[News] Jang Keun-suk to meet fans after military discharge

Credit: Korea JoongAng Daily
Singer and actor Jang Keun-suk announced that next week he will have his first online meet-up with fans since he was discharged from the military last month.

The online event, titled “2020 JKS Online Stage_Dreams” will be held June 28 at 3 p.m., Korea time, through the celebrity’s YouTube channel PrinceJKS. Jang hasn’t had any meet-ups with fans in about two years, so those who have been waiting for his military service to end are getting excited about the news.

The entertainer originally wanted to have an in-person meet, but continued concerns over the spread of the coronavirus prompted him to move the event online.

During the event, he will share what he has been doing since the military discharge, and chat about other updates in his life for curious fans. He will also sing some of the most popular songs of his in Korean and Japanese.

BY LEE SUN-MIN [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]

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12 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun-suk to meet fans after military discharge”

  1. I am so glad that I found this. I have been looking for a while for a place I could learn more about Keun-suk. I may be a new eel, but a very devoted one. So glad to see you back.💜

  2. Seeing as I am a new Eel, and actual new to all of this, would someone be kind enough to help me? Even as a teenager I never did for an idol. Can you tell me where I can send a card ti Jang Guen Suk? I dabble in card making and would like to send one.

    • Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for in the main menu NOTICES feed.

      Many are like you, that’s why as a new eel with no experience in following an artist and with the help of kindest Priya (Indian, veteran eel) wrote some “must read” links to start from – Check Priya’s few latest comments on the main menu FEEDBACK feed. On the introduction feed (ABOUT) there’s a note that Sukkie is so much more than an actor and singer – how much is so much and the full meaning of the quotations series there, unveils bit by bit and it’s simply unbelievable .

  3. Priya…
    In this kinda way he said in Rockumentary while singing SWEET HOME (the one with yellow sleeveless shirt vid that’s gone now from YT)

    About the sound and vibrate he said impossible to deliver from an online stage:
    The closest thing and it’s actually makes a huge difference – play it twice and adjust the gap in time (playing and pausing the vid that’s more advanced it time), now that’s he’s talking we have time to do this. it’s hard but the second you get it (the millisecond that’s just right) you’ll feel you’re there! Guaranteed! Then you’ll hear a bit disturbance with the music when he’ll start singing, it overlaps wrong but you won’t be able to give it up cause the echo for his voice while singing will drown you ha ha…

    • Hahahaha..
      Yes he said he was worried for the online event, but he was sooo amazing right?
      O my.. all the songs are a fav.. N yes with just a piano and guitar He had a burden to prove his voice.. but he did that so well.. He was soo perfect today!! BEST STAGE… Just loved everything.. how he looked, the lightings, his cuteness and yes the songs selection.. waah Can’t wait for the DVDs to understand what he said haha.. So cute he is!!

      • Hi Priya,

        I’m seeing the announcements from Kaori that a DVD and photo book will be released, but usually, their products are released for the Japanese market; they are Region 2 and only Japanese subbed. Do you know if an English subbed DVD is planned? Better yet, an all Region DVD or Blu Ray? I saw the plan to release DVDs subbed in Japanese, English and Chinese on his official page. So many international fans are hoping for more of his concerts and fan meetings to be subbed. Fingers crossed! Does anyone else know about this? Miss Tenshi perhaps? Many thanks ❤️

    • Yes yes. The DVDs produced by his company always has Eng subs. Yes Koari announced it… but AG will announce eng subbed ones in ofc & Twitter soon. Tenshi sis will share here too.

  4. Hi everyeel, we did enjoy so much the online fan meeting, 👍👏👌❤️💋🥰😍 Ilike his outfit so much !he looked taller and in very good sharp he made a good selection on his songs ,I though may be he will,sing ‘ Voyage ’ ,but ‘In my dream ’ is also one of my favorite very successful show 👍👌👏✌️💋❤️waiting for the DVD with Chinese and Eng sub ,and also looking forward his new projects 🎤🎹❤️💋


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