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The weather has turned cold … our country does not have the Dome….

Asking something… If I organise a party in Dec this year at Olympics stadium, will anyone come? If I invite CarlCos, brother Shin Hye Sung etc, will they come…. please reply…

should I call brother David Guetta … Lounge H in main stadium
要叫上David Guetta哥吗。。 Lounge H in main stadium

brother Geta says he’s busy all the way until April next year… am contacting LMFAO… looks like I have to call brothers BeniBena, Karkog and aroki
Geta哥哥说一直到明年4月都很忙。。正在跟LMFAO哥哥们联系。。看来得跟BeniBena哥、 Karkog哥、aroki哥都打个电话才行

The host arena is very cold….

Meeting LMFAO next week, should we go eat streaky pork?
下周跟LMFAO见面 要去吃五花肉吗?

Bought pizza for patriotic Hanyang juniors … 15 sets for 15 persons…. eat more…. eat well, juniors…. if there is any leftovers, you’ll be dead….

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  1. Oh my! Is he real to have a party in Dec?
    Sukkie, when is your Hallowen Party?
    U hv yet to announce but asking for Dec party now. ….Party all the way 😉

      • Haha.. I do happen to want to go to Seoul but not necessarily to see concert or for an event. Its just too far for me. But yeah, he’s been a great ambassador for tourism. Makes people want to visit. I’ve even checked out flights and hotels LOL Problem is deciding what time of year to go. Funny though, I came really close to blowing off my California vacation next month to go to Korea. I already bought a flight to California so I checked out flights from there to Korea but than I thought about how it might be rainy in November (plus, because of my dates, the flight would have been $2100)

      • Viv.. thanks, that helps. Actually the Fall is the best time for me to plan long distance travel. I have to plan well in advance because I live “cash only” (personal choice not by necessity) as well as make sure I have a care giver lined up for my mom (she’s legally blind and housebound). I’ve always wanted to go to Asia but I have a lot of pressure to go to Indonesia (Bali specifically) from my brother but he and I can’t travel at the same time in case something happens (because of our mother). Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of exploring on tourism options in Korea and it seems to be a grossly underserved marketplace for tourist outside of Asia but I have seen some growth.

  2. I wonder what our prince is going to be for his Halloween “trap”, lol.
    I’m not a big pizza person but the pics are making me hungry….hmmmm pizza hut it is!!

  3. Sukkie must be really really busy. He have been quiet on tweet lately, only one or two tweets from him. I just hope he isn’t running himself ragged with school, filming and the tour coming up.

  4. Okay, until today I never heard of LMFAO and now that I’ve checked them out I have discovered actually heard them before but didn’t make the connection. It explains so much now about Sukkie. LOL

  5. Omge i want to go to korea to party with sukie hehe…..
    But i always wanted to go to korea for or without a concert or any event i just want to go to korea hehe…..
    It would be fun to party with sukie….. He’s a party person hehe….

  6. Hi I want to share this with you gals, last night, I was at Hockey game, when I heard the shuffle music during break, I immediately did the shuffle dance, I told to my friends: Sukkie would do this if he hear this. And then next minute I saw myself on the big screen in the whole stadium. It was really funny. 🙂 Sukkie, wish you could see this. It was for you.

    • Thanks sukkiefanNC for sharing this super cool story!!! Authentic shuffle dance on big screen national televised TV is priceless. Sukkiefan, you’re famous now. If Sukkie can see this, I’m sure he would be happy and has that knowing smiling on his face….(thinking to himself….that’s my Eel.)

      Sukkie is a very special man, right? Sukkie has influenced many eels’ behaviors and actions, I mean in a good way. Sukkie brought out many eels’ hidden talents, i.e drawing, video editing, singing, dancing, etc…you can name it. Not to mention, he also has the power of healing sad and lonely hearts. I’m happy every time I see and read story about him no matter how hectic my day was.

    • Sukkiefan, anybody doing the recording? If yes, upload to Youtube for us to view ….how you shuffle !!! We will use that as a guide to learn shuffling hahaha

  7. ok! i’m completely lost .witch langage do you speak with or is it a code for JKS fans ?
    by the way what’s the meaning of “LMFAO ” and how can this explain JKS persolality.one more thing , Eel : is it the name of fans or am i wrong ?
    anyway , bravo to sukkiefanNC , i think you’ve done what most of you dreams of exept of me ( because i’m too old fashioned to dare this kind of things) .
    i would really love to visit seoul in anny time juste to have the chance to see or meet JKS but unfortunatelly it’s impossible so i’ll continue doing it via internet and you guys who kindelly provid more JKS news to all of us , so thanks a lot to all of you and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thank to JKS for being alive(like what have said go mi nam ).
    actually he’s my ” anti depresseur ” (i don’t know the name in english) so keeps going and good luck

  8. hi,everyone, thank you for all the cheering for my story. Unfortunately, it was not taped. I was away from my computer for two days due to some family duty. I was so glad to see all the messages here. I’m using touch pad now, still try to get use to it. Thanks again for your warming words, my eels friends. I really feel union of eels here. I got to catch up on Sukkie’s new update. I miss him and I miss you guys too.


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