understood i’ve been blind all this time! Sukkie opened my eyes by telling the real story of his life! After watching this show i discovered a lot of facts and new sides of Sukkie that i didn’t know up to now!! Before, like many others i thought that he was brought up in a rich family (perhaps his being only child in his family and study overseas made me think this way)! But, omg, in reality he had “tough” childhood: earning money by modelling (as i understood initially his mother made him to take shootings) and paying his money to the rent of his family, learning on the light of candle just to save the money for electricity! I’m very touched by his every single word! I tried to imagine how hard it was for him to pass the way to his current stardom relying on his own hard work!! I dare to say that he totally deserves everything he has now, and i believe his current dreams also come true in near future! And i hope when it happens, i will have chance to continue supporting and cheering up for him!(i’m wishing this on the day of sacred holiday, and i hope along my other wishes this one also will come true because it’s the dream of every eel at least of this blog)!!!
        Thank u, sahar, for sharing the link, because of ur link i learned a lot about Sukkie!
        And special thanks to aphrael who did the main job by creating this wonderful blog and who does the hard work (i notice eels r hard-working just like their idol) by updating and translating every news about our beloved Sukkie!!!
        Love u all! Love JKS FOREVER!!!

      • Hi Sahar,
        First of all thank you for the link…yes that is the correct one sept 14 part 1 but it is in dailymotion format which i do not know how to download the file …i have download it from http://jangkeunsukforever.com/?p=6255 using peaches’s link but when i watched it again i found out that the first 10 mins is missing (ie. about his childhood and growing up)…do anyone know where i can download from aphrael77 link [14 Sep 2011] Kneedrop Guru – Part 1 using megavideo or youtube?

        Hi Miracle…Same as you after watching it and knew that he had “tough” childhood…you can’t help it but to fall in love with him more and more!!

        Hi QQeyes007 …i just want to say thank you because of your link i found this site and please post more links of video of sukkie which i know you have everyday on youtube. Thanks again.

      • Miracle, I’m not surprised as I learnt from many eels who also thought Sukkie came from a rich family as many feel he has the chance to study overseas ^_^ Another common myth is he has a nose job.. even many eels believe so as it is common in Korea.. but THANKS to this Knee Drop Guru show with translation by aphrael, more eels know the hardship he has been through & rumors surrounding him.. For me, I knew all along from sharing by eels in BaiduSukbar but with Sukkie telling openly & revealing the truth by himself is worth a thousand words indeed!!!

  11. Slowly but surely the Koreans are showing signs of accepting him. There’s no way you can satisfy everybody… Just hope that they can see beyond what they think of this negative aspect that underneath it all he is just misunderstood. I love the article. Thanks Aphrael. Good morning everybody !

  12. i personally believed he have come a long way to be where he is now… and honestly, seeing him becoming who he is in the spotlight over the years really make me proud of him and now, we see that his people are steadily accepting him and who he is.Really, i wouldn’t say much as most have been said by girls here and I’m truly proud of his eels too who regardless of what is written about him , have always been united and loyal to him…FIGHTING!!!
    P/S @ farina..good morning to you too…have a nice day ahead !

  13. & the way i understand it, he is too honest & frank as an artist (which is probably not normal to majority of celebrities) which now the Korean media learns to slowly appreciate…
    his confidence can be misinterpreted but come to think of it, there’s no air of arrogance.
    agree, he is “what you see is what you get”.
    he is just himself without putting others at his expense. =)

  14. i thought it was pronounced as ha saeng means empty gesture…we don’t want oppa to be called like that. but truthfully thanks for this blog…oppa really is the best among the best okay! he is not plastic nor a liar! he show and say what he feel, and for us eels that is a very good attitude because we get to know him more and more, one more reason why we love HIM so much..i was crying while reading your introduction, thank you so much for this blog! i’m gonna share this to everyone..God Bless..go our PRINCE show them what you got!!!

  15. Dear eels, here are 2 vids I would like share again… first is Eng Sub (Korean program) & 2nd is Chinese Sub (China program) but both actually reports by media on what makes Sukkie different from many of the artiste & why he is so charming.. his multi-talents & unique personality (straightforward down to earth who don’t follow others..with a mind of his own)

      • Thanks QQ for this link!! I haven’t seen it before. I had to freeze the frame at 7.11 just to have my fill at those moles…..

      • QQ, thanks for the vid, I think the Chinese did objectively analysed Sukkie’s success in Asia.

        Sukkie was born and raised in Korea. Korea is a country that still keep strong eastern traditions. Lots of them were from Confucius and had been thousands years carried on. Sukkie has taken the good traditions. He is a good manner person, and he is modest in some way. But, please don’t forget, he is an actor, a singer, a model. Especially acting, I think that is in his blood. He is a very good actor and he wants to be a great actor one day. Freedom is important for him develop his talent, his potential on acting. He has been in the show business for very long time. He knows how important to have free spirit to pursue great acting. He likes to take challenges, he is not afraid to say things honestly, which we should respect and I hope he will never change that. It’s not gonna be an easier road for him to let some traditional people to favor him, to support him. Even he is still young, but he knows well about that. He is not going to give up his dream and he is not going to give up his honesty. He struggles sometime, and he gets hurt sometime. He never feel shy and try to hide that, he reach out to his fans and want to hear cheering words from them but he did work so hard to give back to his fans too. I believe as Tenshi’s FA mentioned, he “bond” with his fans and he want that bond lasts forever. Not only he is a unique person, the relationship between him and his fans, our eels, is unique too. I never had this feeling towards to any of the celebrities. I don’t think many people around me would understand my “love” to him. That’s the same thing that he will not get everyone to like him, because he is different (in a good way). With his big plan, big dream, that’s a tough journey. That’s why, we eels, stand behind him FOREVER.

  16. thanks so much aprhael for the translated article. =) having read this opinion from a Korean media, even though it’s just one article, gives much comfort and warmth that keun suk is given ‘justice’ on the way he is. He’s not the type of person who always try to defend himself from negative publicity (so humble), thus, it’s touching that at least this ‘defense’ or ‘voice’ came from a third person. I do hope that more and more of his countrymen will be able to see the person beyond that ‘pretentious’ style. ^_^

  17. thanks for the article Aphrael.
    i agree with all what have been said on this topic and specially Sahar’s comment because i really think it’s his rare and outstanding personality what makes him distinguish among all this artistes , so i hope he will not try to change it .
    @Farina have a good day , it still the night for me (1:51 am)
    @QQeyes007 thanks for the videos , i enjoy watching them in place if Andrea and Farina who must be busy working

  18. You be what your dream/hope is….so keep dreaming JKS ssi…..You asked BIG you get BIG…God appreciate people who always want to do BIG things in life and He look at you in heaven….my pray be with you always…

  19. this article and all the comments in this blog makes me cry while i’m reading them.. i felt that everybody is sincerely love sukkie.. i can’t say anything more because all has been said.. To JKS– i’ll pray for you to become more stronger and stronger day by day because as you steps towards more success and fame there will be more jealous people who will try to pull you down but we eels will stands by you.. keep up the good work and stay as you are because that’s your charm.. JKS FIGHTING!!!

    • @migrap26- I feel the same way too.,,I hope Sukkie can read all our comments in this blog,I’m sure he will cry a river..I must say,the love that we have for Jang in this blog is overwhelming,,it’s not a typical love of a fan to his Idol.We consider him(JKS ) as a family member.We’re hurt when he’s hurting,we’re happy if he’s happy..Some fans loved their Idols just because of their good-looks/talent to offer..Apart from that,nothing more..What makes us different is,WE LOVE THE PERSON ITSELF!! We see beyond his good looks and talents..We are more interested in his personal side,the way he lived his life (eat,drink,smoke,tweet,sleep and so fort)..My prayer’s for JKS would be..

      – good health (for him to do the things that he wants to achieve)

      – good health for his Omma & Oppa (aside from his manager’s,friends and eels,they were the most important people to JKS)

      – courage ( to face the world’s challenge esp.now)

      – good judgement ( I bet he always have this)

      – pure happiness & peace!

      – love he deserved ( that the world will appreciate Him and understand His genuine intention.)

      – meet a wonderful women ( a girl with a pure heart just like him )

      – NEVER CHANGE..
      that he will remain to be the JANG KEUN SUK that he is now.I want him to be like that forever,,even if he become’s a World Star (soon) he will be the forever humble and loving JKS that I loved.. *_*

      • bravo charlotte , i totally agree with you and i’ll join my prayers to yours so that he can fulfill all his dreams “inchallah”

    • Tks! I read that Sukkie will sing 5 songs! I think in LR he will contribute his voice too and in fact in perhaps all his future works be it in dramas or movies….

  20. I do not understand how the public person, an actor, a singer can be really “modest”? It’s something like “the bees against the honey”, an oxymoron. May be it’s just a cultural difference, but I think that it’s necessary for a star to be bright and impressive, and his sometimes selfmocking overconfidence (with all his “starting to conquer the world from tomorrow morning, kekeke”) are cool, he has good sense of humor and his attitude is just is how it used to be. =)

    • @Iron_Orchid you’re right , the first and more important caracteristic of a star is to shine , if it wasn’t sparkling nobody would have seen it , so keep the faith JKS and continue shining for your eels because you’re their north star witch guides them in this immense world

  21. Pretentious means phoney or insincere and i don’t think he is that…blunt or very frank/direct with what he feels and/or thinks, that he is…i prefer that over false modesty…

  22. Sukkie is a type of person who carries out his word even if it takes a long time. And he is an eloquent speaker. These his personalities might lead to the expression “pretentious” before. But now people come to understand that Sukkie is not a type of person who only boasts doing nothing. He is very responsible for what he says and pushes himself to the max. To prove this takes some time, so now is the time. Korean media now understand Sukkie is special and worthy who deserves our respect even he is still young.
    In Japan, probably also in Korea, modesty is regarded as a virtue. So people think those who speak what they are going to achieve honestly and rather proudly are pretentious. Because most of that kind of people are not responsible for their word and forget easily what they said. I, myself, am a kind of person who push myself as much as possible by saying my plan before others.
    Sukkie is so mature for his age and he is too perfect. The TV program I subtitled the other day said that no weakness is Sukkie’s weakness. I totally agree with that. He is so honest that if his previous decision cannot be carried out any more, he’ll accept the fact and apologize for it. It looks simple but it is really difficult to do. We tend to say something for it, but just apologizing is very hard for everyone, but he does always.
    Anyway, all you mentioned above, we’ll support him not only because of his profession but because of his personality. Yes, we support him because he is Jang Keun Suk! 🙂

    • Kaori-chan, you’re always insightful… I hope now more Koreans will be acknowledge what an honorable man he is, not just an empty boast. Trust Sukkie to be the one to pave the way to change generations of mindsets.

  23. being true to what he is is what most eels liked about him, i myself do like him because what you see is what you get…and you know that he is true to what he is saying…


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