[09.07.11] JKS refuses to act as “pretty boy”, will release album in Nov in China

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Sina Entertainment News – On 9 July, JKS will be holding his Cri Show at Shanghai Gymnastics Centre, the last stop in his overseas tour. On 8 July, JKS accepted Sina interview and revealed his plans to release an album in China in November 2011. When it comes to finding a challenging character, JKS will not take on any more pretty boy roles. As for his ideal girl criteria, JKS does not care about age but on whether she is easy to get along with.

Sina: Shanghai being the last station of Cri Show Asia Tour, any special thoughts about this? What have you prepared especially for the Shanghai fans?

JKS: Seoul is the last station for this entire Asia Tour, Shanghai is the last of the overseas countries, and will have the biggest stage..I have a lot of ideas for this show, want to know more? Please watch the show tomorrow

Sina: In Taipei, you claimed that Taiwan fans are your “brides”, how about fans in Shanghai & Beijing?

JKS: Taiwan eels wore wedding gowns at the airport, thus I called them my brides. No matter at which place, as long as there is someone waiting for me, I will let them be my women.

Sina: Any incident that leaves you a deep impression from this Asia Tour?

JKS: There are a lot of great memories in every FM. In Taiwan FM, it’s special as there is a platform for me to interact with fans on the 2nd level; in Malaysia, the atmosphere and feelings that I had, reminded me of myself in Japan FM five years ago.

Sina: How many times have you been to China? Your impression of China? What do you like most about China?

JKS: I’ve been here 5 times already. What is surprising on every trip is that there are always new things, including new buildings, more and more fans, which makes me feel that China is a rapidly growing country with increasingly big city development.


Sina: Currently, you have been more active in the music scene, does it mean your focus is more into singing in future? Or is acting still your main role?

JKS: Not that I focus on any one area. Both singing and acting are what I enjoy the most. I started off as an actor while singing allows me to interact with fans. In order to interact more with everyone, I will be releasing my album soon in China, MV is done and will be meeting everyone soon.

Sina: , and – Which drama do you prefer? Why?

JKS: brought me to Asia fans, giving me the chance to start the tours, thus a more meaningful work; triggered my determination to be a good actor; is what I always look forward to – a “free-spirited” character so I am really grateful to have taken part.

Sina: In the recent dramas that you acted in, the characters tend to be more “gentle” and “beautiful”, is this what you prefer or does the director think you are suitable?

JKS: No matter how it was communicated earlier, in the end it is what I choose and wanted to act as. Because I want to perform my best for what I chose for myself.

Sina: Besides dramas, we know you have had quite a number of great performances in movies. Which do you prefer – Drama vs Movie? Why?

JKS: Previously, I was into movie, thinking that it will attract more audience but after which, I realised that drama can bring out more of myself to everyone in the long run. So now I am filming in a movie but I can’t wait to take up another drama.


Sina: will be showing this year, it is a highly-anticipated movie, can you reveal more of the movie’s progress and contents?

JKS: Now 70% of the movie has been completed. So far it’s been a smooth progress, I am acting as a “pet”, I have a dog at home, but it is a bad doggie so I don’t really dote on it (hahah I think he’s joking) . But in the movie, I have to act a loveable pet that everyone likes.

Sina: What is the role that you wish to challenge right now?

JKS: Roles that I never tried before, definitely no more “flower boy”, best if there is a cool cool role, even if it is a psycho character. The killer role that I acted before helped me a lot. It may be good to act in perfectionist role, but it’s better to try out more different kinds.

Sina: Who amongst the female celebrities that you have collaborated with had the most rapport with you? What would be the sentence that you would use to describe them?

JKS: This is a difficult question. For the recent collaboration with MGY, because we are of the same age and background, we chat together often, and we were both child actors with similar growing-up experiences, thus we can get along better.

Sina: Are you familiar with China directors and actors/actress? Is there anyone that you appreciate?

JKS: China has a lot of famous directors, whom I regard as “Great Commander” for example, Zhang Yimou. I watched a lot of Chinese movies and hope to participate in one of them, even if it is a small role in a big production.

Sina: You mentioned in HK press conference that you like Shu Qi (Taiwanese artiste) and do not mind having an older girlfriend, can you share with us the criteria you have for your lover? What kind of girl do you like?

JKS: I have had not much experience in relationships. So I don’t know how to explain this. But if I do want to have a girlfriend, age does not matter, be it older than me by 10 years or younger by 20 years, as long as she is a nice girl whom I can get along with.

Sina: What is your next project? Be it music or drama.

JKS: After , I will work on a drama serial, which will be a more fun piece of work. My Korea tour is in October and I will release my album in Japan in November followed by China.



新浪娱乐讯 7月9日晚,韩国明星张根硕将在上海长宁体操中心the cri show演唱会,这也是他此次亚洲巡演海外部分的最后一站。7月8日,张根硕接受新浪娱乐专访,透露自己将于十一月在中国发行专辑;说起最想挑战的角色,张根硕拒绝再演花样美男;谈到择偶标准,张根硕表示自己不在乎对方年龄,只要人好相处的来就可以。
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  1. he’s not going to play pretty boy roles any more! i like jks becos i feel he’s always coming up with new ideas and image. he’s been a pretty boy since the drama ‘he’s beautiful’ and i’ve enjoyed this look/image immensely.

    but i’m also eagerly awaiting the next metamorphosis of jks! he’ll definitely be a handsome man again!!! 😀 absolutely love him in beethoven virus!!

  2. love in every roles he acts, all were so amazing, but i can’t help to LOL when he put on a wig in HGDong bcz sometimes he failed to hide his playful face, bcz we all knew that he always laugh and smile…btw he was as mature as kang JH in that drma, luv u jks!!

      • AGREE whole heartedly! I rewatched HGD completely with only Prince Chang Hwe parts and skipped everything HGD. Keun Suk’s portray of Prince Chang Hwe really makes one feel so much for him – his honour, righteousness, responsiblity, tolerance, tenderness and resillence.

    • not sure if I’m normal to say I have a love-hate feeling to see Sukkie in crying scene.. so far, I see he is the only actor who can touch my heart when he cries in dramas..the camera just zoom in each time to his watery eyes & tears… but on the other hand, knowing he is actually a playful & a sunshine man offscreen, can’t help to feel sorry for acting the sad scene..

  3. Oh mine…so many great news and cute pictures of our prince. I cannot wait for his next Drama. I miss him in Drama. For this year, I guess I just have to be content with one movie of his. I will always be waiting for you. LOVE you, oppa….

  4. Thank YOU! I’m glad to hear he wants to get rid of that “flower boy” stamp.He will progress more if he gets VERY CONTRASTING CHARACTERS ! Keep on fighting!


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