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This is a chartered flight!!! But frankly speaking, I was a bit scared… Gun-sama scared me by saying that small planes jolt a lot… but I fell asleep, drooling … -_-
이것이 전세기다!!!!근데 솔직히 쫄았음..건사마가 작은비행기 많이 흔들린다고 겁줬음.. 근데 침흘리면서 잤다-_-

[Tree-J twitter]
These fierce brothers who have protected me for the past 8 days, bye cri… a pity that we could not take the chartered plane together … you’re very healthy now but still I hope you’ll take care
这8天里保护我这个家伙的凶凶的大哥们,bye cri。。没能一起坐专机好可惜。。即使现在很健康还是希望你们保重

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  1. seems that JKS took a chartered plane from Osaka to Tokyo for the TBC press conference… and those bodyguards really look fierce….

    • Yeah, those bodyguards are fierce. I’m scared~~ haha…

      I wanna be on a chartered plane also. Sukkie is cute, he has flown a plane before when he was in Hawaii. So, should not be scared of jolting plane. I bet when he flown the plane himself, it could be worst. hahaha… *me evil…*

      • Oh by the way, if he fly the plane, even how jolt it is, i wll gladly be a passenger in the plane. hahaha…

  2. yes, those brother really look fierce…but is their job tho..so that they can protect our price…:) so mad of Gun-sama..he shouldnt hv scare our prince…anyway…good that he didint feel anything..since he is so tired and fall as sleep…save time to rest….really smart…

  3. i remembered that rose..he was shouting and screaming happily but nervously as he flown the plane…poor sukkie….hehehe…bad Gun Sama scaring prince like that… but isn’t it cute ??? hehehehe…
    p/s brother bodyguards…please take care of our prince….

  4. oh..and one more thing…how come anyone who is dressing down can look cute with that pair of slippers??not fair!!!! i want one of those…. 😛

  5. What a prince! Go Sukkie. Love the bag, love the sandals, love the bracelets, love of everything on him and everything of him. Cool bodyguards!

  6. I wonder other guys wearing d same slipper will look like ahjushi
    But why he looks different frm others?
    Coz he is charming! !!!

  7. Errrhhhh excuse me, I think that is a pair of Gucci slippers. Not just any pair from the market lol. Anyway, the whole of Keun Suk from head to toe oozes fashion, confidence and charm no matter what he is wearing. Even when it’s only t-shirt, bermudas, slippers and bag. Lovely to see him looking so cool and relaxed!

    • Yeah, agree that Sukkie oozes fashion, confidence and charm. Haha… I think even if it’s not Gucci slippers, even if really a pair of slippers from market, if it’s on Sukkie, then it will definitely look nice because Sukkie is very careful in choosing his fashion and style. I love his T-shirt though 🙂

  8. This is our prince,he’s care to everyone around him,and friendly,and everything (he’s nice to everyone)btw,can I fly with u Mr.Charming!!

  9. He looks so cool in that outfit 🙂 made even cooler by the fact that he was riding a chartered plane.

    He has a thing for really big bags, it suits him quite well even if he’s quite slim.


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