[19.07.2011] ZIP and mezamashi news

Credits & English subs: tenshi_akuma

Tenshi, thanks very much for subbing!

If you cannot see the English subs, at the bottom right-hand corner of the video, please click on the triangular up-arrow button and click on “CC”.


21 thoughts on “[19.07.2011] ZIP and mezamashi news”

  1. Thanks Tenshi for the eng-sub ^^
    anyway, what does “mero-mero” mean?
    i can’t find this phrase in google, so i can’t find the proper words to describe.

  2. cajuputte, “mero-mero” means “be madly in love” or “be head over heels in love with someone.”
    To tell the truth, we Japanese don’t use “mero-mero” daily, but this phrase sounds interesting, so Sukkie likes to use it. Now that “mero-mero” has become more popular than before because of him! πŸ™‚

    • haha. That’s indeed a cute phrase, thanks for the explanation, tenshi!
      salute to his creative brain, he could create something fresh n new that everybody would follow him πŸ™‚

    • Thanks tenshi-chan. β€œmero-mero” has a nice meaning and it’s easy to remember too. JKS is a trend-setter of words and fashion styles. In fact, I like all the words he uses , sooo cute words ~my favorite of course, Cri~ eel .

  3. everytime i am watching JKS,, he never fails to make me smile or laugh.. he’s so lovable.. thanks for subbing tenshi and thanks aphrael for posting this vid,,

  4. thanks aumii..so gals let show our power to make suk #1 for the best star of asia for seoul drama award 2011,Voting period until Aug 16 (once a day). need more your vote..suk now rank #5..FIGHTING EELS!!!

  5. thanks Tenshi san! can you please post the link of the voting in the Japanese FC?
    we need to make sukkie No1! let’s go eels!

    • cri-J, how are you doing now? Which country are you in to study? I miss you so much. Anyway, I have to apologize that I haven’t started to subtitle the vid you shared before and I promised to translate yet… πŸ™ But I’ll definitely do, so please wait for a while! Keep fighting -cri ^^

      • tenshi-saaaaaaaaaan! I miss you all soooooooo much too!
        I am studying in Syria my original country. I’m Syrian but I travel to Kuwait for work.
        Dear, you don’t have to stress yourself for me at all! take your time even if it was after a whole year it’s enough that you do so much for us you and aphreal and all the wonderful people around here ….. oh , gals I really do miss you so much T_T
        thanks for putting the voting link in Japanese FC! Hope Sukkie can win this. I want him to win so bad because this is going to be in his own country….. let’s go eels! fighting!

  6. Kaori-chan, THANK YOU… know u are busy at work like aphrael77 but both of u still spend so much time to translate & share… SUPER CRI!!!

  7. Thank you Tenshi for the English Subs, makes a world of difference watching the video! Keun Suk is so spontaneous and sincere with all his fans.

    Will you be subbing the SMAP episode too? Pretty Please??!!

  8. hi!dear tenshi thank you so much for subbing the vids.
    but i wonder if you or someone else can upload these vids on mediafire.com?
    because some of us have problem with downloading the videos from youtube.
    again thanks alot for your hard work!:)^_^


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