16 thoughts on “Tree-J new address”

  1. WoW! Notice the address – Tree J Building? What an amazing achievement for Keun Suk, his very own commercial building. Congratulations!

    • he sure deserve every bit of fulfilling his dream of owning this building.. he is so hardworking, multi-talented, kind hearted & passionate & professional in his work.. I especially respect him to do his part for communities & charity since young age & make it a point to continue to contribute to charity as an artiste.
      I read in BaiduSukbar on article that Sukkie mentioned he has a love-hate relationship with money & he don’t wish to become a slave to money.
      Actually I got a feeling he may be already the top earning Korean artiste in Asia (including Japan) as he is the only artiste under Tree-J which is his own company. The rest of the artistes are mostly under agencies or in groups and thus, in terms of earning, after deducting agencies/management fees & divide by number of artistes, I think Sukkie may be topping… can understand why he mentioned in Cri-show Shanghai there may be envy in the entertainment industry because of his success..

    • Farina, Sukkie is genius of caring about others’ feeling. He knows what others (especially his eels) expect him or what makes them entertain very well. On the other hand, his such a consideration for others may force him to be more and more make a happy face and energetic to everything. His latest works succeed to draw a big attention and make a great success, but I’m afraid that he lives his life too fast. I want him to take a good rest for concentrating on his work fully. Heath is above everything…

      Sukkie, don’t worry about your little absence in showbiz. We all support you if we can’t see you for a while. We want you to refresh yourself and enjoy your own life! 🙂

      • He’s not going to be absent in showbiz, right?
        Thought his schedule must be full till year end already.

        Think he’s referring to the period after “Marry me Mary” filming …

      • aphrael, it’s my WISH that he leaves a busy life for a while.
        The more I get his news frequently, the more I’m worried about his health…. I’m happy to hear his remarkable success, but on the other hand, I feel differently. I mean I have mixed feelings. Anyway, if he is going to be absent for a while, including his going to the army, it’s no problem for me. I can accept the situation easily because I’m a Japanese eel as JKS said we’re good at waiting! 🙂 I’ll be supporting him FOREVER even if I can’t see him for a long time.

  2. Woww. Congratulation to a unique, brilliant, multi-talented and kind-hearted y I unique man. So many reasons why I’m his big fan!!


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