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  1. Thanks to Zan for the link!

    Competition is fierce with many good Korean actors, but let’s just do our part by voting for JKS every day!

  2. thanks aphreal for putting the link here. I am really upset with the site. Yesterday I tried to vote and the site tells me I already voted , the same thing today! I didn’t vote at all! I will keep trying though.
    this is very important I hope fans all over the world will spread this like what happened in China Global awards. I’m praying hard T_T

  3. BINGGO !!!you right aphrael.. ๐Ÿ™‚ use different name and email,so we can vote frequently.. now suk #3..fighting..!!!

  4. Someone mentioned that if you clear the cookies and refresh, you can vote as many times as you want. But i havent figure out how to do it yet……

  5. it’s very hard,,i voted at 7:00 pm yesterday..and now i can’t vote again,,the site tells me i should retry to vote, i retry but it gives me the same Error!!
    I think it must finish 24hours for voting again, right?

  6. Hi Aphrael

    Tried to vote but unsuccessful in the 2nd stage due not sure the CODE no
    Can any Eels assist what Code number sld I use to vote.
    Really want to vote for JKS.

    • Aidakie, the code number will change each time but if you can’t view the code number clearly, you can reset the code number (like Youtube code number) until the code you can see clearly.
      FYI. The code number is used in some voting site to prevent cheating via automated voting (non-human) from some remote server.

  7. The site takes a loooonnnngggg time to load and I was not able to vote. Is it a trick to block out supporters?

    BTW Ivy, with regards to the Project Gift I will definately join in. But the technical instructions requires some chewing over at my side – not very IT you see. >< Notebook's been pretty unstable of late too. Yesterday I was not able to post my message (this) despite typing in the password as requested. Anyway, the deadline is August 15? I will keep that in mind and ask for help along the way.

    • when it comes to voting, I really have to go to BaiduSukbar as our Chinese eels are really dedicated as in the past voting, I’m amazed how they vote during the last Yahoo.. the eels there day & night on rotation casting votes, some will be incharge of monitoring & broadcast the votes status to all in the thread every hour or so…and some will share method to speed up voting.. aphrael77, I share the following thread from Baidusukbar which they mentioned a way to speed up.. only in Chinese.. I’m using a Mac, so the browser may be different..

      • eel in BaiduSukbar has translated the steps to Eng and share with eels in other region who understand Eng.. understand eels in USA are in BaiduSukbar also…Check out on this for the voting..
        I have witness the power of eels in voting as they really create miracle with their dedication… keep fighting!!!

    • Staying Up Late, it is slow may be due to many ppl using now & network slow…just try your best to vote 1 per day first ^_^

  8. how can I vote more than once? I have finally succeeded in voting once. If there is a way to vote more than once I would like to know. I really wish he would win this.

  9. Thanks QQ
    Managed to vote for him.
    Tried again after clearing all the cookies but still
    unable to repeat vote,
    The website takes a looooong time to load but eels please have patience for the sake of our Prince J.
    His vote is picking up – lets put in our extra effort for Sukkie.

  10. Thank you BaiduSukbar for the translation in English I am from Canada and it was a great help
    I’ll vote as many time as i can

  11. Just to share also here a link to a thread in BaiduSukbar which the eels can check the latest vote count every now & then.. it is like monitoring the status of votes & aiming for next target…. there are a group of eels who are responsible to share vote count (statistics) to eels in the thread how far they are away from the next target.. also on vote jump & peak hours.. the best time to vote as of now seem to be early morning or day time according to the eels’ observation.. if u need to know the count, can click on this link & go to last page as the thread grows fast… eels are aiming for next target today.. Keep fighting!!! we are trying here too!!!

    • Seems like BaiduSukbar has set up another thread to monitor the vote count statistics, this thread monitor every 15 mins now..check the last page link to get the latest vote count (sometimes, the eel also plot charts to present the data to eels so that they can visualise the situation every now and then.. especially when the voting site is slow, they can refer to this thread for information)

  12. Yup, looks like I’m going to create more email accounts so I can vote more for JKS.
    After using 1 email account to vote, delete your browser’s cookies, refresh the webpage and vote using a different email account.

    It works for me…

    • Keep up eels & just try our best!!! I have really seen the miracle during last year Yahoo voting as when I realised then about the Yahoo voting & looked at the votes difference during that last round when Sukkie is very way behind as the eels knew about the event later than the rest & the closing date was just nearby.. it was like many times behind & I told myself, not possible unless a miracle happens… the next thing I knew when I was in BaiduSukbar when all eels were united & gosh.. in the thread, I see the miracle & power of eels.. students, housewives, those at work etc.. just votes day & night round the clock or passed the baton & cheering for one & another (as it can be quite annoying when the website is slow & sometimes, lack of sleep)…even when Sukkie got the 1st, they continue the momentum till the closing time.. never gave up.. after that incident, I’m so touched by the power of dedicated eel fans.. that is why even I myself is someone who dislike voting over internet, I still try my best to vote as much as I can after that experience in BaiduSukbar…

  13. Guys , I am voting non stop even without creating e-mail accounts. I just delete the cookies refresh and use different name and email without it being a real email just write whatever comes to my mind.
    Please everyone! vote non stop! I learned that some fans of both keun suk and yoo chun choose to vote for yoo chun because of his problem with KBS. knowing that we eels who are only loyal to our sukkie should really unite for his sake!
    please , please! don’t give up! we can make it!
    I am using firefox browser which I found way better than explorer when voting. I tried both and firefox worked better for me when deleting cookies and restarting it to vote.
    Go eels! we have to prove out love for our prince!

    • Cri-J, keep fighting!!! (but hope you have finished your exam already, if not please don’t forget your studies ok..)
      I was smiling as I saw in BaiduSukbar some of the eels have mobilised network of family members & friends in voting too ^_^ They tried all the 3 sites Korean/Japanese/English sites.. whichever is faster…

      • I still have exams , I have one on Tuesday.But I can’t just ignore this because I want to support sukkie .This is the only way I can support him since I can’t afford much.
        But don’t worry. I prepared for this subject in advance so I can vote for our prince.
        please , please, please everyone vote!

  14. I wish all Japanese eels unite too. they are 40000 or more they can make a huge difference if they all voted. Fighting!!!!!!

  15. I hate these erros : “sorry, please retry to VOTE” and “you already voted for today”
    when i see them i wanna cry and i’d like to break my computer!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ..

  16. first : you , guys should vote from firefox . dont use IE ( more easier )
    after you vote already . choose firefox > options > privacy > clear your recent history and remove invididual cookies ( remember choose boths of them ) . Then off firefox > open firefoz again …and vote the same before . You can vote how many times you want . please , We need to get more vote for Sukkie he is far behind Park Yoo Chun . very hurt for me when i see my prince so far behind PYC .

  17. i have voted about 300 already . Easy to make it . Only choose firefox . after you voted , remember choose firefox > options > privacy > clear recent history and remove invididual cookies > then off firefox ( F8 some times ) and retart firefoz and make the same before . I really hurt when i saw our prince so far behind PYC . please .

    • @tonny: you’re amazing!,, thanks thanks thanks so much,,i’d like kiss you <3
      i can vote now,, i hope that i can vote 10000000000000… times… ๐Ÿ˜€
      Fighting!!! WE CAN COZ WE 'RE EELS p(^_^)q

  18. that’s exactly what I’m saying! use firefox ^__^
    anyway don’t stop eels! think of it as sukkie’s birthday present! we want him to be crowned as the best Korean and Asian star in his year the rabbit year!
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

  19. two day …i have voted …500 …..and now more and more .
    some tip for you , guys . you can save a lot of time if you make like this :
    after you voted …choose firefox > options > privacy > clear recent history and remove invididual cookies , the same i said … next >> you dont need off firefox , you only click into reload curent page and you can vote again …. i can vote 1 time / 3 minutes
    Go eels! we have to prove out love for our prince!

      • If the site tells you “you have already voted” don’t care , just click again on the icon and it will take your vote.

    • hi tonny i can’t vote today the site said that iโ€™ve been voted even i didโ€™t yet ..help me how to solve it..??

  20. Hi Eels
    Good news managed to vote for JKS repeated times (abt 150 times since 10 am).
    Tenshi…. where are all the strong and loyal Japanese eels – looking at the vote
    only close to 8000 voters .
    Please Japanese eels put in some extra time and effort for JKS. You all are his
    biggest fans.
    Will keep voting till the very last minute.
    All Eels around the world – FIGHTING

    • Aidakie, I posted this voting on Japanese official fan club site. And other Japanese eels who have their own blogs also ask other Japanese eels to vote him. But for the Japanese site, it’s difficult to comment how to vote repeatedly because it sounds like a little tricky way. Besides, there are so many Yoo-chun’s fan in Japan. So posting the how-to comment might cause the situation worse… Anyway, Japanese eels are eager to vote. So eventually JKS must be No.1 actor!!!

      • Kaori-chan, understand the situation in Japan as that is why I didn’t ask as I believe if all Sukkie Japanese eel fans just cast one vote each, I think Sukkie is #1 already.. as I have seen also the last Yahoo voting the fighting spirit of eels which create miracle and I think as long as the eels persist & stay united.. we can make it ^_^

      • tenshi_akuma, thank you for your insight. I am so sad to hear another earthquake struck Japan but glad to hear that there are no immediate reports of major damage or injuries. To All here, letโ€™s be understanding with our fellow Japanese Eels. In the meantime, I have posted a video on YouTube. Hopefully that will help spreading the word and more join in to vote for our Star. FIGHTING!

      • not being rude or anything but i think they may already know how to vote more than once and we need all the help we can get because even with all the voting we are consistently behind i think around 7000 votes i am from Canada so i am using Eng site
        so i think you should try to tell them but as i am new here i don’t know much about the situation just wanted to add my two cents
        thanks for all your efforts i will keep voting its already been two days and all i am continuously voting i think with everyone’s help we can do it

      • Alex, yes.. I believe many already knew the method of casting multiple votes per day & this round of voting, similar to last round which I witnessed, Sukkie’s eels started later but I most important is eels must have a fighting spirit & persistent as the closing date is still few weeks ahead, so it is going to be a long haul.. just try our very best & keep our fighting spirit & I believe EELS will create another miracle ^_^ For overseas EELs, IMPORTANT NOTE : vote under English or Japanese website, don’t vote under Korean website as it may be void…

      • QQeyes007 thank you for replying I did read the comments about the same thing happening last year so I will keep hoping for the same miracle this year too and I am free right now so i will vote till the end

    • aidakie! i am so happy because u can succcessfully vote our prince, i’m so unlucky, try until my finger got swollen and brain stucked, are you japanese?

    • hi tonny, help me please!! i can’t vote yesterday and today because it kept saying that i’ve already voted even i’ve followed your instruction and and also i’ve not yet voting, why?

      • To Rent 121 :
        that’s mean …. still have your browserโ€™s cookies . i dont know why it doesnt work with your computer . but you can try this one :

        : can you remove and reinstall your newest firefox . and make step by step that i said … make sure clear recent history and remove invididual cookies . i hope this one …can help you

    • Actually, we are still way behind of 41000 in totals. 6500 is only the English site. The voters in Korean site are where we need to beat.

      • Dear eels, please don’t vote in Korean site even it is vote count is low as I learnt from BaiduSukbar today that overseas fans should vote at the English or Japanese sites as the votes may not be counted if in Korean site.. moreover, Korean site is slower compared to the rest.. put priority in English site, if slow than go to Japanese site…

  21. Hi gals. Besides this voting project. Remember we have a project (gift) to JKS. I hope you all will participate to show our support to him too. The deadline is on 15Aug.

  22. Hi Tenshi

    Thanks for the explanation.
    Your effort and the rest of the Japanese eels are much appreciated.
    Lets us work together and make it a miracle for JKS.

  23. I just finished voting 100 times.. finger pain from clicking the mouse already.. heh heh
    just need to clear cache and you’ll be able to vote more than once a day.
    Let’s all try our best for our Prince ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I spend a whole day in front of computer this day, coz tomorrow I have to work.. ah I’m tired but Happy!!! I never care about voting like this before, only Keun Suk can make me like this ^^ EELS fighting !!!

  25. I have tried a lot and more … more but hixxx…..today still so far behind PCY …. 7200 vote . sukkie have a lot of eels over the world but how come …how come . My friends , i hope sukkie will win this event because his birthday is coming . please , try more and more

    • because there are a lot of shared fans between the two , fans that love both of them and sadly most if not all of those fans chose to vote for yoochun because of a problem between him and KBS.And since there are barely votes from Japan and we started of late because we didn’t know about the voting.
      all of this makes our job really hard but we have to keep going for sukkie. I was truly sad that some of sukkies fans are voting for yoo chun but they are free to choose and that should make us all unite and vote more.

      which makes me want to send a message for all eels. Please If you have no time them once a day will not take much right ^__^
      sukkie deserve to win. we all want him to be more appreciated in his country.

      so please, everyone from around the world let’s all work together!

      • i agree what you said but i feel so sad because i think sukkie should be NO.1 than PYC . this year , because of eels fan , he made

  26. i agree what you said but i feel so sad because i think sukkie should be NO.1 than PYC . This year , because of his eels fan , he made a lot of fan meeting + cri -J show… he’s tried alot for his eels . i dont know why ………. i dont want to talk about a problem between PYC and KBS because i also love PYC . but what do you think when Geun-Young win best actress and sukkie …. so sad ….And Now that is so difficult when sukkie is so…so far behind PYC ( alomost 45000 votes ) . i am crying right now

    • i know how you feel because i feel the same way. all we can do right now is to have patience there are still few weeks left for voting and we still have to vote so that we can close up that gap. it’s toughest right now and many feel disheartened but even if we don’t meet up the gap ( i am hoping we will ) we should not let the gap between two actors widen more. isn’t there something we can do like voting when the internet traffic is lighter and messaging across Facebook to vote for sukkie
      be strong we are all with you

      • Dear EELS, please don’t get emotional as what u see or hear from “fans” of Sukkie could be the work of antis to distract the voting of the eels.. I have seen it many times in BaiduSukbar but because many matured or dedicated eels are there to guide the new eels, they are able to ignore those and concentrate on voting.. I will share some of the things I see in last round of Yahoo voting later in the evening as it is so “eventful” but the real EELS pull through… Just remember, real EELS only “look at Sukkie” ^_^ and support him through… no way others are going to affect the real EELS… this is also what the dedicated eels in BaiduSukbar always advise the new eels… (eels have no legs to leave Sukkie….get it dear? ^_^)

      • I will be on my way to work… I will share my experience in last Yahoo voting tonight… see you all then!!! FIGHTING EELS…

  27. QQeyes,,i’m agree with you , we’re EELs and just look at Suk…and it doesn’t matter what will happen…i’m proud of us for being EEL…but i just wanted to give a b-day present to him and becoz of this, i’d like he wins…well,, anyway he is winner for his EELs and that’s enough!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Dear friends
    Keep on voting for Keun Suk. Be strong and don’t give up hope that easily!
    Miracles can happen and miracles will happen only if we remain united, determined and focussed. It’s high time Suk is given the recognition that is long overdue. He truly deserves the award because no one can deny that he has good acting skills.

  29. I am only sukkie’s eel and I only look at him , I will keep fighting till the end! ^__^
    all of you sisters let’s FIGHT!!!

  30. i read from fb that PYC fans ask help from JYJ fans to vote pyc , wich is idol group that pyc one of the members..i think they pyc fans are scared or anxious about our EELS power.. no matter how much sukki votes right now or might be far behind pyc,im so proud that sukki votes 100% authentic from eels,we just need more extra energy,spirit and time to make miracle happen,cos we’re GREAT fans from GREAT actor..right guys!!!..never.. never.. give up EELS.. !!!

  31. no matter how hard EELs try, our prince is still in the second position with 42,000 votes distance, whyyyyyyyyy???????????????

      • I even couldn’t make a vote on yahoo during this day as it announces the error. OMG, I’m getting crazy !!!!!!!!! I want to support Sukkie but couldnt do anything except looking at the distance between PYC and Sukkie. huhu, so heartbreak !

      • I think many are facing the same problem as I saw the same message displayed by eels in BaiduSukbar too.. seem the server is having some maintenance going on & slowing down all access.. just check every now & then…

  32. hey guys i have been voting non stop for last 3 days using both Firefox and internet explorer but now i can’t seem to vote on either it keep saying invalid access can someone help

      • I think that you are right. It just allowed me to vote one time only. I asked my IT guru friend for solution and he said it is because the site is keeping track of my IP address and block ISP address so it doesn’t matter even if I delete cookie, log out and login. The only way would be to use a different compute; he suggested such as at school, work, internet cafe or the local library.

    • I can’t vote on facebook as well as yahoo. I dont know if the traffic is the problem or not. EELS can vote well fighting !

  33. Hope that u all frenz will vote on behalf of me.. i’m so sad, can’t vote, in every way i tried but still the same, fail and fail, :'( Tonny and farina and others who can vote very well, go3, chaiyoo!

  34. Dear EELS, it’s ok.. just take opportunity for a short break & de-stress ^_^ as I think it is slow for everyone & it seems almost all are facing the problem.. I saw the vote count almost stalled for 1st & 2nd…I can’t vote too a while ago..
    Let me share a short account from BaiduSukbar…
    Sukkie will be appearing on China TV program “Know your Lyrics” this coming Friday (29/7) & many Chinese eel fans are looking forward to this show broadcast and it is quite touching to hear some commented about giving up watching the show as it coincides with the voting this time which remind me of last year Yahoo voting.. many eels gave up watching the LIVE broadcast of MMM which they were looking forward so much for 1 year after YAB… reason is at that time, the Yahoo voting was at critical stage then due to 1 week before closing date & some eels recorded the program to share with those in the frontline voting… similar incident is happening this round..
    ladies, take a short break now, just a short clip to make you smile & relax ^_^ for those who have not seen before, which Sukkie sings with an eel fan on a TV show.. notice his outfit here is same as the amazing drawing by eel fan shared by aphrael?

  35. Hi, sorry but i can’t vote in this page. Can you help me please?, Can you put a images captures like a tutorial , because I don’t know how to vote ?, thanks a lot

  36. Hi Cri-eels,
    I have been voting for JKS 100 times in the past few days. NOW, suddenly I get “invalid access” every time I try to vote. What did I do wrong? If anyone can help me, please please help….. I have all the times to vote for him. Cries….cannot do it now……

  37. Dear EELS, please continue the Yahoo voting also concurrently with the Facebook.. seems like what aphrael mentioned is correct, one IP (computer/notebook) can only vote 1 time per day, I tried today ok…
    Like what many eels had said, Sukkie is already #1 in our heart but we vote not because he really deserves it & it would be a nice birthday present for him from his eels ^_^
    We can continue to close the gap, keep up EELS!!!

  38. Agreed with you QQ, the eels are fighting back aggressively .
    All eels keep up the fighting spirit and united to stay to make our Prince n0 1#.

  39. Just looked at the voting score……
    Very excited to know that JKS is only abt 700 over vote behind PYC in Japan.
    Thanks Japanese eels for working extra hard hopefully he can be No 1 in Japan.
    Tenshi….thanks to you too, hopefully miracle can happen for our Prince.

  40. keep fighting eels! we need more votes to put our prince on the top! ๐Ÿ˜€ tell your other friends too! ^_^ aja aja!


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