[News] The DVD of ‘2020 JANG KEUN SUK Xmas online fan meeting’ will be exclusively released for fan club members

Credit: https://jang-keunsuk.jp/alwayswithu_dvd/
As you know, Jang Keun SUk held an early Xmas party “2020 JANG KEUN SUK Xmas Online Fan Meeting ~always with U~” on December 19th, and it was originally planned for Japanese fans to celebrate his Japan fan club 10th anniversary. The online fan meeting tickets were sold openly, so all eels in the world could buy it. But this time, the DVD will be sold for his Japan fan club members only. We’re not sure if his Korean fan club (Princejks.com) will help the official members (CriJ 12th members) to get it later. We hope they will do so in the near future. Let’s wait for their announcement.

The below info is for his Japan fan club members.

FC member limited DVD will be released in March, 2021

JANG KEUN SUK Japan official fan club 10th anniversary

“Thank you for staying together for 10 years”
Jang Keun Suk has prepared his heartfelt gift for his fans who were by his side for 10 years

*Special plan for Japan FC 10th anniversary

– Plan1: The name of buyer will be on the credit roll of the DVD.
If you’re interested, you need to mention it in a comment field (備考) of the application form.

– Plan2: Jang Keun Suk is planning a special gift for all of the buyers.
The details will be announced later.

*The specs:
DISC1: Main stage
DISC2: After-party stage and Making
Original package
Mini photo book
10th anniversary booklet

*The scheduled release date:
March 31st, 2021

7,150 yen (tax included)

*Application period:
From December 21st (Mon) 12:00 through January 20th (Wed) 17:00

*How to order:
0) You must be JKS Japan official fan club member. Please check your membership number before you apply.
1) Access KOARI.net
2) Click ‘カートに入れる (put it into a shopping cart)’ and type your membership number and registered birth date.
*FC会員No means ‘Japan FC membership number’. If yours is ‘JKS0001111’, Just type ‘1111’. If yours is ‘JKS0011111’, Just type ‘11111’.
3) Proceed the KOARI shopping steps. (See the post)
4) If you’re interested in the appearance in the credit roll of the DVD, you need to type your desired name in a comment field (備考). You can’t change it after the application is completed. Please read the following precautions carefully.
*precautions for typing your desired name in a comment field
– You need to type it in a comment field (備考). If you doesn’t, your applicant name is not shown in the credit roll.
– You can use kanji, hiragana, katakana, alphabets, and numbers only. You cannot use other characters such as hangul, emoji, and special symbols. If you use the forbidden characters, they will be deleted automatically. For example, if you type JKS♥!?, your name is appeared as JKS.
– You can enter up to 12 one-byte characters. If you type more than that, the 13th and succeeding characters will be deleted automatically.
– After your purchase order is completed, you can’t change or modify the name, and inquire about it. We kindly ask for your understanding.
– The names will be listed in the credit roll at random.

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