[News] YMP filming at Ibaraki cancelled

According to the article, the shooting of “You’re my Pet” (YMP) in Ibaraki is cancelled for fear of radiation risk. Jang Keun Suk’s Korean fans have also expressed much concern over radiation risk.

Source: Ibaraki-Shinbun (20 August, 2011)
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8 thoughts on “[News] YMP filming at Ibaraki cancelled”

  1. Kaori-chan, dun b sad since the YMP shooting at yr place has been cancelled ok!
    Everybody is so envy u that u hv seen him in person for 3 times 😉

    • I agree with Carol, don’t feel bad, you have seen him in person 3 times. Much better than an eel like me. Zero time, awww, I’m gonna cry. I’m too faraway.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement. I’m OK now^^
    To be honest, I was so shocked by the news even though I meant to be ready for knowing the final decision (in fact, I supposed that it might be the cancellation of it). At first my tears flowed unceasingly and unconsciously and I couldn’t do anything to stop them for a while. Because it was a slight hope for the disaster victims in Ibaraki. but after a while, I got my nerve back. And I felt it was much more painful for Sukkie to accept the decision, remembering that day when 3,000 eels gathered at Ibaraki airport for celebrating YMP. According to the article, the fear of radiation risk was not Sukkie’s, but his Korean eels’. I understand their anxiety about it well. But I also think that if he could have made the final decision by himself, it might have been a different result. But there are so many people involved in YMP. So he must have to accept the decision…
    At the Nature Republic Fan Meeting, he revealed his plan to visit Ibaraki (Tsukuba circuit) with his friends “Team Porche” near future. I think it shows his consideration for people in Ibaraki to cheer them up. At that time, I didn’t know the cancellation of the shooting YMP in Ibaraki, but thinking back now, I was so touched with his idea about it. I don’t know if the idea is possible or not, but it’s enough for me to hear his kind idea. I’m now crying for his sincerity… (T_T)

    • Kaori-chan.. good that you’re ok now.. actually I was thinking sometime back about this high possibility of filming cancellation at Ibaraki after nuclear disaster.. my mind was thinking then even if Sukkie wants to go himself, he has to consider also other production crews with him.. it will be difficult decision.. on the otherhand, Sukkie must also be feeling bad as many eels have fond memories of the YMP press conference with him & many are really expecting to see him again there… especially he is someone who can heal the hearts after the unfortunate incident… I believe the decision must be hard also initially to postpone the “Let Me Cry” launch in Japan too then…
      But I got a feeling he may go to Ibaraki when he is not on official trip like what he mentioned ^_^

    • Tenshi-chan. I’m so glad that you are feeling OK now. You know!! You have become one of our beloved eel friends in this Blog. We certainly don’t like you to feel sad. Agree with SukkiefanNC, you are already one luckiest eels be able to see him in person for 3 times. I wish I’ll meet him in person JUST one time, I would be sooo happy…happy …. and would carry that memory with me for the rest of my life.

  3. Tenshi-akuma, it’s good to know that you are okay. You are indeed a very thoughtful person. JKS is very lucky to have a fan like you. I actually envy 🙂 you a lot that you met our Prince 3 times already and I am sure you will have a lot more chances to meet him in the future. I live at the other side of the globe from where you live so my biggest wish now is I will have at least one chance to meet him in person. 😀

  4. tenshi-san…please don’t be sad… but look at the bright side… :-).it for the good of all the people involved… still…i’m glad that you are ok now..i’m not a regular here but i always love the fan accounts here.it makes me feel that i’m a part of it though i’m far (fyi, i’m in sarawak from Malaysia )… cheer up …


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