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  1. Thanks for your hard work after midnight.

    But, to tell the truth, I haven’t watched even the part1 of the vid because of hearing an unexpected news… I didn’t know if it was true or not, but the rumor made me so shocked.

    It was the rumor that all the shooting of YMP was over on August4, JKS birthday. When I first read the news, I couldn’t believe that at all. But later I began to worry that it might be true.

    Why I was so shocked at the news?

    Because he promised before that he was going to shot YMP in Ibaraki, Japan, this August. As you know, I live in Ibaraki now and I’ve been looking forward to his coming since his previous shooting schedule was changed a lot because of the earthquake on March 11…

    I still believe that he will come during his M3 event scheduled in August, but his saying at today’s Cri Show that he’s gonna cut his hair made me uneasy… Now I was inquiring the truth. 

    • Kaori-chan, I was also thinking about MMM FM in Japan when I heard the news that Sukkie is going to cut his hair.. most likely he would cut after his MMM FM in Japan this month. For the YMP shooting, I remember I saw some article a few months ago that they decided to start the shooting in Korea due to the Japan’s earthquake & I’m not sure if it is for the whole shooting of YMP…

    • Hi Tenshi_Akuma!
      I remember I read somewhere that JKS’s character in YMP cut his hair during the movie. Maybe that’s the reason why he said that! 😉

    • My slight hope now is he’s gonna cut his hair for shooting of YMP. I imagine the scene will be the epilogue of YMP. JKS with short hair will shoot the scene such as a honeymoon trip in Ibaraki or something. It’ll be enough for me even if the scene shot in Ibaraki is too short such as for 5 minutes or 30 seconds. It’s OK. I understand most of the previous shooting schedule was canceled (at first, the shooting was said to start on May in Ibaraki) and now many local people and companies have been looking forward to the August shot. The staff of Public Information Section at Ibaraki Prefecture announced before that the August shot would be conducted as scheduled. Sukkie, please please come here to shoot YMP… I really hope so.

      • Tenshi-san! I missed you ^__^
        don’t worry , I’m sure everything is going to work out.
        and about the new drama , I think it’s already confirmed.
        Jang keun suk is going to work with director Yoon Suk Ho in the new drama “singing in the rain”.
        I hope this drama will get high ratings. I will pray for the huge success of this drama and for jang keun suk popularity to rise high in korea soon.
        I don’t care if the drama will end in tragedy or whatever. I just care about seeing jang keun suk great acting through a role that he has never done before.
        GO! sukkie! Go!

        that’s the article of news about the drama:

      • Thanks, cri-J! I also hope everything turns out to be a good result, but unfortunately I don’t get any good information at this time. Rather, the situation was getting worse… 🙁

        I received a reply of inquiry from the staff of Public Information Section at Ibaraki Prefecture. According to his e-mail, they haven’t heard from the agent, which arranged YMP between Korean staff and Ibaraki Prefecture, for a long time, so they don’t know whether the shooting will be conducted as planned or not.
        I was so shocked to read his e-mail. Do you think it possible that YMP will be shot in Ibaraki this month without notice to the person in charge at the moment? I don’t think so… and now I have a bad feeling about it. I imagine the worst scenario that the cancel of the shooting in Ibaraki decided long ago, but the agent didn’t announce their final decision to the Ibaraki staff…
        At any rate, we people in Ibaraki still believe that the shooting will be conducted this month… (at first I thought August was persuasive because JKS would come to Japan in August to attend some events). But as days go by, I’ve become less sure of my conviction.

        To be honest, I don’t care whether the shooting won’t come true or not. Rather, if the rumor turns out to be true (I mean the shooting of YMP has finished already), I’m really afraid that people in Ibaraki may have a wrong image to JKS or YMP staff because they were lack of politeness to announce their final schedule to Ibaraki members.

        I know, I know it’s my worst scenario. It’s my imaginary nightmare. But after knowing this news, I’ve become too pessimistic… 🙁 My only wish is YMP and JKS will get a good reputation from everyone, especially the people involved the film. If my fool imagination were true, it wouldn’t be JKS’s fault, but the agent’s miscommunication fault and JKS might not know the fact that Japanese, especially those in Ibaraki, have believed his coming till today at all. And if he knew the fact, he would definitely feel so sorry for that…

        Anyway, my present wish is my stupid hypothesis turns out to be quite wrong or the fact of the cancel won’t damage both JKS’ and Ibarakian’s feeling.

  2. I think he will cut his hair, but I don’t think it’ll be before the M3 Fan Meeting in Japan. Even though I would love to see some changes in his hairstyle, I’ll surely be sad seeing that beautiful hairstyle go.. I feel like crying right now. 🙁

    • Tam, I heard that something (probably his new drama? movie?) will be announced on next Wednesday. I don’t know whether it’ll be on August 10 or 17. Wait till Wednesday! 🙂

  3. Thanks tenshi_akuma! Can’t wait for Wednesday!! I hope he’ll do a drama, the longer the better! I miss seeing him on TV so much! 😀

    • Me 2!!! We can drool longer! Lol! Furthermore I prefer dramas compared to movies as the characters and storyline are better developed.

      • Me too.. i’m prefer drama than movie…but please dont tragic ending like autumn love..could it be the drama directed by winter sonata director??

    • High possibility is drama coz he just has a movie done, You’re My Pet
      But I dun want the ending like Hwang Jin I, please …….

  4. Me want a drama badly too!! I wanna see more of JKS! hehee! 🙂
    Carol, if the ending is like Hwang Jin Yi, i am sure all of us are going to stop watching the show when JKS part stop or either that we will just keep on pressing the ‘forward’ button to get to the end of the show! hahahaha! Oooops! 😀

    • Same here. After Eun Suk diesd, i just press the fast-forward button and when I saw Hwang Jin Ni think of Eun Suk again, I stopped and watched. Then i fast-forward again until the end. hahaha…

  5. Cut his hair?Personally i don’t like his hairstyle in YMP.. but so in love through the style in MMM, slightly lying the beautiful hair at his houlder, very cute and handsome! btw i’ll also wait until the next news, hopefully the very good news to us! 😉

  6. Oh no! why is he so damn cute in that vid? i don’t know why i want to make this question again although i already know that GOD bring this prince to us to enlighten our day and night.. i’m going crazy with this vid..

    • Tenshi-san! you were faster than me! ^__^
      anyway I can’t wait either! we will start the new year with sukkie in a new drama!

  7. So its good news……Wahhhh……i’m jumping with joy……HAPPINESS!!!! Get to see JKS in drama soon and going to get ready to glue myself to the screen and start melting. Is it going to be another sob, sob, cry till our eyes all pop out, heart twisting drama like winter sonata? If so, this time must remember to prepare lots of towels already, instead of using sleeves….hehehehehe!!!


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