Lounge H album Pre-Order for Singapore

Hi friends,

… The bad news is, Sukbar is not accepting any overseas order from other countries. I’m very sorry that I’m not able to help.
There is a chance though, that the special edition may turn up for sale on various international websites, and definitely the normal edition will too.

For those residing in Singapore (and can collect from me in Singapore), Daydreaming has a friend who is able to help us place the order with Hong Kong’s Suk Nation.

Payment Deadline for you: Wednesday, 7 September 2011, 11.00 pm

Apologies for such short notice, because we have to get the payment to the contact in Singapore, who then has to get it to Suk Nation in Hong Kong, who then has a payment deadline to face too.

Cost of one album = HK$ 80 ~ SGD 13
Estimated shipping charge = SGD 7 – 9 (amended)
Cost of one album = * SGD 20 – 22 (amended)


(1) If shipping charges are higher than estimated, the additional amount will be borne by all buyers, and you may have to pay more before you can collect from me. Vice versa, any excess will be returned to you.

(2) This estimated cost excludes any customs duties and taxes levied by Singapore Customs.

The courier companies are not able to confirm whether there will be a tax levied because we are bringing in a relatively larger quantity of CD / DVDs that may incur tax.

If there is, the tax amount will be shared amongst buyers. On top of the payment that you have made, you will need to pay this additional cost.

If you do not wish to pay the possible additional cost, I will hold your amount paid until I can find another buyer, then I will release your amount back to you. If I cannot find other buyers and after exploring other options etc ….. I will also release your money back to you as soon as possible.

This is an estimated cost based on 20 albums ordered.
In order to avoid GST, in the event that there are more than 20 albums ordered, it will have to be put in a separate box and will incur separate shipping charges.

When your order happens to exceed our quota of 20, I will let you know via email or sms, and confirm the shipping costs with you separately on Wed night. If you decide not to proceed, I will return the amount you paid back to you.

——————— HOW TO ORDER if you are in Singapore ———————

(Please do not make payment to this account if you cannot collect from Singapore or are not in Singapore. It is not worth paying the international bank transfer charges.)

1. From now to Wed 7 September 2011, 11.00 pm,

make payment via bank transfer to:

[Pre-order CLOSED. Bank account details deleted]

2. Note exact time of your payment.
Keep all bank transfer documentation as proof of payment.

In the event of difficulty matching payment to person and if more than 1 person is claiming that payment, I shall assume that the person with the receipt etc is the one who has made the payment.

If you are using internet banking to transfer, you should indicate your full name as it will appear in my bank statement.

3. Return to this post.

– leave a post saying that you have made payment at what date and specifc TIME (i.e. 7 Sep/10.03 am), and the amount you have paid

– based on the email address that you have entered here, I will email you to confirm receipt of payment.

I will be busy in the day but will definitely email you by Wed 7 Sep night, so please keep an eye on your email.

Lastly, for those whose order may have exceeded our quota of 20, I will email to ask for your contact number and will need your urgent response by Wed night. So please check your email on Wed night from about 10 pm to 11 pm. If I cannot reach you to confirm whether you wish to pay the different shipping charges, I will NOT place your order.


By Aphrael

54 thoughts on “Lounge H album Pre-Order for Singapore”

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading your post for the past few months, thx for all the info..I would like to order lounge H, can I use ATM transfer?

  2. For international fans outside Greater China (China/HK/Taiwan), may be can consider to get from site like (amazon etc) after a sometime as for previous “Let Me Cry” album, I also did not get the pre-order but from amazon.jp only after a few weeks later. Notice also that it is also available in amazon.com now… just watch up for these sites every now & then.
    There is always limited shipment options for Sukkie’s debut album as it is not launched internationally as I believe Sukkie & BB want to focus from Asia or market which they are known first as they don’t have big agencies to market for them like other Kpop groups..

  3. For those in Malaysia who wish to pre-order this, just let me know early and I can recommend you another way of ordering through JKS FC Malaysia. Their payment deadline is 10 Sep.

    Not convenient to post details here.

  4. Hi Ivy,
    I have just transferred via internet banking.
    Date: 6 September 2011 (Tuesday)
    Time: 11:34pm
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Michelle,

      I checked 10 mins after your transaction time but still have not received it …
      I’ll check again tomorrow morning …..

      • Hi Ivy,
        I saw your amended amount. Thus, I have transferred another $5 to your account via internet banking:
        Date: 7 September 2011 (Wednesday)
        Time: 6:58pm
        IB Nick: michellewhyf
        Transcation Reference: 7037212139

        Total Amount Transferred = $22

        Many thanks again!!!

      • Hi Aphreal/Ivy, I just transfer another $5 more at 9:02pm after I saw the amended fee so a total transfer of $22 from posb ATM on 7/9/11…. First transfer of $17 at 7:03pm and another $5 at 9:02pm dated 7/9/11. Pls let me know if you have receive soon… Tks a lot

  5. hi Aphrael !
    I am in Singapore & wanna order some albums ( about 4 sets until now). Can I make payment by cash??? Looking forward to hearing from u. Thanks!

  6. Hi Aphrael, I have yet to receive any payment acknowledge via email. I am worry that you did not receive my payment and did not preorder for me. Would appreciate if you could update me soon…by post or by email…thank you


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