[07.9.2011] Watch “Knee-drop Guru” online today


The programme “Golden Fishery – Knee-drop Guru” will be broadcast live tonight (7 September) at 10.05 pm China time.

Possible to watch it online at this link, though not sure if the website will lag due to heavy traffic!

Credits: Sukbar


11 thoughts on “[07.9.2011] Watch “Knee-drop Guru” online today”

  1. thanks, thanks so much aphrael for the info! really want to watch this show..hmm..if i may ask..there’s no time difference between philippines and china, right? or is it same with Seoul with Seoul being 1 hr ahead..

  2. I’m watching it right now but the site is so congested that the feed is really slow… like watching an over used dvd or pirated dvd… so sad… 🙁

  3. finally can see him, but, no engl sub, dunno what they are talking about..humm..but he’s like a medicine to treat my heart, 🙂 enjoy to watch him in any program, such as tonight, even my streamyx is so slow.. thank you jks! like!

  4. I saw the online Chinese text translation by Chinese eels as the streaming is on.. Sukkie can really be a good comedian as jokes (which I think some are real incidents) just come out from him automatically non-stop.. one joke which I kept laughing is he mentioned he gave a text message to Lee Min Ho (remember he mentioned sometime back he wants to befriend a few of those at the same age as him?), he texted & introduced himself as JKS & wanted to be LMH’s friend & he get no reply from LMH.. then he text again saying.. “hmm.. forget to tell you I like girls”.. then after a while he received a message from LMH “oh..you really like girls..kekeke!!!” ^_^ Sukkie jokingly said that is how he get a reply from LMH

    • ren121… there are 2 main reasons why guys are afraid of Sukkie..
      (1) the girlfriend or wife of the guy become Mero Mero over Sukkie & the guy gets jealous..
      (2) the guy mistaken about Sukkie’s preference as Sukkie is as beautiful
      In real situation, many falls into category (1) ^_^

  5. why are u so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why why why…why do you wanna kill me?!!! i can’t understand any word…but melted by his cute funny acts kekeke…
    oh God thanks for the creation of this man 🙂


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