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November 30, 2014 in Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

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It was like a dream, but in reality, I was selected one of 100 lucky eels to join his autograph session held on November 29th, 2014 and got a special autograph from him directly!!!
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You know, it was my second attending his autograph session. The first time was in 2011 held for his first photo book ‘The Romance’. And actually it was my first seeing him in person. I mean I had never been to any his events until then. That’s why I totally went blank when I saw him so close. I hardly remembered anything… *sob sob (;_;) But after that, I saw my appearance on TV news that proved I shook a hand with him! kkk Lucky me! Thanks to the TV news, I recognized it was not a dream.

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That’s why many eel friends worried about my luck this time. “Kaori, be strong not to faint!” I think I did very well this time. My hand was shaking and it was hard to breathe, but compared to last time, I can give full points to myself.

OK then, I will share my experience after I knew that I won this lucky lottery.

To apply for this autograph session, we needed to issue JKS T-card, and bought ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ DVD box 1 & 2. In each box, there is a lottery ticket. I applied for this event with JKS T-card no.

The lucky 100 eels were announced on November 18th on the BM special website. I prepared my lottery tickets at hand, then checked my numbers.
lottery ticket

On the website, lucky 100 eels were announced with each lottery ticket number, sorting box 1 number in ascending sequence. I checked 8 area… then, found my number! My box 1 number was there, that means my box 2 number was also there next to the box 1 number.
I checked again and again, but still couldn’t believe my eyes. My hand holding the ticket started shaking… I asked my mother to check if there were my numbers. She said, “Yes there were.” But still I couldn’t believe my luck soon. OMG…. I won.

After I knew I won the lottery, I told this to ECI friends. Everyone cheered for me. One of the ECI admins, Farina gave me a great suggestion. This time, the attendees were allowed to bring an item for his autograph. So I made a special autograph item with the help of my friend, Pei Pei. She’s good at making a collage. So I asked her to put my memorable items related to Suk, BM, and me.

And we made this.
Kaori autograph paper
The theme design is this jangkeusukforever.com blog. Pei Pei sometimes helps us to make our blog banner. Because this autograph session was related to BM, we used the one she made for BM broadcasting. Looking back, I had a lot of good memories related to BM. The most impressive and memorable one must be when Suk chose my tweet for ZIKZIN Radio. So I put the tweet with my name ‘tenshi_akuma’ as the main content. And as archives, I wanted to put my first autograph memories, BM rice wreath banner organized by jksforever blog and ECI, BM press conference and summer festival I attended, and his message “Thanks for being on my side!! (ぼくの味方になってくれてありがとう!!)” enclosed in BM OST. And I put my name as the footer, tenshi_akuma: admin of jangkensukforever.com and ECI (Eels’ Club International) ^^

Pei Pei helped me to make this before her departure for TEAM H Osaka tour. After I received the data, honestly I ordered the printing 3 times, changing the size, paper type, and so on. The hardest part was the size was different between Japanese and international one. So I needed to ask the printing staff to adjust the suitable size. Thanks to such a trial and error process, I prepared a perfect autograph paper. I put everything I wanted to share with him on it. I felt very reassured by getting it at hand. I tried not to think too much about the autograph session to avoid getting too nervous until the day came. And finally November 29th came.

My invitation card no. is very small. That means I could sit in the first row. This time, maybe less than 1 hour long event. For each person, 20 seconds or so for the autograph. We couldn’t ask him to write our names. Only he signed. No present was accepted. But, for those who luckily attended there, seeing him so close was more than enough. We were all happily shaking.

The event was scheduled to start at 15:00, but probably it started at 15:10? While waiting for his arrival at the venue, our nervousness and excitement reached a peak. Literally the room temperature was very hot. My hands were sweating, and shaking. I tried to take a deep breath again and again to keep calm. And I spoke to myself over and over, “Don’t be too nervous. You’re so lucky. You’re going to see your beloved JKS soon. Please smile. You can become a lucky princess today.”

Then, finally he arrived! He was super handsome with light makeup. I’m sure the pics will be out later because there was a professional photographer. He looked like this pic. His hair was tied up. I could see his million dollar forehead.

Before proceeding the autograph session, there was a photo shooting and short talk session. Then, he revealed his acting project and plan for CRI SHOW 3. Wow! Not only his 3rd solo album, he’s planning to hold CRI SHOW 3?? Can’t wait for the official announcement.

And there was another event. This time attendee could try to cosplay one of 10 women for the event. Then, Suk picked up 3 of them and they were given a prize to take a pic with him. An 80 year-old grandma who was selected in TEAM H ‘attack’ in Fukuoka was one of the three. He remembered her, so he picked her up. Suk was very nice, linking arms with her. So sweet, isn’t he?

Then, finally the autograph session started. He was seated at this desk like a real Dokgo MaTe. While waiting for my turn, I could stare at him from the first row! I was so so happy.

When I lined up, I found my mouth became very dry… maybe because of my nervousness? Anyway, my hand also started shaking and sweating again. OMG! What should I do??? While I got nervous, my turn came. I passed my paper to the staff and stood just in front of his desk. He said to me, “Hello~!” as he did to other attendees. He looked so busy signing. I’m afraid my voice was too small to hear, but the time given to me was not long enough, so I had to start conveying my message to him anyway. “I run your fan blog for international eels under the name of tenshi_akuma. My message was read in ZIKZIN Radio before… ” It’s based on my 100% imagination, but it seemed he stopped signing and looked my paper carefully when I told him about ZIKZIN Radio. I think he saw my tweet image and remembered my supportive message to him and BM… “Your choice was not wrong. You’re sure. I’m sure, too.” After that, he told me, “Please keep supporting me”, shaking my hand with both of his. I won’t forget his gentle smile and warm hand.

In conclusion, my feeling this time was different from the one I experienced for the first time. I remembered most of the moment. I even remembered what I saw 3 years ago. Managers were busy fanning him this time, too. Because of the strong light on the stage, he looked so hot. That’s why he had to put off his jacket before the autograph session started. But above all, I think the big difference was I was encouraged by many eel friends, which gave me a lot of power. Thank you, my friends. You made my day to the best. And I thanked God, too. I will promise to keep supporting him no matter what happened. I want to keep walking with him from now on. Setting my memorable paper in a frame, I enjoyed the happiness again.

P.S. This pic was shared by today’s MC on twitter who was sitting on the MaTe’s chair. Other black suit ladies are TSUTAYA staff.

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