[News] Jang Keun Suk held online Xmas fan meeting and celebrated 10th anniversary of Japan Fan Club!

Original source: KOARI.net
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Multi-talented Jang Keun Suk, who is active as actor and singer and very popular in Japan, held an early Xmas party “2020 JANG KEUN SUK Xmas Online Fan Meeting ~always with U~” for Japanese fans on December 19th. The online event drew many people’s attention. During the event, #グンちゃんのクリスマスパーティ [Geun-chan’s Xmas party] was trending on Twitter.

This event was planned for Japanese fans. Even it was webcast from South Korea, everything was conducted in Japanese.

And the concept of the event was Xmas party with fans. In the first segment ‘Yasik time’, Jang Keun Suk introduced his original but simple party menu. The cooking ingredients were announced beforehand in the invitation card shared by his official LINE (SNS), and his fans joining the online event could cook and eat together through watching the webcast recipe. Many fans uploaded the evidence photos to SNS after cooking them. In the following segment ‘Show time’, we looked back on his past concerts, watching happening scenes edited by JKS himself, and popular scenes selected by his fans.

In ‘Daily Life’ segment, the exclusive video filmed for this event, following JKS when he was off, was introduced to the viewers. He showed us his new house he moved to this year, and how he spends his me time in a private studio. Witnessing his unknown daily life entertained us so much. In ‘Gym Time’ segment, he showed us how he is doing sit-ups at home while he can’t go to the gym because of COVID-19, and tried how many sit-ups he can. He also played a miniature golf for Xmas presents to his fans. In short, if he fails the game, his rare item will be given to fans. On the other hand, if he wins, his junk item will be given to them. He said that he failed a lot in a rehearsal, but he did his best performance on a real stage. Unexpectedly, he won twice in a row, which made him so happy. However, he was generous to give his rare items such as his favorite sweat suits and name plate used during MS to the viewers!

In the following ‘Keun night’ segment, he introduced his fans’ Xmas memories collected through Japan official fan club as if he were radio DJ. Reading those episodes, he also shared his Xmas memories to us.

In the final segment, he read his heartfelt handwritten Japanese letter to fans. He revealed his honest feelings to fans whom he can’t see in person right now, which touched our viewers hearts. At last, he sang two songs, ‘Guardian star’ and ‘Go back sweet home’, both suitable for Xmas atmosphere. Those songs are very popular among fans, and his selection was supported by SNS. The event ended successfully in a warm atmosphere.

After the main party, there was an exclusive ‘after party’ segment for Japan fan club members. They had a special time to celebrate his Japan official fan club 10th anniversary. Even though he was back from MS, they were not able to meet directly for a long time. However, even though it was held online, the fan meeting spending together must have been a great Xmas present for both his fans and Jang Keun Suk himself.

In addition, the DVD of this event will be released exclusively for his fan club members. Not only the main stage and after-party stage, but the special making videos and history booklet looking back over the past 10 years are also included in the dvd. Furthermore, the name of buyer will be on the credit roll, and special gifts from JKS are planned for the buyers. The DVD is made to order, so please don’t miss the chance and check the details.

4 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun Suk held online Xmas fan meeting and celebrated 10th anniversary of Japan Fan Club!”

  1. The main stage was very nice to know JKS more, how he reacted to his past performances were so cute. Him sharing his new home is really so nice of him. I just wonder where is his white and crystal piano, his black rug, and the pillows with the faces. I also didn’t see his dog suni and his cat. I also didn’t see his big portraits which were at the entrance of his previous home. Looks like his private studio was also separate from his home. He is also painting now. I always live to see his cooking in Instagram so it’s nice to see him in his new kitchen. I love to see him smile and laugh when playing the mini golf. I just wish we could get an English version of his letter that he read which is so sincere and emotional. I love to see him sing again. Those are two beautiful songs that just get straight through the heart of any listener. I’ve only known him for a year since Love Rain but feels like I’ve known him forever and still wants to know him more. Wish I could see him in person someday whether in Korea or in Japan. I wish him more beautiful projects in the future, more concerts and more kdrama.
    From USA with love.

  2. He shared a pic in his IG story where we can see one of his big portraits: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/58005

    and also posted abt the crystal piano in IG, seems it is in that private studio (Craft 42)
    And Sunni stays in AP Tower (earlier TreeJ building) as he mentioned in My ears Candy and an interview in 2016.. but abt kiki, no idea where she is!! Cafe Pleno IG shares clips of Sunni.

    This is JKS’s official Instagram ?: https://instagram.com/_asia_prince_jks?igshid=br1jish0g1ue

  3. Watched the FM many times… so happy to enjoy it even if there was language barrier. Finally we got one kiss at the end too haha.. miss his trade mark kisses after he returned..

    He is indeed the cutest, wittiest and sweetest.. and best of all <3


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