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JKS: Started dancing from morning. My friends ah, what shall I eat for lunch?? Please recommend what’s good in Busan
从早上开始跳舞 我的朋友们啊 今天中午吃点啥呢??请推荐釜山的好吃得

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JKS: Yesterday people who added these things… Asia Prince does not permit everything…

Tree-J: Today is “You’re my Pet” showcase in Busan. After actor Jang finished lunch, he became a street musician. Eels, wishing you a happy Saturday

JKS: My Mistress…. is embarrassed to be with me…..

JKS: Must tell everyone about delicious restaurants! Already acknowledged by classmate Jang, the crab soup from 두메산골 (shop name), strongly recommended! In the afternoon, drinking a little wine and feeling a bit [*]
好吃得店店一定要告诉大家 !已经经张根硕同学认证的두메산골(料理店名字)花蟹汤 强烈的推荐啊 !午后小酒喝着我有点迷迷
[* sleepy? dizzy? light-headed?]

JasonJang:This is real asia prince!! Street concert in pusan~ oh yeah~

JasonJang:Prince! Earn money ah! Tonight, treat me to dinner ♥ hahaha
Prince! Zhuan qian a! jinwan qing wo chi fan♥ hahaha

JasonJang:pusan pusan! Party tonite! coffee time now!

Japanese twitter: Also shuffle at Somyon, Busan!

From 엄마

JKS: Came to Busan and even organised an event outside 두메산골 … earned 50,800 won! a sa I have money for meal!!!
来到釜山还在두메산골(料理店名)前面搞活动..赚了5万800元!a sa 饭钱有了!!!

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  1. ahhhH!!!!! JKS become a street musician?? so cool and cute~!!!
    hey, he should organise a street concert next time, guaranteed to paralyse the streets!!

  2. Awesome… I love to see pictures of him relaxing and enjoying himself. This is what I love about him. He is so free. And yumm.. that crab looks so good (if only I weren’t allergic )

  3. Omo……This man is truly Amazing. He can do anything, from simple thing like singing on the street to dramatical shuffling on Red Carpet to dancing crazy on LMFAO stage. Since I became his eel, I never got bored…….. Love everything he does. Enjoy your life to the fullest my Prince. Love you!!!!!!

  4. good talk KaileyCA ! you have said what i ve on my mind . he’s an entertainer of first class .what a pitty we can’t make clones of him .i think we’re obliged to wait for his childs and hope they’ll inherit his look and especially his free mind .love you JKS and pray you will stay shining forever

  5. Picture 13 is SOOOOOO cute. Another reason for liking JGS, is he can seriously go backwards in his looks and look YOUNG again, than go back to being manly hawt and look like a 24 year old man! ahhh gotta love him !


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