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  1. Keun Suk’s dog is beginning to look as high fashion as him. Just look at that silky, wavy dark hair on its ears!

  2. Off Topic:
    Hi all my lovely eel friends,
    I would like to wish all my Muslim friends a joyous Eid Mubarak. As a Muslim and in the spirit of this auspicious occasion, I seek forgiveness from one and all, Muslim or otherwise, for any word that may have offended any of you. This is our practice and I would like for all of you to know a little of how we celebrate this special month of Syawal.

    With love
    Farina 🙂

      • Thanks so much dear! ^_^ I have been busy with exams and other problems. This month has been full of surprises for me.
        With good and bad it was a meaningful experience. Never again I will take anything for granted.
        to all of you my dear friends , I would love to thank Allah and all of you so much for supporting me and for giving me the spirit to move forward. I have gone through a near death experience a week ago and today is my first day at home after a week of being hospitalized.
        two days from now I will be back in Kuwait , something I really don’t want to do now because I prefer to stay here in my country and help protect it. Thanks to those brave police men I am now alive and safe and thanks to the government I was taken care of and people responsible for what happened to me and others are in custody.
        Now, I can see my path clearly and I’m happy to have gone through everything good or bad because I learned how to be stronger and how precious are all the blessings that God bestowed on us.
        Everyone , thank so so much!
        P.S: I truly missed sukkie!

    • To everyone in this amazing blog , may all your days be filled with peace and happiness. Just like Farina , I seek forgiveness from everyone Muslims and non-Muslims.
      Eid Mubarak to you too Farina and to all Muslims.

      • cri-J, I don’t know whatever happened to you, but I’m happy and releaved just to know you’re safe now.

      • Alhamdulillah Cri-j you are safe. Prayers for the safety of you n your countrymen and may there be peace in the world…

      • Cri-J, I’m so happy to hear that you are well and safe now. So true that to experience hardship in life will make you become a stronger and wiser person, also true that a good experience will make you cherish it for the rest of your life. Just remember that you can make the best of the things that you can do, OK.

        PS. Please remember bad things will come and go, but a beautiful life is within your reach.

    • Off topic too:
      and the same wish with Farina to all related eels, btw i was celebrating Hariraya at my hometown, desaru, next to s’pore.. 🙂 today back to my place again with no traffic jam, so happy!..

      • Tks Ren… maaf zahir bathin 🙂 if any of you guys are on FB, pls feel free to add me; my fb (real) name is Arba’ayah Abdullah

  3. I don’t like this picture too much. It looks like he got a lot of plastic surgery (i.e. Joan Rivers). *ducks from flying tomatoes*

    • Dear eels, in case some may not have seen this before, let me share here again a page created by Chinese eels to compare Sukkie previous childhood/teens with recent current pictures.. why the eels created this comparison? Many times, due to Sukkie’s amazing chameleon images, there are doubts if he has plastic surgery as it is very common in Korea.. but all eels know Sukkie is a beautiful child from young & in fact, when he is 5 years old, he got first for Korea National Prize for most beautiful child… It has been tough for Sukkie in his acting career to breakthrough this “beautiful child” image when he becomes adult actor now…

      • I’m sorry. I didn’t want to be mean. I know he has it tough trying to break out of the “pretty boy” type casting.
        He is still a gorgeous person inside and out to all of us.

      • don’t worry chica.. I’m just sharing with all eels here, no hard feeling as I totally agree on what you have mentioned, Sukkie is a beauty inside out ^_^ In fact, recently i saw this comment made by a Chinese eel in BaiduSukbar “The best role which Sukkie plays so far is himself…a very natural down to earth person” I guess that is the amazing part of him being a superstar status artiste

  4. Many thanks to the precious eels for your kind Eid greetings! May God bless u all with health, happiness and peace. Cri J , I’m a silent follower of this gorgious blog but I’ve been wondering why you haven’t been commenting for a while , I thought it’s the exams or work, anyways, so sad you went through this rough experience and so grateful for your safety. May God always protect you and your country.
    Dear eels, special thanks for you efforts in this blog. What I find amazing is the resemblness between you an our Sukki, I find him adorable, caring, supportive and fun, but so are all of you! sometimes I wonder what makes me laugh or smile more, him or your funny and clever comments. On the otherhands, when he’s down , you always convey exactly my feelings of concern and support . love you all! thanks again.


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