[News] T-card designed for JKS’ drama ‘Switch’ to be released in December

Credit: https://fan.tsite.jp/tcard/switch

Culture Entertainment Co.,Ltd that runs entertainment business in CCC group (C-E) and TSUTAYA Co., Ltd., one of the biggest rental chains in Japan, announced their collaborative work between drama ‘Switch’ and Jang Keun Suk. In commemoration of the release of DVD ‘Switch ~Change the world~’, the special T-card designed for Jang Keun Suk Switch Version will be released on December 25th. Only Japanese residents can apply and get the card at TSUTAYA shops and ASAHIYA SHOTEN shops throughout Japan. In addition, FANDAYS run by C-E online started to accept the application from December 3rd.

T-card Jang Keun Suk Switch version
The fee for issuing the card is 550 yen.

Slide card case


The fee for applying the card case is 1,540 yen. It’ll be released on March 31st.

tenshi_akuma’s note: In past, TSUTAYA releases JKS’ special T-card featuring drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’. See the related posts.
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  1. Love the promotions in Japan always… 😍😍
    Thank you for the details n past links.. ♥️

    Just miss our Prince so much when i see these promotions ads.. Our Prince would have been actively involved in everything n may be would have given surprise visit to eels again or even would had a fan meeting with Switch costars just like Bel Ami… ahhh… miss him!!!


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