25 thoughts on “[07.07.11] Airport pics at Gimpo and Shanghai Qiaohong”

  1. Wow! Is this a limited edition jean ! Showing off his sexy legs 😉 or afraid of SH summer hot weather
    Somemore hung his hp case in between the holes …. good idea JKS

    • what’s with the passwords for the comments? lol!…..

      @wifey, you don’t have a teenager yet? i have 3 and my son loves his ripped(hubby thinks it’s not even good to use as rag :p) pants. he says, it’ll rip anyway coz he skates a lot… one of my daughter tried wearing though, hubby stood firm on his no-no for my daughter. talk about double standard. lol!

      can’t wait to see this film…i hope he’ll do another drama for this year.

      • wap i know not sure about this password thingy maybe it has something to do with my ipad2 lol

        No no i dont have kids yet still under 30! i dont like the look of ripped jeans i know its fashion but still cant make myself like it!

      • Hi! as informed by Aphrael the password needed as to prevent spam mail. So using hp will a bit difficult coz unable to copy & paste as compared to pc or laptop

      • Hi Aphrael! How was Shanghai Cri Show last night? Suk cried-OMG! can’t imagine the atmosphere at the location! Bet you cried too…. Anyway, we have to type in a password everytime we want to post a comment or vid on yr blog…

  2. only sukkie can carry such ripped pants!! 😀 way to go – stylish as ever; taste doesn’t matter!! i had a gd laugh seeing him wearing these pants.

    • Dear pax, I totally agree with you. A mere person would not look so good wearing this ripped pants. Only our prince Sukkie can pull it off and looks SOOO COOL in it.

  3. Yah, I was saying to myself can any pair of jeans be more ripped than this?! Plus he still managed to squeeze in his leopard print on the the whole ensemble. So very Keun Suk. I like it, youthful and stylishly individual!

    Also wondering what’s up with the password, Ivy? Soo long too.


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