About YMP vids

There are so many vids about YMP uploaded in YouTube.
I’m sorry there is no English subtitles… If someone found the English subs, I’ll replace the link.


For more vids,

Shared by QQeyes007
*Eng Sub for the 2nd teaser for YMP

Shared by crazyoverJKS
*UPDATE* with English subtitles

9 thoughts on “About YMP vids”

    • Hi ren121, yes yes! JKS action is so cute here! 🙂
      I rewatched that particular part many times too! Hehehe!
      Hmmm…. I wonder if that’s one of his favorite action in the movie? ;p

      • Might be that’s the trade mark of YMP, rolling and twisting his mouth was the famous trade mark in YAB, haha cute naughty guy!

      • another vid of Sukkie on red carpet just released yesterday on Entertainment Weekly..Sukkie’s kiss on the hand for eel fans is another Prince Jang’s trademark ^_^ The last time I saw this is when he on the “Know Your Lyrics” TV show in China when he tried not to disappoint an eel fan who didn’t get a prize (autographed Let Me Cry album) as Sukkie is “strict” as a judge for the show for eels singing with him ^_^

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