[28.10.2011] Twitter – The Battle of the Men! (or boys?)

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Yesterday I was playing boxing with * Vegetable basket and won 50,000 yen..but….. This fellow did not pay up and flew back to Korea this morning … my 50,000 yen… even if I pursue you to Hell, I will take back my money
* nickname for Kurt

あらびきハンバグ (name of hamburger in ad).. No more ..

Give back 50,000 yen …
5万日元 拿来。。。


sneak attack on me while I was on the plane …

Think deeply about it. If you do something wrong, you’ll have to retire. Maybe I’ll turn you into Asia beggar
好好想想吧 做错事的话你就要隐退了 呵@AsiaPrince_JKS 说不定会把你变成亚洲乞丐也不一定

Hand out the money, beggar…
把钱交出来 叫花子..

Told you to hand out the money.. My 50,000 yen… you think you can get away just by taking off your clothes everywhere? * Vegetable basket is a muscle monster~~~~~
* nickname for Kurt

Are you happy??

Will turn you into this

BB: You are a fool

If you’re smart, hand out the money, you don’t even have armpit hair~~~~~
识趣的就把钱拿出来 腋窝下毛都没有~~~

You even forgot to bring your passport when going overseas~~~ hand out the money, vegetable basket~~~
出国连护照都忘带的人~~~拿钱来 菜篮子~~~

My dear friend Kurt Jang I love you Kurt Jang. Milk-coloured skin Kurt Jang. His music will rock the world kurt kurt hurray hurray hurray! But though you said want to have Europe Tour, if you don’t come to Tokyo Dome, absolutely cannot ^^^^^^^^^^
我亲爱的朋友郑kurt 我爱你郑kurt 牛奶肤色郑kurt 他的音乐将震惊世界 kurt kurt 万岁万岁万万岁ㅡ!不过说要开欧洲巡回 东京巨蛋却不来的话绝对不可以^^^^^^^^^^

Tonight 10 pm, come to Gimpo airport to welcome me, eels!!!!!!!!!!
今天晚上10点 到金浦机场入口来款待我啊 鳗鱼们啊!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been tough on everyone!! especially Makimura-san~ I love you~~

This time, the love-rumours should be with Makimura-san~~ kkkk

JKS: what, why are there so many eels at the airport today?
什么啊 今天机场为什么那么多鳗鱼?


38 thoughts on “[28.10.2011] Twitter – The Battle of the Men! (or boys?)”

    • hahahaha,,both men are hilarious!! I’m loving the “sleeping” pic of Sukkie esp..#9,,he totally passed out..and look at #5,,seem like his siliva is dripping out of his cute mouth..hahahaha…

  1. Oh my god! I just enjoy their fighting!!!! so funny!!! I like how they try to tease and ‘disgrace’ each other! Pix are also well chosen!!! Anyway, as a result is the “winner” of the “battle”!!! ^^

  2. these guys are really funny, can’t stop laughing. LOL!

    i like sukkie in the 5th pic (sleeping on the plane). seems he’s totally knocked out in that one! XD love, love, love the 2nd sleeping pic, absolutely handsome! 🙂

    • hahaha,,bwt that 2nd pic,i think he is awake,look at his smile,,hehehe..but O agree with you,,he is so handsome when he’s sleeping *_*

      • Or maybe he’s just having a nice dream! LOL!
        I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has issues with keeping your mouth shut once you fall asleep. Even Sukkie has a fish mouth when he’s sleeping! SOOOoooo cute! :-*

  3. The one Sukkie crash on the pillow, way too cute, I feel he is about drolling. Lol.

    Is that the one, Hurt was half naked and doing a pole dance? And tell you what, I love how Sukkie was wearing and with glasses. He just so delicious in every angle, everything.

  4. hahaha… just like my two beloved ‘lover’ (the senior and junior ^_^) at home when it’s nearly bed time,always do ‘bed-wrestling’ ,those two men are actually boys indeed kekeke..

  5. lol… yeah loved this “last night” or whenever.. it was 4 am for me so… anyway I was just heading for bed when I saw this going on and just about lost it. I love that Sukkie is having fun. So light hearted… 50000 yen thats serious money right (well, serious for me hehe)?. Oh my I wonder if more will come out since he was headed to airport.

  6. I was laughing earlier today because of the pic wars that was going on between our Prince J and Big Brother… So hilarious! but I love the pics that BB was posting on twitter coz whatever pics of JKS he posts, JKS is still beautiful even when he is sleeping… I think the winner of this battle is Jang Keun Suk!

  7. like you all i was dead of laughing seeing his pics and reading the comments .it looks likes a battle between 2 teenagers , very funny and innocent .
    i think he has overcome the unpleasants desagrements of the cancelation of the hallowyn show and is luckilly unjoying his brake with his freinds .
    i also noticed that he doesn’t hesitate to post this kind of pics what proves another time the kindness of his mind , which makes him special .
    by the who is Makimura-san he’s talkig about?

  8. i’m a bit behind …hahahahah but nevertheless…i enjoyed the tweet-pic storms…. how eels really enjoyed their friendship..me toooo…
    my fav? gotta be the armpit…hahhahahaha

  9. Hahaha!!! These two men are bullying each other! I love them play each other like that! Look! Saliva were almost dripping out from sukkie’s mouth! This guy is really a one of a kind! But i love him more like that! So innocent!

    • Hi Farina, so nice to read all eels comments…i’m a relatively new eel…5mths old only…catching up on Sukkie starting from the very 1st post…read urs and the girls naughty convos from the earlier post on the ‘sleeping pics of YMP’ rlli got me laughing hard!

      i now understand y sukkie said once we fall in his trap we can’t climb out of it anymore…haha! he literally got me drowned…i can’t go thru one day without reading abt him, be it old or new news…he is just so awesome! y did i miss his 20s?? but i believe his 30s and beyond will be even better, he is rlli a super-duper hardworking artiste, sincere, kind, so many qualities..*in my dreamy mode*

      so glad that there’s a group of devoted eels supporting him all these while…u girls are super awesome…big thanks for Aphrael, you, Tenshi and all involved for maintaining this awesome blog too!! so more new eels like me can be born!!! Great job!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • EveEel

        Just 5 months old – you became an eel when he went into character as Daegil.
        Shortly, when Daebak finishes filming……. you will be in for a roller coaster ride when Suk himself reappears!

        Enjoy the peace and calm now!

  10. Thanks for the heads-up Siew Hin! LOL! can’t wait for him to resurface as Sukkie again! felt that i have missed so much of him already… *sad* i chanced upon Bel Ami one fine day, actually to watch IU but got hooked on Sukkie instead! haha! after that i went crazy watching all his dramas & movies from LR, M3, HGD, Baby & Me…etc a few times in a row…was so glad that i managed to catch him participating in Jackpot!

    usually when i get hooked to a certain artiste i would want to know more abt them but it usually only last 2mths MAX! but now i’m totally off that, he has got me trapped and i dun see the end of the tunnel! LOL! really grateful for this blog, i can find and read so so many past news and also know so much abt him when i thought he was just another pretty face…i’m totally swept away…especially after watching Knee Drop…describing him as awesome is just an understatement..he is definitely more than that…

    • EveEel,

      You are the first one I know that got hocked by him in BM.
      Most were YAB, MMM or LR.

      But the real point of no return, is normally when we get to know the real him, in his concerts, bts, etc.
      Not the dramas where he is just playing the character, but when he shows us his real-self.

      That’s when we fall in love with the boy/man, not the drama character.

      Then…. we just get stuck to him – for years – and loving it more each day

      • U r absolute right on that Siew Hin…I fell deeper into his trap after getting to know this blog..he is very attractive in his roles which makes me want to know more abt him.. I start digging the trap after finding out that he is even more attractive as a person! n it’s at the point of no return…

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