Jang Keun Suk: First Official Movie – Budapest Diary

Credits: jksjapan official Twitter
Source website: Frau
Shared by: JKS FC Malaysia

Information on the soon-to-be-released “Budapest Diary”!!
Less confusing this time round with only 2 versions, although we still don’t know whether these editions include English subtitles.

Limited edition 9800 yen include:
DVD (45 min) + making (60 min) + Photo book 48 page + Original goods + Poster.

Standard edition 5800 yen include:
DVD (45 min) + Photo book 32 page + Original goods.

Original goods for the 2 editions are different.

30 thoughts on “Jang Keun Suk: First Official Movie – Budapest Diary”

  1. Ivy,

    First, lovely new header. Very appropriate to his current adorable, pet role. Always brings a smile to one’s face!

    Second, OH NO! Budapest Diary! – Yet another die, die must buy item and must buy the most premium and exclusive limited edition too! The picture alone is enough to sell me his self directed movie?! Jang Keun Suk is the one and only artiste whom I have ever have LIMITED editions of EVERYTHING! What a master marketeer, he is.:)

    • yes.. very artistically done up & .he can act out all his emotion by himself in the short film.. very few can express like him, must buy as it is one that he is somehow involved in producing/directing/scripting/editing (very talented!)

      • it is done all by himself? boy, i proud of him even more, smart n talented, hope that i have a half of his brain…

  2. i went to the kaori site to check it out and most of their merchandise only deliver within japan…..i really want to buy this, is there another option?

    • i’m pretty sure that just like Jplus, the Budapest Diary will sooner or later be available on HMV Japan or Amazon Japan…. just have to wait and see ^^

      • Agreed. This time I am going to WAIT until I hear/see “English Subtitles” on the Budapest Diary before bringing out the C card!

  3. Hi cri, girls!
    I’ll ask Koari and Frau whether they plan to release it internationally (with English subtitles). I think they’re planning to just as the same as JKS’ photo book. But the details even about the Japanese version have just be in public yesterday, so I’m afraid their answer won’t meet our expectation. Does anyone ask HS Media about the same question simultaneously?

  4. ..hmm..why is my comments not appearing here?..anyways, third trial..i hope it works:

    ..another must buy item from jks..^_^!

    ..hmm..iโ€™ve been buying jks items from cdjapan.com..

    โ€ฆtheir updated with jks stuffs also..and if ever, that the buyer is not from japan (like in my case, the Romance JPlus Photobook), they also offer shopping for the item in their name, and then shipping the goods to the buyer..just fill-out their shopping request and paste the url of the Budapest Diary vendor (subject to additional charges)..

    • It’s ok Tenshi, take your time.. ^o^.. i’m wondering at 4:25 that’s goals his writing on the board?? just conjectured..all i understand only Prince Asia & King of World.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I think the last target he put in the list is to be a dad by 33 ^_^ Kaori-chan, is that correct? (Sukkie is a family man… he loves to have a family of his own…)

    • Hey Tenshi~ thanks for the link… woah.. nice to know he gt so much in mind for his life plan… ๐Ÿ™‚ hahha i jus went for Hokkaido for vacation and is back with the KBOOM magazine! Cuz He’s at the cover!~… loads of gals were crowding at the corner…

    • Hello! I tried to find this video but unfortunately I can’t access it. I really want to watch it. Can you give me a solution please?

    • OMG! Is so terribly affected & I thought did not involve main town are
      Hope everything is fine now
      Fighting Sukkie & Korean eels

    • remember jaekyung (rainbow) who’s got KS phone number? she even had to use subway because of the flood. The other artiste such as Kyuhyun also using subway… i wonder if KS walk around near subway, or he stayed at home / his office?

  5. Hello my name is indre
    i’m from Indonesia
    I really like jang geun suk and his movie. I am very interested in short film entitled “Budapest Diary” but I can not find it DVD on my country Indonesia.
    Can you help me to get the film?
    if you can help, I hope you can contact me at my personal email including the price / cost should I spend on the film.. thank you.

  6. QQeyes007, would you like helpme, by emailing indre jurawita, tell her that i sell budhapest diary deluxe edition, my private collection..
    tell her to contacting me by email..

    Mind to help, im very gratefull.. thank you

  7. hi can you please tell me where I can watch this movie in English subs…please tell me..i am looking for this for a long time.. I am from india!!


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