[News] YMP filming ends

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Source: Japan 《サンスポSANSPO》newspapers

29 Aug 2011 – The filming of “You’re my Pet” (YMP) concluded yesterday and it will be in cinemas in Korea in November this year, and in Japan in January next year, and the lead actor / actress will go to Japan for promotion. Filming in Ibaraki had to be abandoned because of Japan’s Great Eastern Earthquake, and the two leads expressed that their hope that this movie can bring spirit and courage to everyone.

This movie shows Jang Keun Suk’s masculine side as well as many adorable aspects, and Kim Ha Neul added that YMP is a movie that would make people long for such a “pet” at least once in their lifetime.

日本 《サンスポSANSPO》报,今早讯:(译)《宠物情人》昨天拍摄结束。由韩流SART @张根硕 主演的电影《宠物情人》将于来年1月在日本上映。因为东日本大地震余波不得不放弃了日本外景的该片二位主演表示:希望这部作品能带给大家“元气”和“勇气”。 主演@张根硕 :将向大家展示很男人味的一面和许多可爱的一面。主演金荷娜:这将是一部任何人看了都会想一生哪怕一次,要拥有这样的宠物的电影。(图片为日本サンズポ报首发)

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