New YMP poster (Korean ver.) and puppy-dog Sukkie photo

(*UPDATE: 05 Oct, 2011)
Here is a new poster of YMP in Korea. Both the master and the pet version are released.
Needless to say, Sukkie is so cute, but Kim Ha-neul is so sexy…


Korean official version is below.

Is this another new Korean official poster??
Anyhow, Korean version is too sexy for me… -_-;

And I post the Japanese official version here again.

Which one do you like best?

And this pic below is from weibo (I’m sorry I don’t know exactly where it came from. I saw it at an Japanese eel’s blog). Sukkie pretends as if he were a puppy!? Soooooo cute! I’m dying for such a pet like Sukkie.

4 thoughts on “New YMP poster (Korean ver.) and puppy-dog Sukkie photo”

  1. for me the second one is better and Kim Ha-neul is sexier in it . i don’t like semi /nude nude photos ,i prefere the ones who let me imagine what i want . as for jang keun suk he matched with every pose (sexy , cute, …)he takes , their is no doute .
    by the way i’ve seen in youtube and some other sites intersting interiews with the two leaders but they where raw , so please would you poste them in this site with subs . thanks in advance for responding

  2. given the photo above (first one), i’m wondering if they will rate the movie as PG13..hehe..i mean, they aren’t gonna rate that as GP, are they?..


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