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    • Tam, me too once I start watching Sukkie’s new drama, I won’t be able stop until the end. I remembered I watched YAB in 2 days straight, so addicted. For sure, I will be crying a lot too while watching Sukkie’s new drama. Yeahh……definitely need a lot of those masks in stock. hehehe…..

      • Hi sukkiefanNC, I watched this TV program live yesterday. I think part of it was great, but rest of it wasn’t… It’s OK, I’ll summarize it later^^

      • The summary is below. Sorry for too short brief…
        Masako Miura, 62, is really into JKS now. Thanks to him, she got over the shock of her husband’s death. In Korea, he is not so popular as in Japan. Because Korean women love musclemen. JKS isn’t so muscular, so most of Korean women aren’t fascinated by his slim body. And it is very difficult transition from a child star to an adult actor, so he’s tried hard to be regarded as a good actor. Korean stars are trying to advance overseas. He was successful to focus on his business field in Japan first.

      • Kaori-chan, thanks for the translation for these vids.. Sukkie sure has a special power to heal & inspire ^_^ I believe many feel the same… one interesting part is I notice also the eels from Japan, China & Asia love Sukkie for his acting, singing, charming personalities/inner beauties & multi-talents… personally, I always feel he looks good just with mild muscles (as in fashion models or manga characters) as like he mentioned before in interview that though he can build up the abs, he don’t feel the need to & also he prefers slim so that he can fit into many clothing he likes comfortably… one thing I find Sukkie very unique is he has a mind of his own & he don’t follow the path created by others.. he explores path which is suitable for him even if it is tougher..

    • Me too, I was so touched when he said that words. Powerful words from him, we all feel it and moved by him. I agree one thing that it was difficult to for a child star transition to an adult star, but he made it and he did well. I totally agree with QQeyes007, that has his own personality and he doesn’t follow others just try to get popularity, he is him, an unique Sukkie, only one in the world. He is “our precious” who cares what others think of him. Thanks again for Tenshi for your summary.

  1. can anyone guide me..i have a special pendant (is cute and nice).which Iwish to present it to our prince…but how should i pass it to him…can I courier it to Tree-J company…or what way to reach him…..nt sure how this thing work…will his staff/manager open his mail…i am worry this wont reach his hand…i cant/do not want to wait see him in person…as i m not sure will i have this luck and opportunity…..


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