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Rehearsed for 11 hours before I returned to the hotel… in the hotel room, I read the script and went through the lines… this Arena Tour … anticipating it… really keke bye cri!
足足排练了11个小时才结束返回酒店..在酒店房间里看了剧本后还对了台词了..这次Arena Tour..好期待..真的 呵呵 bye cri!

Finished going through the lines. Tomorrow morning when I wake up, hope that I didn’t leave any regrets yesterday… anyway in a person’s lifetime, do the things that one wants to do, don’t leave any regrets … during today’s rehearsal, I could not memorize all the song lyrics for tomorrow, hate myself… I am stupid

The Prince after his sleep – happy at the thought of seeing eels!!!! My heart is pounding!!!!

If I only cared about what others think, if overly concerned about that, I cannot say what I want to say, scared of tomorrow’s arrival, only living for the moment, I only do what others expect me to do, I won’t be able to do what I want to do. If I do only what I should do, perhaps the Jang Keun Suk now will not exist.

My principle is to do what I want to do and at the same time, not to cause any harm to others … unsuk the cri show arena tour! Begins now.. everything I want to do has been put in!!!!! Just have crazy fun!! Want to watch???!! hee hee
我的原则是做自己想做的事的同时不给别人造成什么损失…Jangkeunsuk the cri show arena tour!现在开始..我想做的事全都放进去了!!!!!疯狂地玩就可以了!!要看吗???!!嘻嘻

Nagoya’s concert has ended. Thanks to everyone today for coming (^-^)

The serious and professional Jang Keun Suk who is confirming the video recording of the concert

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  1. good talk ! he’s really surprising we never know in advance what’s his next moove . some times , like today and in the “open talk”‘ he says very deep truths and speaks like a great scientist and the day after he makes some silly things witch puts a question on his QI .
    in this last twitter he seems to have a clear view of the world where he lives (cinema) .
    i agree tatally with him it’s this subtle mixing of innocence , spontaneity and humanity what makes him shining among all the other stars and certainely it’s the raison why we eels from differents coutry and ages (from 7 to 77 ) are so wholehearted over him
    so sheer up and keep a hight spirit.
    ps: he loocks like a young shild in the last picture

  2. When i realized that his show had started through his venue pics on twitter, i was biting my nails, just couldn’t sit still at one place!!! Only i and God know how i wished to be in Nagoya and watch Arena tour show lively!!!

    • I know how you feel. Fortunately cause of time difference I was forced to go to bed LOL but dreamt all night about the show. I am sure the show in my dreams was different than the reality though the dream was pretty interesting if you get my meaning . First thing I do when I wake up is look at twitter to see what people say about the show. All in all seems like it was a happy day. I envy those people who went but not jealous. I couldn’t have gone even if I had been able to get tickets.

    • I felt the same way too,,excited and lonely at the same time co’z I wished that I am in Japan too..T_T.. just read prince tweets today,he feels bored with Twitter co’z he has his iphone application,,and people are making article about his tweets..If that happens,I’m dead..Is it bad If I wish that sister eels won’t purchase it so he would not leave twitter,,(due to my desperation i guess).forgive me to those who have iphone..

      • Charlotte, I was trying my best not to buy his app, mainly bcos there won’t be much I will understand…But alas…. I’m just a weak eel….

  3. “If I do only what I should do, perhaps the Jang Keun Suk now will not exist.” Agree!!!! Million agree!!! That’s our Sukkie. He’s very wise, witty and deep with words. I cannot believe sometimes the phrases that he said came from a 24 years old man… If I don’t know him better, I would think those deep words are written by someone older. I like his philosophy how he wants to live his life. Let’s be honest…..not many artists can live the life like JKS. That’s why he is the special one. My prince, please continue to live your life with free-will and honor. Awww…I wish I can meet him someday…….

  4. hello guys..
    been lurking in here for awhile n today can’t stand not to comment 🙂
    always love this blog 🙂
    Yup..he”s soooo special! Many times i said this to my friends n all tht sites related to JKS .. Many stars more handsome than him but only him that capture my heart so deep n can’t look away from him cause of.. his character! As many said above,, His wittiness, his deep thinking, his playful side, his down to earth side n long..long words will continue haha,, if i talk about him! So i wish him every success for everything he does cause he deserves that 🙂
    Back to my lurking mode again 😛
    Keep updating Apharael..Jks4ever!! thanks so much..

  5. it’s the first time i’m commenting during my work day, Break for lunch and turn on to this site, a short time is really not worth, but i have to, because we eels are always missing him!

  6. Something abt Sukkie’s documentary gonna be shown on KBS2 new year 2012….? Wish Cutecute or any other kind Korean eel can help enlighten…..

  7. I feel sorry for myself for not having iphone,,eels all over the world talking about it,,sad..I wish you guy’s can share it in here,,the happenings and updates about prince..^_^


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