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Source blog: Mr. H


It’s about my business trip last weekend.
Departure from Haneda Airport, Saturday night.
The fare to Seoul is lower than that to my hometown, Kagoshima. So I just packed my things into a tote bag as if I was going to a domestic trip? No… because I had to take some equipment and clothes for this shooting trip. After 2 hours flight, I landed at Gimpo Airport. This is the hotel (JW Marriott Hotel Seoul) where I stayed.


Despite of the dead of night, I had a meal.
To a Samgyetang shop that is open 24 hours a day.


After reaching there under our trip coordinator, I found that it was the exactly same shop I was taken to by Hon, the desiner of “ROLITA” during my last trip! I gave an excuse to myself that eating Samgyetang in the middle of the night is OK because it’s good for our health….


We had a preliminary meeting at our assistant Mr. Kawai’s room used for a wardrobe.


These were today’s clothes.


Because of unfortunate heavy rain, the downtown was so crowded that we were exhausted on arrival to this studio.




Today’s photographer, Mr. Shin said, “He is so cool.”

Our stylist, Mr. Sukezane and asssitant director, Mr. Fujimura commented like that.
“He look perfect in the clothes.”
“He is so cute.”

Today’s principal is “Keun-chan”, Jang Keun Suk, the man in the news.




We understand his various charms which can drive girls crazy. In addition to that, he has good fashion sense and outstanding figure, which makes new-fashioned coordinates his own on the first try. He speaks Japanese fluently and he has backbone.

Even through the eyes of men, JKS is a truly cool guy…

What I was so suprised to know that he’s read our magazine, MEN’S NON-NO since he is 13 years old!
Thanks, Sukkie!

This is a commemorative photo with our crews.


This is a pic of Mr. Sukezane and JKS, wearing his own clothes.


This is a pic autographed by JKS and given to Mr. Sukezane as a present.


“To Mr. Sukejane (not Sukezane) …!”
So precious, isn’t it!?
He must treasure this pic ^^

Mr. Sukezane grilled meat. Yammy!
Thin cold noodles. It tastes good too!



Nevertheless he was so busy shooting YMP and managed to make time for us. He invited us for dinner. How kind he was!
Thanks for your treat, Sukkie!!

He also gave us his autographed CD and his pet, Suni’s doll as a souvenir…


The September number of magazine which he’s on the cover and feature will be issued on 10 August.
I’m sure it’ll really gets to not only girls but boys.

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  1. That issue of MEN’S NON-NO with Jang Keun Suk on the cover will be sold out! For not only the guys who regularly reads it, other women who normally don’t will also be buying the magazine. Any idea, how we can order/purchase the magazine and have it delivered? Really love to see how the photos will turn out because it will be from a male perspective.

    • I thought I ever saw Non-no at Kinokuniya.
      If not, it’ll be the usual sales channel like YesAsia or Amazon Japan

    • Kaori-chan, thanks for the translation ^_^ I will definitely get this magazine when it is available & now I understand why Sukkie mentioned that this project is something that he has been looking forward to.. imagine he has been a keen reader of this man’s magazine since his teens & now he is chosen for cover.. it is like another amazing dream come true for him.. so happy for him too! btw.. what is the meaning of “backbone” in Japanese term? just to confirm is it same understanding as the Chinese term (which means “integrity”)

      • >what is the meaning of “backbone” in Japanese term? 
        I looked up into a dictionary again… 
        In the blog, JKS was said to be “骨っぽい男(気骨な男)”, so I used “backbone”, but after I found it might not be suitable… 
        By the way, do you know the meaning,”he has a lot of grit”?  I think the meaning of “気骨な男” might be more similar to that meaning.  It’s a kind of compliments like he has a strong responsibility for what he says and does, and also has unyielding disposition. In short, Mr. H thought that young as he is, JKS is a kind of person who is consistent in his beliefs. We all know his such a personality but even for the first time meeting him, every his attitude makes people assure JKS himself. I think it’s so wonderful 🙂 So naturally many people engaged in the entertainment industry become his fan! 

        I hope you understand what I mean to say.

      • Kaori-chan, thanks so much for the explanation.. I think it is the same meaning as Chinese’s meaning of describing someone with “backbone” (integrity) and I heard many feedback from the people who work closely with him giving this feedback as well as professionism (which you mentioned when you’re interviewed by the reporter too) ^_^

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