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  1. Aaaawwww! Congrats, Kaori, you made it! Thanks for sharing the happiness with us and for also mentioning our club and blog to him. It’s heartwarming to hear his wish for you (and also all of us) to keep supporting him :). We will keep supporting him together 🙂

  2. OMG tenshi i read what u wrote 3 times!! I am sooo happy for you… i really can’t express how proud i am of you.. i always thank God for having all of you as my second family and you are among the special ones… again i am soooooo proud and happy for you sis.. keep this memory in your heart forever ♡♡♡

  3. Congratulations sis .Tenshi well done you really deserved this opportunity to be meet him more closer more power to ECI im im really happy to be part of this family zikzin JANG KEUN SUK FOREVER

  4. Miss Tenshi, now you’re a real Princess! Thanks you for sharing with us these touching memories. They represent a real treasure that you have in your soul forever.Congratulations!

  5. Not think you’re lucky, just make believe received the award for a constant work full of love and dedication. You deserve it, enjoy it, savor every memory and thanks for sharing this special moment that makes me feel full heart. Is an honor to be part of ECI.

  6. Congratulations Ms Tenshi you are a lucky girl,I will keep my promise to support our PrinceJKS on your blog forever thanks again for your interminable

  7. Oh My God!!! You are so lucky Miss Tenshi! Congratulations! Really a very memorable moment for you…. Thank you for sharing this memorable experienced with our Prince.
    I promise I will support and follow him till the end…

  8. Congrats Kaori!! You made it!! (without fainting kkkk) You really deserve it and more! Hope Sarah will also get a big break too!

  9. Hi kaori,
    For me your meeting with sukie is not due to luck, but it’s the merit of your hard work throughout the years.
    Anyone who worked hard will eventually reap the rewards.
    for shortly, it’s justice 🙂
    congrats dear you deserved 😉

  10. congratulation tenshi/kaori you really made it..we are very proud of you. that was so special moment that you always remember for the rest of your life. keep up the good work and we will be together to support our prince JKS for eternity!! fighting to all eels in the world and to our dearest and beloved PRINCE JANG KEUN SUK!!!

  11. Oh, Tenshi, I´m so happy for you! You have truly deserved it. Just reading your FA made me nervous and excited. I can´t even imagine how it must have felt for you. Thank you so much for your touching fan account. 🙂

  12. Glad you had a good time and were there to support our dear prince! So cool that you had a personalized thing for him to sign! Good thinking! Looking forward to your next fan account!

  13. I am always excited to read your FA sis Tenshi because I felt the sincerity and excitement in every word that you’ve written on it. You are very blessed because of your hard work, kind heart, generosity to all of us and loyalty to our Prince. You deserved all of these. Many thanks once again for haring your precious and great experienced. I am hoping and continually praying that I will receive this kind of blessing too. God bless you always my dear friend Tenshi!

  14. Thanks for sharing the FA. I am so happy for you and also for him to have such a very loyal and genuine fans like you :).

  15. Thanks all for your kind words. After the autograph session, I felt as if I was floating in the air. But I tried to keep calm and be careful because I thought I would be OK (wouldn’t feel any pain) even if I was hit by a car XD I was full of happiness and warm heart. After I returned home and shared my happiness to my mom. She also got too excited like me. She shook my hand with both of hers to feel him through my hand! kkk My mother is so sweet, isn’t she? Ah… I’m still in a sweet dream, but I have to get back to my busy life soon. However, this memory will stay with me all the time. Now I feel so relieved and confident to overcome any hardships I face in the future.

    • Welcome sis Tenshi.. Thank once again for sharing this warm heart felt story, you confirmed the fact that I expected him to be a down to earth guy full of life and love for all mankind. I would have LOVED to be in your shoes and shared stories and experiences I had with our Prince… just to say I got to meet the one person that I truly admired and loved to from the bottom of my heart.

  16. Awesome, thank you sis Tenshi for sharing this beautiful and memorable FA. I’m really happy for you and you are really the best person to be pick to attend this event. You have done so much for him… I’m truly wish that you will have another chance again and take personal photo with him. We all together will continue to support Jang Keun Suk. Thank you again sis Tenshi.. ^^*

  17. Kaori….I can feel the excitement while reading your FA…luckily you able to tell him what you wanna tell and I’m sure he can remember who is Tenshi Akuma by now…so proud that you able to mentioned ECI and international eels…your design are very thoughtful and that’s will be forever memory…thanks for sharing

  18. Congratulations tenshi….. soo happy to read ur fa.
    … and glad he looked at u after wat u told him…… May this sweet memory stay with you forever….. hugs…..

  19. tenshi_akuma,

    thank you very much for sharing your FA.
    I am very happy that you win this autograph event and once again met him close.
    The paper you and Peipei put up together also looks great, I love it.
    You put your related experiences with him and JKSforever banner from the rice wreath’s event as well

  20. Wow sis…youre so lucky and im so happy for you…
    Thats the fruit of your labor and hardworks…
    Congratulations… I was so touch by your story…teary eyed actually…
    Keep posting and continue to share syour blessings with us…
    Thank u so much!!!

  21. I feel u sis , this is just so beautiful memory for u to keep. He is sure remebered ur tweet .I lobe the part he said please keep supporting him and shake ur hand with his both hand, that’s just so sweet of him and very respectful. You are very lucky sis ♡♡♡♡ ohhh one more thing I’m happy that my Rice Wreath desigh was seen by him kekekeke thanks for ur hard working sis

  22. Congratulations! I can even imagine how you feel at that moment. And also thank you so mich for sharing tour experience during that autograph session. 🙂

  23. Dear Tenshi you deserve it girl! And we will keep supporting you and supporting our prince!! You keep us informed and alive!! I have only one question for you: did he smell good? I bet he did!!!

  24. sis Kaori chan, thank you so very much for sharing this FA with us.

    Your FA is very short encountered, but you have placed a BIG smile on my face while reading your FA. When you described your nervousness and excitement, I felt the same way, too. You are a great story-teller, you know!!!

    It had been a while since I read sweet FA. Sis Kaori chan, thank you so much for always being our Angel, a very dedicated and hard-worked eel. You are totally reserved to award with this little heaven of happiness encountering with Sukkie.

    Thank you so much for sharing one of the meaningful messages received directly from Sukkie, “please keep supporting me….”….awwww…I feel like he is pledging (or pleading) with you. Especially both his hands covering your hand…..if I were you, I would cry right on the spot for sure. Even reading this message I feel like crying.

    Awww…Sukkie, I’ll always be with you and support you, no matter what, no matter how long it would take. Please be strong and continue to do your best and produce good projects!!!

  25. Sis Tenshi, JKS’ Kaori, God has supported you to support our dearest Prince. I am sure the love he gets from his eels will cherish him forever. Many are grannies including me, we enjoy swimming in this pool that you and many other young eels create for us to get together to support him. My Sugar is getting better and better because of this unconditional love his eels send to him every minute because we are from around the world, Love is sento him 24 hours or 1,440 minutes a day. My Sugar, don’t you feel hot???

  26. Lucky lady. Congrats Kaori! It’s nice that he acknowledged your support when you mentioned zikzin radio. Very happy for you. You are invaluable to eels by running this blog and more. Jyo~Zizkin!^^

  27. I just want to say you sisi, when I read your conversation my hands was shaking too. lucky sisi I hope you can see him more.

  28. Congrats my dear Tenshi and thanks for sharing with us so touching and exceptional experiences. You deserve it for your hard work, we know that. Please, if you have another chance to see the prince tell him this:

    Live your life well and be happy. We are not wrong, you are our choice. Keep smiling, we will Zikzin with you forever.

  29. Oh Tenshi,I’m so happy for you. You deserve that experience to have meet our dear Sukkie for the second time. While I was reading your FA, I was smiling and had butterflies in my stomach because I was nervous for you. He is such a wonderful man…just amazing! When he stopped signing and looked up to shake your hand with both his hands. He truly loves his eels…sigh!!! So happy for you!!!

  30. Congratulations Tenshi! I was crying and shaking too when I read your FA and I really really feel your love and support to Suk and to all ECI members! I also feel the love from Suk when he looked up and shaked your hand with both his hands 🙂 “I thanked God, too. I will promise to keep supporting him no matter what happened. I want to keep walking with him from now on.” – Please allow me to join you to support and walk with Suk ^_^

    I am so happy for you and you deserved to be the lucky girl! Please continue to be our angel in ECI and this blog ^_^

  31. Hi Tenshi! I’ve been checking your blog for a while ever since becoming an eel. I was so happy that you get to see our lovely Prince JKS up close 🙂 I think God answered all your hard work with a chance to not just attending the event, but sitting in the front row! 🙂 Congratulations on the close encounter with our charming Prince. I can feel the emotions in that event by reading your experience. My heart beated with yours. 🙂 I hope you had a chance to “promote” (for lack of a better word) this blog to him? Don’t you wish he could visit this web site and maybe even leave a note? 🙂

    I am curious to know about the feeling of seeing him face to face – what impressions did he give you? I live in the USA and have never met him in person. But seeing him in all kinds of social media and on screen, he’s got very high energy and “electrifying” eyes. Did you manage to look him in the eyes? 🙂

  32. Kaori chan.. are you still floating as of now? I read your FA when I was in Osaka and I felt so happy for you as you always deserve all the luck you have for Suk related… and I can understand your feeling very much as eel as I’m still floating after recent Osaka trip… not to mention you see him and chat with him openly in this autograph session.. Zikzin dear!!!

  33. Kaori, I am envious of your special affinity with Sukkie. However I guess this is the most memorable experience as I’m sure Sukkie has remembered your tweet to him and can finally associate the eel from who he received the tweet from. (A very meaningful tweet I would say). I’m so happy for you.

  34. Dear Tenshi,

    Thanks for sharing your FA and we international eels cheering and happy for your sweet and close encounter with Suk. Thanks for always being there for eels and the only thing that we can repay your unconditional sharing is praying for more and more close encounter luck with suk.

    Thank you tenshi.

  35. Sis.. Its my first time reading this FA!! Loved it..
    Sooooo happy that you were so lucky to be one in 100 eels!! You deserve it for never ending love for him for yrs now.. 😘
    Jks must have heard abt you managing jangkeunsukforever.com for intl eels 🤩 He must be knowing abt the blog for sure n may be dats why he also posted the blog link in his FB.. 😁

    And as you said, he was really so sweet with the grandma eel.. Our MAN is really the BEST!!
    Love everything abt this signing event.. love the desk of Matte arranged for him..
    Although I was not his eel during Pretty Man, but I m so proud JKS chose a very unique story n did the drama… Just love everything abt the drama.. Well done Sukkie.. 😘😘 I really really pray to see him this close in my life.. 🤩

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