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Ah hahahaha news of Jang Keun Suk in love!! Have no love rumours since debut 19 years ago, thanks for this. Haha~ is this Keun-chan’s power? Hahaha
啊哈哈哈哈 张根硕热恋传闻!!出道19年都没传过的热恋传闻 谢谢 呵呵-这是根酱的威力吗 呵呵呵



Haha,another news of my love interest in China again? This is my friend and secretary Mei-yu,please don’t make her so embarrassed. Recently, all kinds of rumors come consecutively -_-!
噗哈哈哈 这次又在中国传绯闻了吗?是我的朋友啊 秘书美羽 不要为难她!呵呵呵 不是啊 最近什么绯闻都连着来啊-_-!
푸히하히하하ㅏ하하하 ㄴ ㅑ!!! 이번엔 중국에서 스캔들이냐??? 내 친구 완네 비서 미우 괴롭히지말라고!!! ㅋㅋㅋ 아니 요즘엔 무슨 스캔들이 연속이야-_-!

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  1. Sukkie! we, eels trust you that all the “love rumours” are no true
    Dun worry & feel bad !!
    If you have any, just announce ….. we will support you always 🙂

    • Sure!!! We will support him whether he has girlfriend or not.. in fact, after looking at the recent Knee-drop Guru TV show, I really feel that his young man needs to have a girlfriend (like Muygul with Mary supporting him in MMM) even though he has a wide network of closed friends, coworkers & family, most of this friends are guys & like he said before, sometimes when artiste guys gather together, they feel lonely when it comes to topic on love life … he really needs someone besides his precious eels..

      • i really hope he’ll start dating someday.. i think he’s scared that eels will have a change of heart when that happens..

        i see some eels are very possessive of him, and gets upset seeing with other women, ever his co stars but i hope they will understand that the guy is human too, and as much as we all want to be his wife, in reality we have our own husbands too! lol
        so he truly deserves to have that special someone..

        i just remember this scene from YAB when the manager told Hwang Tae Kyung that your fans are there but they all go home to their special someone too.. and at the end of the day, you are all alone.

        and we all know that he sees himself becoming Hwang Tae Kyung now..

        so eels, lets support him when he falls in love, get jealous but understand him… 😀

      • Stvcri, I love it when you said we all want to be his wife….lol!!!! There’s a fangirl in us be it a 10 yr old or a 70 yr old! I won’t ask the extent of each of our fantasies….for sure it will be rated! ROFL!!!!

      • farina, i know you can relate to this too hahahaha life is great knowing that i have a husband and a cute boyfriend LMAO

      • Very well said QQ and stvcri!
        We will be jealous of the girl JKS chooses, but support him, because we need him to be happy, energetic sexy….
        I like your truth stvcri! You are right , many of us have our own special someones!

    • whether he have a girlfriend now or near future…just hoping that he’ll be happy…he’ll need all the social-moral support that he could have from his friend and family…like us…he only human..and there will come time where he’ll move on to the next phases in life both personally and professionally..and when the time come…hope eels will be there to cheer and support him all the way…

    • QQeye, thanks for d vid. I like Sukkie’s look in Baby & Me.
      He looks like good father with Mason.
      Like father,like son…both so cute

  2. Agreed with all of you.
    He needs a special woman by his side.
    Of course, we eels will feel the lost if we heard that he has a lover but we must
    also not be selfish.
    As said earlier by other eels, we have our special someone ever ready beside us
    in time of happiness or sadness. So Sukkie too need that someone besides him.
    Let us give him our full support, trust and love if he really find that ‘someone special’


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