46 thoughts on “YMP sleeping pics”

    • i agree with you , he looks like a sleeping angel ( too tall to be compared to a baby) but his face seems so innocent like the baby’s one and all i want is to protect his dreams

  1. I wanna be in the place of KHN at this moment!!! But I can’t sleep then! OMG! I would spend the whole night looking at his face!!! hahaha…..

    • Err….I agree but are you sure you will only stare? I would leave it to yr imaginations what I would do the whole night long! Rofl!!!! And I’m sure you are all thinking the same thing…. Oh my… I’m having goosebumps…

    • girls…. cut it out!! look what you’ve done hahaha….i know i need my fullest concentration today ! *sigh* just the thought of it makes me goes crazy

      • It’s still Monday night (just after 10pm) for me so I have quite a few hours before getting off work and then time with Mom. Then bedtime.. ah.. bedtime *staring over on my cubicle wall where “he” looks at me and listening to him singing My Precious in my ear* Okay. I need to get off work.

      • just thought to drop by this site, until i came across your conversation…and i’m having a hard time in suppressing my giggles here (since i’m at the office and can be seen by my cubemate). hahaha!

        @farina: omg, we have the same thing with keun suk’s mole in the jaw. whew! ~~ (o well, i’m not shy now since i asked you keun suk’s “nude” pic some time ago). LOL!!!

      • Do you know that I hv a mole EXACTLY on the same spot on my ear? What I just discovered about myself is: I have a fetish for moles!! Lolollolllll!!!!!

      • hahahaha,,i can’t stop laughing while reading your comments,,@ione i am curious bwt this nude photo of prince,can you share it to me..hahahaha..and @andrea,,I spent the whole night with Prince,,LOL..^_^

      • welcome to the club…whoa…curious… how did you spend the night?hahhahahaha….*please excuse me and my thought:they could run wild sometimes* charlotte….

  2. ah.. these are so nice. I saw earlier today but the pictures were tiny so really couldn’t see. Thank you so much. He is adorable of course LOL. I really hope I will be able to find this movie with English subtitles when released to DVD.

  3. I didn’t know that Sukkie has a mole on his ear! Lol!
    Guys! I see that u already know almost everything about his parts of body!! ^^ have u scanned through x-rays???…huh?^^

  4. Hello frenzz! So dot dot minded to almost all of you ah? I’m afraid to join this club..but i can’t resist to say that suddenly i feel so weak when he sleeps like that, don’t want to say more, only dare to say luv luv! .. Hey, he has also a mole just between his chin and neck, can saw it in MMM when he kissed mary in ep 8 😀 😀

  5. Just remembered saying about mole… It may sound weird but it is said that if smb has moles, that person is considered to be beautiful!!! At least that part of ur body where u’ve got mole, should be beautiful!! E.g. if u have it on ur nose, ur nose is in a good shape then!^^ very funny saying…
    Guys! If u have any on ur body, check it out! Maybe it’s true! ^.~ …lol!

    • I have to go for mole inspection tonight and admire myself….(giggling like mad!) Having just been brought back to earth, the least I can do is to pay closer attention to my hubby’s moles…..hahaha!!!

  6. hi “ione” i’ve send to you an email so that you can send me this famous pictures .
    i can understand why “Farina (Singapore)” and me who are more than 40 can be
    so exited by pics of a young a cut man (crise de la quarantaine) because all we can do at this age is to fantasize but you young eels have all the possibility to live it in your daily live so please let us enjoy our dreams .
    btw , i have posted a message to ask for a translation for the” asian tour” i’ve found in youtube raw but nobody answers me so please would you be kind to tell me where to find a translated one or if one of you have it can he please post it in this blog .
    thanks a lot

  7. Ho!!ho!! ladies looks like all of us are in the same wave length.
    Sukkie its all because of you.
    You’ve made us – ahjuma and noona “naughtier” each day. ROFL


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