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  1. Dear eels in the world

    Our prince Jang Keun Suk (or Jang Geun Suk) is nomiated for the best actor in Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA) 2011.
    The SDA will be held on the eve of Keun Suk’s actual birthday. Please vote everyday by Aug. 16 for his birthday present.

    English site

    How to vote:
    1. Click voting event.
    2.Select Jang Keun Suk in the 4th row.
    Check one of each checkbox for the other countries. You can select the checkbox for “no vote” if you don’t want to vote for some countries.
    3.Click the button “Select the actors of all countries.
    4.Follow the directions in the popup.

    Thank you for cooperation and hope to see our prince in SDA.

  2. aphrael, I understand why you just want to share this pic. If I found this, I would do too… I can’t say anything definite, but just gazing him makes my heart beat faster (//▽///) … oh my dear *sigh* aphrael, thanks again!


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