[News] CNN flies to Korea to see new-generation Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk


In order to see the glamour of the new-generation Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk, even the CNN from America has sent out its troops.

On 16 July, American and Japanese mainstream media such as CNN, Fuji TV and Tokyo Communications will be sending their reporters to the filming set of “You’re my Pet” to do on-the-scene reporting.

Such a big batch of foreign media coming to visit a Korean-produced movie set in Korea is quite rare. This is also indirect evidence of JKS surpassing Bae Yong-joon’s status as the new-generation Hallyu star.

This year in March, JKS attended this movie’s press conference in Japan. The filming had not yet started then, but tickets (to the press conference) were all sold out.

According to sources, upon strong requests from foreign media, the YMP filming team then decided to hold an open-filming press conference at Incheon, and all along, there have been various requests from Korean media to interview JKS too, so they will take this opportunity to grant all such requests.

After having ended his Shanghai Cri Show and returned to Korea, JKS said that “there have been many interview requests from the media, but my schedule was too tight to make these arrangements. This is a very good opportunity and I will accept interviews responsibly.”

“You’re my Pet” uses a comedic line to tell of the romantic story of a boyfriend being treated like a pet. The plot is rather uncommon in Korea, but the original manga series was popular in Japan. Kang Eun-ho (acted by JKS) is a pet-like guy who is professional dancer turned musical actor. The movie will be aired in the later half of this year.

Source: Korea Central News (Chinese web)









韩国中央日报中文网 http://cn.joins.com

38 thoughts on “[News] CNN flies to Korea to see new-generation Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk”

  1. agree with tenshi!

    finally, even US media is paying attention to JKS! Yes! So happy!
    JKS is one step closer towards his dream!

    am hoping fervently that YMP will turn out good, as expectations are also climbing higher ….

    • yes, all the best to Sukkie.. he actually mentioned many times he is afraid to climb too fast.. I think he is just too good for anyone to miss him ^_^
      sharing here a vid interview I saw more than a year ago but still have big impact as this is one which I knew more about his personality (the host is the photographer he worked with in the Cartier CF), very lighted hearted interview as both are good friends

      • thanks for shared the video….i like watching their conversation seems they’re good friend^^ is she THE ROMANCE ‘s photographer also??

        I REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT… 🙂 please somebody make the English Sub ….thanks

      • yes, I think she is the photographer for Sukkie’s Jplus Romance photobook, I think they knew each other for many years & seeing this interview, we can feel Sukkie is so at ease with this sister of different generation & can talk anything under the sun ^_^

      • Thanks QQeye007, I really enjoy the video, I think I like all his interview. He is such a good person to talk to when you watch people to do such interview with him. He is smart, but also he is charming, he really is, you can see some questions, when he take a second, since he needs to think of it, but when his words come out, you will feel that’s him, that’s sukkie I adore. I admire. When he jokes, you laugh with him. When he is serious, you are serious with him. That’s his prince side, that make all of us fall to him. Thanks.

  2. OMG!!!! CNN is flying to Seoul to interview JKS!!! I am extremely thrilled by this piece of news!!! And i can’t wait to see the interview videos!!! 😀

    Our dear Prince JKS is really on his way to becoming an International Star soon!!
    I am so so happy!!! What a great piece of news to start my weekends! Yeah! 😀
    Thanks Aphrael for sharing!

  3. Wow! Thanks QQeyes007 for sharing this video. 🙂
    This video looks interesting & funny! But too bad i can’t really read Chinese. Is there any video with Eng subs for this?

    • really sorry I can’t find any Eng sub yet but I can try to translate in text tomorrow on their conversation… I intend to learn subbing from aphrael77 later when i’m freed from my project.. (aphrael77, u heard that? ^_^)

      • Thanks!! Definitely would be great to have eng subs as more eels and new eels able to appreciate and understand our Sukkie more. In this awesome blog, it can be seen a lot of eels are coming forward to contribute whatever they can to shower our superb prince with lots of love and support, spreading Sukkie’s love without any barriers of age, language, distance and culture. Just as Sukiefan NC said, love has no border, gathering here whenever we can like one big happy awesome family.

      • QQeyes, I just watched this video… let me do the subbing but it may take a couple of days ….

  4. Go Sukkie, go! I’m proud of him and I’m proud of being an eels. His fans all over the world. Let’s all look up him, he is great. I hope all the eels in the world will keep love to him to each other. Like a big family. Love is no border.

  5. super honored to be an eel.. i have appreciated other stars but have never gone THIS far.. i made the right choice, he is everything rolled in one!

  6. I am really happy to hear it new I am sure that our Prince in the future will be a great international star, he have all to reach it, for me like a latin america eel it have a big meaning, maybe someday he travel to USA and give a show….. just Iam dreaming …….or maybe can come to some Latin America Country wowww it will be a great dream for alot eels like me

  7. I’m very happy for Keun Suk and so proud of him … what an honour it is to be interviewed exclusively by CNN in his own country.

  8. OMGE!!! This news woke me up from my nap lol….yes JKS is getting more known in america…so I’m not the only eel in america hehe….so happy for him..

      • Jen651, the interview is gonna take place on 16 July, so I hope it’ll be airing sooner after that day. So I’m happy to check the CNN.com ^^

    • Dear Jen651, I’m with you. I’m too from US. So excited and happy to hear that our Sukkie has become more popular in US. It would be a dream come true if Sukkie has some projects in US. Dreaming…….. who know it might happen sooner than we thought. Nothing is impossible.

      Fly higher Sukkie. Eels from all over the world would always support you.

      • @tenshi_akuma thanks for the information 🙂 cant wait to watch it on TV im going to check it every 1 minute 🙂

        @Kailey hi nice to meet you .. wow never thought there more eels in the US hehe… but off topic do you have twitter or facebook ??

      • Dear Jen561. No I don’t have twitter or facebook yet. I wasn’t into Internet much Before JKS. Now, I cannot go without it for few hours. ….hehehe JKS creates a monster here.

  9. Ow,, i love that name EUN-HO,, its the same name he has in Hwang Jinyi,,,
    i will love to see You’re my pet,,
    i cant wait to buy it on dvd or blue ray,,

    • hi. Wow theres more US fan then i thought LOL… nice to meet you and this is of topic but you have twitter or facebook ?? so i could have somebody talk about our prince 🙂

    • Hi sukkiefanNC. So nice to officially meet you. I realized that you have been posted on this wonderful Blog many times, but not sure where you come from.

      Sukkie is really a special person who has power (or magic) to unite all kinds of people all over the world.

  10. Its been long since i commented. x) anw im cottoncand_y. 🙂
    So happy that CNN flew over to interview him!!!
    He’s slowly gaining world recognition! hehe feel so proud to be an eel!!
    Can’t wait to watch this interview!!! *swoons*

  11. Wow! that’s great Sukkie…. CNN is also coming after you 🙂
    Can anyone post the link of the CNN interview by then…..TQ in advance

  12. That news is my most valuable birthday gift
    So happy and thrilled – JKS not only going to be crown as Prince of Asia but also Prince Charming of the World.
    Congrats Sukkie you dream will be a reality.


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