7 thoughts on “[Video] Korea-Japan Festival 2011”

    • YAY! this is my video! sorry for the very poor quality 🙁 the important thing is we see and understand what’s he’s saying right? 🙂

      Thanks for uploading it here 🙂
      This is TvK2’s Arirang TV Showbiz Korea.. its a Korean-American channel, they cover all korean news in english.. check it out on you cable tv, you might have it but just didnt know!
      I have been watching this show and almost everyday JKS was there… they are also the one that featured him on All That Star.. remember that lengthy vid that’s all about JKS?
      i have a feeling the producer is an eel too 😉

      • Thanks stvcri, I don’t have cable :(, since I don’t watch TV normally, I watch almost everything on line. I do have netflix but I don’t think I can watch that. I just want to know. 🙂

      • Would you believe that there aren’t any Korean channels on cable in the Washington DC area? Yeah I was shocked too! Or maybe I just haven’t found any yet. But I don’t have time to for TV cause of my work schedule (I work evenings so nothing good on when I can watch TV). Plus, I am the only kdrama fan and Eel in my house as well as amongst my friends and family.

      • @Andrea, yes, that’s interesting, because there are so many American Korean in DC area. I missed all those Korean grocery stores and restaurants. We have some down here in NC too, but not as much choice as in DC. Wonder why they don’t have Korean channel there.

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