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Tree-J twitter:

If eels have a change of heart, will remove its bones and organs, and put them on a stick to grill over charcoal fire!! Curry-man and Eel-man has already started preparation…!!

张根硕贴吧官方微博:【tree-j推特更新2】爬墙的话 把鳗鱼的骨头和内脏去掉 串起来放炭火上烤成料理!!咖喱男和鳗鱼男已经准备中了。。!!(翻译:颖)

16 thoughts on “[16.07.2011] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Hi gals…..warning frm JKS is out. Whoever not faithful to him will be grilllll boneless. OMG Sukkie such a serious warning u r announcing! Mk me laugh 😉
    Who is the curry man in the pic?

  2. Oh no…i will be faithful promise!!! hehehe
    Dont we love a possessive man?
    I do love a possessive man…
    I will never leave you Sukkie!

  3. LOL.. many of the eels fans has this problem now as I read interesting comments in BaiduSukbar, i.e after catching JKS virus & getting worst after seeing him in person like Cri-Show, many are already trapped in the “eels pond”, some even commented that when they tried to watch other dramas with other actor… Sukkie’s face appear as they miss him so much & in the end, they can’t continue the dramas and what happened after that is many go back to re-watch YAB, MMM, BV… ^_^ I think Sukkie has put an amazing “curse”on eels ^_^ like what the Chinese eels mentioned, once u become an eel, u don’t have legs to run away from the pond….. And don’t worry Sukkie, I’m one of those trapped in the pond! ^_^

      • hahaha.. Farina, don’t worry, try to think we are normal as I read that in Japan, YAB (drama version, not 2 hrs movie) is going to broadcast at the cinemas again, after 3x broadcast on TV & 2hrs version at cinemas, I can imagine YAB really has big impact on many eel fans & can understand why the drama version is shown at the cinemas after experiencing with other eels in Cri-show watching Sukkie’s video clips on the big screen, it is a different feeling as there are cheering, laughters, screaming going on throughout, very different from watching on DVD!

      • OMG OMG OMG… Me too…thought I’m the only one feeling this way. I tried to watch another Kdrama, even watched the popular one, I couldn’t enjoy it so I stopped watch it totally. This is crazy……I become too obsessive with our Sukkie.
        By the way that the scariest warning from JKS…..however, I’m totally not scare because I’m always faithful to you, my prince.

        I know this might be out of topic…..I have question for Tenshi. Tenshi-chan, do you have a chance to watch YAB Japanese remake series? I’m curious how it’s rating compare to the originally one. Thanks in advance.

      • Keiley, actually, I don’t know if it is obsession or not but one thing I know is I have set higher expectation of actor nowadays after I get to know Sukkie & his superb acting, only those matured actor can match the acting skill but in terms of acting versatility, so far I cannot find one as whenever I watch a popular drama, my mind will think Sukkie can perform much better, so it is quite unfair if I continue to watch the drama and in the end, I would give up watching the popular dramas after a few episodes..

  4. me tooooooooo.. 🙂 every morning before went to my office, i wathcing suk drama even though make a noise with my family..hahahaha..dont know why after i saw his face although just a second make peaceful on my heart…

  5. Addicted to our prince is totally worth!! His very sweet smile and brilliant brain with an excellant communication skill already brightened my day, Everyday!! hopefully the same to all of his eels!!

  6. Another trapped eels in JKS’s pond. Really addicted to him, he is our energy booster
    that keeps our day ahead full of sunshine.
    My mind and heart just cannot accept watching other K dramas, even though factually
    I know its a good drama. Like the rest keep on repeating only his dramas – really countless times.


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