23 thoughts on “[28.07.2011] Tree-J new office opening ceremony”

    • Very sharp of you, I thought it was a gecko (ie lizard)! Must be eel though – so sweet of Keun Suk and our pet looking so handsome and relaxed there.

      Love his company name ” Tree J Company” and the accompanying corporate logo. “Tree” signify growth, development, transcending through the test of time (trees can live for hundreds of years old), “J” of course refers to our Keun Suk himself and Company can also infer to his team of support staff. The logo brings to mind a new sprout growing into a healthy tree. During some interview, Keun Suk was asked what he would do if it were the end of the world. He answered that he would plant a tree. He also mentioned said that for things to succeed, it need the help and collaboration of many people. A very matured and thoughtful guy he is!

      • wow! thanks for this! ive been wondering why its called Tree J, now it makes sense. very meaningful. and all the gifts are all trees, its all coming to me now lol

        he is very intelligent, he thinks hard on everything he does, the name “young oldish man” fits him perfectly.. a mind of a grown up in a body of a youngster.

      • very meaningful & auspicious logo for a company, wishing Sukkie all the very best in life !!! ^_^

      • Thanks Staying Up Late. I’m always wondering what is the meaning of Tree J and who is the real owner. At first, I thought JKS is too young to be a sole owner of a company. Needless to say….I am so proud to be a fangirl to such a thoughtful, resourceful and smart man. Support you always. Bless you more success and love by all.

        PS. Now I have a new wonder…hehehe…. I wonder if JKS is the only star in Korea who owes his own agency company…..or there are more K-stars who do the same thing.

      • KaileyCA, I think he is the first Korean actor (or may be the 1st young man in the world) at such young age to own a agency company & building with his own hardwork & talent & he comes from a humble family, he is sure inspirational for many people right? ^_^ amazing young man! I believe if he is not an actor, he can do well in many other things also because of his high EQ & IQ plus passion & hardwork

    • i see it too! wow farina, you have very sharp eyes.
      wow, KS has put every concept he think of in his company, his Tree, his EELS… what a remarkable boy!

  1. haha.. at 1st i thought the ‘eel’ that u guys talking about is a fan. i mean human. then i get it. the ‘eel’ is the real eel..(^_^)

  2. wow..so happy for Keun-Suk ^_^!

    so this is the building worth $10 million?!!..hehe..so proud of the fruit of his hard work!

  3. congratulations! suk you’re such an opulent person…. no one can beat you….
    yes! you’re the nearest thing to perfect…..

  4. Hi, do u know the number for Tree J Company please? Its really important 🙁 could u find out how to get a message across to Cri J or Tree J or Jang Geun Suk or Eels or something?

    My best friend is gay and he’s been dealing with it for years, he cuts his arms and stuff, his family don’t know, he’s feeling really low and the thought of the man he loves JGS gets him through the day. Do u think I can somehow get this message across to JGS and maybe possibly luckily get him to see my friend just for like two minutes for a quick hug? :'( do u think they’d do it out of charity/fan service or something? I’m so desperate I’m willing to pay. I want my friend alive :'(

    Can u help please? 🙁


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