11 thoughts on “Wallpapers freebie 1”

  1. hi aphrael77

    thanks for sharing these wallpapers.. its in full size.. i tried it already..
    thank you too for all the post about my favorite star.. im visiting your blog everyday and read all the post.. so don’t worry you’re not talking to yourself and as allygirl said some of your posts were reposted on other blog.. that’s true.. i’ve seen it..

    anyways, Godbless you always and continue giving us updates and insights about JGS..

  2. I second what she said: I come to your blog daily to get my JGS shot!

    Love all of these, but I recently re-discovered JGS’ shaved head look and he was SO H*O*T!! I wish he’d shave the head again… I’m sure nobody will agree with me but he’s so more manly (not that he looks girly now I mean in a sexy rough kinda way) with shaved head totally another person.

    • If the shaved head look refers to that look in Beethoven Virus, it’s entirely not my cup of tea….. i agree he looks completely manly, but somehow I really don’t like that …. …. i dunno why Beethoven Virus is considered a good drama, Ep 1 was such a drag and after that, i don’t want to watch it anymore…. of course, his hairstyle added to the decision too (haha!). Like I can watch M3 as many times as I can to get my fix, but not BV…

      • Lol I’ve never seen BV! I guess I should since I like his haircut but I prefer YB, I’m totally addicted to YB and HTK 😉

      • your comment just like my friend said. she also didn’t like his hair in BV… she only likes mugyul hairstyle, but she watched BV because i force her to.. hahaha…. the story is quite good, just hold on till eps 5, his hair isn’t bad anymore…

      • haha …. thanks for the advice ….

        i don’t know whether i can hold on to Ep 5.
        i forced myself to finish watching Ep 1 cos of JKS in it, but Ep 1 was sooooooo boring! sigh ….

    • hi pax, u don’t have to change your JKS wallpaper month by month. i have so many of his wallpapers that u can change one every day for a month – i will find a time to upload, hopefully by next week … 🙂

      • thks again.

        u really spoil us! i now have to practise self-restraint where jks is concerned. 🙂 and the practice starts next wk when i’ll be away and have little access to the internet and yr blog! but after that it’ll be constant lurking/checking again on yr blog!

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