[ENG-SUB] mezamashi_20120728

Special thanks to tenshi_akuma for the English subtitles!!

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26 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] mezamashi_20120728”

  1. love this interview!! thanks, tenshi, for the subs!

    omg!! he actually went to the audience to escort the fan!
    and so sweet of him to entertain the fans during filming breaks.

    and JKS is right, in that we like him so much cos he shows us honestly what he is!

    i also like what the host says about JKS, that his impression of JKS changed after watching this interview, because JKS is so sincere, serious and professional about his work, not to mention that he treats fans very well!

    • yes, now his special “little old man” characteristics is getting more obvious to many after each interview.. actually, I get to know him more & more after those interviews before… very unique young man who is clear of what he wants to do & achieve in life..

  2. Thanks tenshi-chan, Wow! so fast with english sub.. I admire your love and dedication for our prince. I can only claim I love and support him from afar by buying his goods, watching his dramas and movies, etc…… I must admit I am not a computer tech person so I leave it all to those who are expert on the field to do the posting and subbing. Thanks everyone.

    Sukkie’s goals are not high at all. He is already a Prince of Asia and on his way to be King of World. My prince, we eels will always support and help you reach your goals. Fighting fighting!!!!

  3. There’s always something we learn abt him in every interview that makes us feel closer to him, love him more, respect this young man’s hopes & dreams & cheer him on. There’s so much we can learn from him…

  4. i can do Chinese English translation but unfortunately I am not that computer wise to know how to add the caption. Someone has to teach me.

  5. Girls, watch this n subscribe/follow the uploader. This person uploads vids of Sukkie as he grows…

    There’s another vid tt I’m trying to share. It’s recent, I think the show is titled Kiss the boy. There’s 4 girls squealing over boys & this episode it’s abt Sukkie. Hwvr I can’t seem to find the vid link 🙁

    • Hehehe….just realized the Kiss the boy link was initially shared by Mich. I just download for viewing later & just realized the source. Now we can only hope for some kind Korean (cutecute, hint-hint 🙂 to translate or summarize (keeping fingers n toes crossed)

  6. Just wanna share this vid, YAB Japanese vs Korean version… Hope someone will upload the full drama w Eng subs

  7. Hello fellow eels,

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    Everybody, we can make it!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Hi gals! It works. Sukkie is an actor since young. He has lots of experienced in acting. He deserved tis award instead of losing to a new comer actor/ a singer for best actor category! Though the gap is a bit far,as long as we vote day or nite (according to yr convenient schedule) till the deadline,we still hv a chance. We can even get all yr forces out to vote. Fighting!!

      • A, tq for trying. But 6 is not enough to mk JKS to be 1st 🙁
        I voted at least 40 a day since last 2 days …… voting non stop with my leisure time ^^
        Hope the figure is rising up with all eels teamwork
        Normally i’m under nite shift coz working hahaha

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