Some pics of arena tour part2

Credits: @yamakwj and @Galssam2

These photo were taken in Osaka. Below was taken before the show. It looked like Disney show!

For more pics,

Below were taken after the show.

Today I’m going to his arena tour. I’ll write Fan Account after the tomorrow (final) show. Please wait for a while.

12 thoughts on “Some pics of arena tour part2”

  1. He is the prince for all princess (snow white, cinderella, and even tinkerbell?) LOL ^^
    Tenshi, enjoy yourself! ^__^we’ll wait for your FA!

  2. OMG! Have a blast with Sukkie, Kaori-chan! You have no idea how badly I want to trade places with you tonight! Please make sure you include every trivial detail in your FA tomorrow for the benefit of us less fortunate eels. Fighting!!!

    • What he said in the interview was very simple.
      “It was my first visiting Tokyo Dome. Thank you for inviting me here. I hope you’ll enjoy today’s game. I’m gonna watch the game here, too.”

  3. Hi Kaori-Chan ! enjoy yourself we are impatient to see you FA.
    i really like these pictures , specially the 3 and 5 one he seems very close to his staff , they looks like a big warm family


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