[25.8.2011] Tree-J twitter

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At the filming scene of “You’re my Pet”, 400 kg polar bear in the performance but there is something familiar … the camera keeps filming me hehehehehe
宠物情人拍摄现场 北极400公斤的熊出演 但是有眼熟的…照相机一直在拍我 呵呵呵呵呵呵

Er er er er er —– a busy day playing with my owner

10 thoughts on “[25.8.2011] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Hi, jgs. Watched most of your dramas at youtube/my soju…funny, i watched happy life with spanish subtitles though my spanish was not good…waiting for your next drama…stay happy.

  2. poor prince…yesterday just arrive Seoul..and today already start shooting…hai…really a lot to give in return with his current states…..

  3. His schedule is crazy. Since Tree J belongs to them, i wonder why he does not choose to take a break. i am sure his parents will give in to his request. Maybe he is a workaholic. I really admire people who is willing to devote so much time to their work

    • He’s ambitious, he’s hardworking – said before that he cannot abide laziness.
      Don’t think he’ll really take a long break until he conquers the world~!


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