[29 Jan 2011] Frontline news from Seoul fan-meeting and Lounge H

For those of us not there in person at Lounge H (LH) today, these pictures are all we are going to see.

Haha, does it make you feel like attending LH, just to experience the electrifying atmosphere our dear Jang Keun Suk whips up? ; p
p.s. any other LH pictures of JKS circulated online will of course be illegal ones (so keep them to yourselves), since JKS himself always expressly asked eels not to take pics of LH.

First, the man appeared at LH with a sexy butterfly tattoo behind his ear, said tattoo being a side product that was on sale at the event.

Then, I laughed like mad at this next titbit of news. JKS brought along his cute little dog to LH, and the pic below is evidence of that – dog poo on stage! Eel gossip goes that after Kurt, the next person that Tree-J may sign up to be part of LH team is the dog!
The most maddening thing for those of us not there is, there is an activity where LH attendees (mostly ladies, I assume) send in a photograph of themselves, and JKS will pick one picture and send that lucky girl home!!!!!!!! Together with JKS in the car !!!!!!!!! That girl will be the envy of eels worldwide! Did this really happen?
There is still some good news for us though, which was announced by JKS today.

The first is his Asia Tour in 2011 in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Shanghai. Hopefully, the list may grow as his tour winds around the region. At the moment, I am not sure whether it’s a fan-meeting tour, or a Lounge H tour.

The second is that JKS will start the filming of the movie “My Pet Lover” in March this year. Finally! The only movie this year that I’m looking forward to!

The tickets to the FM, JKS official fanclub membership card, a souvenir notebook, a fun balloon and the Ole candy that JKS distributed free to eels

JKS and his friend (make-up artist?)

Info & Pic Credits: Baidusukbar live updates at Sina from Korean and Japanese eels’ Twitter

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    • yes! me too…i’m really curious who’s his co-partner as Sumire-chan ? i’m watching Family Outing now (video file from FO 1st season) i imagine how’s if the Noona is Lee Hyori ?? hahahaaa

  1. Hi! Just want to tell you about the lucky eels that will pick from those photographs that are submitted to have special treat from JKS himself is not just one but around 4-5 eels. But not sure what will JKS do with them, just drive them back home or there is still another treat for them coz haven’t heard anything else from them and the eels that I know didn’t know either. They just know that 4-5 lucky eels were gathered at the lobby after Lounge H. That’s all. Thank you for sharing the news here ^^

  2. hi
    JKS picked one eel. and he drove her at the subway station(maybe near her home).
    One of his manager hold the handle of JKS’car and at right front seat with camera man.
    and JKS and lucky girl sat at the back. (JKS didn’t have good condition, so he was going to hospital so JKS drove her at the station not her home)
    They were talking about the Lounge h and concert and watching the video of sunni(JKS’dog)
    JKS opened the car door for lucky girl, and continue to watch the lucky girl disappeard down to the station.
    The lucky girl said she was extremely happy.

    The lucky girl wrote the fan account at the JKS’ home page member board.
    I read the fan account.

    • WOW!! That girl is the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!
      I’m so glad that JKS kept his promise and did what he said.
      But he’s going to hospital?? What’s happened to him? He definitely needs a good rest!
      I think the eels in Korea also always nag at him to take care of himself, right?

      Thanks, cutecute, for letting us know – you’re our only Korean connection to what’s happening in your country!

  3. Wow thank you so much cutecute. Now our curiousity is paid hahaha. Congrats to that lucky eel and thank her too for sharing. Now I’m so worry with JKS’s health. Hope he’s okay, just so tired and need rest 🙂


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