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Alone at home watching “Knee-Drop Guru” which reminded me of my childhood, so I went to flip through photographs … and found this precious photo. There was also a time when I was smaller-sized than Mother … This guy’s thing is really… no, no… no matter what, next week I’ll reveal a true story!!
一个人在家里看膝盖道士 想起了小时候 于是去翻照片..找到了这张宝贝照片。我也有比妈妈小只的时候啊..这家伙的东西真是..不 不是–不管怎样 下周公开真实故事!!咚咚!!!啪啪!!(翻译:颖)



Holiday in sripanwa of phuket!! Thank u for ma friends mr.wan and jason and gun!!

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    • Farina, is he with Jason Jang? Coz I only can recognise Jason from his size. Too close ….. what are they doing? hahaha

      Sukkie, you are so cute & handsome when you are small boy!! You have your dad’s look
      (I bumped to his dad 3 X during Msia Cri Show), JKS really has his dad’s look ……
      Sukkie has a handsome father & beautiful mum !!

  1. Flash report! JKS denied the article about his love with rich model OFFICIALLY. At first, he regarded it as just a ridiculous gossip news, but after he knew that many eels were worrying about it, he decided to deny it officially. I’m sorry but I’m busy working now, so after that I will translate it into English. I just post the link.

    • Kaori chan, is it ok to show us the rich girl model look?
      If not permitted, then is ok. Thanks
      Just curious how she looks like & get into rumous with Sukkie

      • Thanks QQeye for the pic
        Sorry Kaori chan for being too frank here …..no offence
        I dun like her look & I believe not Sukkie’s taste too

      • I believe Sukkie’s girlfriend or wife in future will be a gentle yet strong, natural, kind hearted & elegant lady, he deserves to have a great lady (like his mum) ^_^ I read article on how his mum has taught him since young to be always sincere to other people & he actually respects his parents very much…

      • QQeye, totally agreed with you
        There is a saying ” Behind a success man, there is a lady”
        I hope Sukkie will find his “feminine” yet “family” type wife ( like me LOL) that will understand & wait for him to come home from his hectic schedule ……

        BTW…this photo, his mum looks alike HTK’s mum in YAB at a glance ^-^

    • Here’s the translation about the official report by TrrJ.
      This is TreeJ’s official report about a speculation spreading in Japan recently.

      The reported love affair was completely no basis in fact.

      The reported woman is a niece of an acquaintance and the acquaintance asked JKS to dine with her, so we had dinner together before.

      At first we thought the series of the reports were no worth complaining, but we found that the report had wings, so we should announce it as a groundless report officially.

      JKS has spent busy days for preparing for re-entering school, his arena tour in Japan and next drama.

      Allow us to offer an apology for the anxiety caused, but we’ll appreciate your continuous support to JKS. Thanks always.

      • Thanks to this ridiculous news, I happened to know that Sukkie was preparing to go back to the university! Wow! Sukkie, enjoy your university life as a student! 🙂

      • Thanks Kaori-chan for the translation.. I read that he is a smart student & did quite well in his studies too.. it must be tough being part-time student with some much other things on hand… Manager Kim mentioned in one article that managing Sukkie is equivalent to managing > 10 artistes.. he is implying Sukkie is busy with many activities as an artiste.

      • thanks kaori chan!! ^^, i’m so glad that he will be back to school again, because on his last long message in his castle it seems that he missed normal life as a student too. ^^. @QQeyes007 kkk thanks for the information!! i’ve just happened to know that (^u^) kkkk, i got it differently, i think it’s implying that he is sooo naughty and can’t stand still, give a prank comments without thinking, sneak out here and there, kkk…the managers got a lot of headache and will be oldies soon…^^..kkk…just kidding

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