[Video] JKS’ promotional message for ‘Switch’ to WOWOW viewers

Credit: @wow_kaigaidrama Twitter
English translation: tenshi_akuma

My latest drama ‘Switch’ starts broadcasting on October 12th (Fri). Turn on your TV switch to WOWOW!

Good morning, it’s me, your Geun-chan. Turn your switch on so as to do your best today! Fighting!

‘Switch’ starts broadcasting tomorrow at 19:00! See you at WOWOW TV channel.

You did work hard today. I hope you can switch off a day to relax. See you soon in your dream.

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16 thoughts on “[Video] JKS’ promotional message for ‘Switch’ to WOWOW viewers”

  1. Morning everyone, I have watched “Switch” many times already , really good drama, JKS is very good actor and handsome too, I hope the Japanese would like this drama! ❤️❤️, but we have to wait for almost two years to see him and his productions again !! . But lucky I have lots of his DVD of dramas and concerts that I can watch for the time being ❤️❤️❤️.Miss our Prince so much , Zikzin JKS!,! Eels are all waiting for you , and love you forever ❤️❤️

  2. I’m not sure if this is the right place to share my feelings but I don’t have any friends from the JKS fandom. I hope it is ok that I share my thoughts here.

    I discovered YAB back in 2012 (if i remember correctly) and really loved Keunsuk as Taekyung. More than his handsome face, I appreciated his acting talent. I felt his pain when he cried after Mo Hwaran didn’t remember his birthday. I truly cried in that scene where Taekyung and Minam were holding hands in Japan. However, I didn’t become a full blown fan then because as I researched a bit on JKS… honestly… I found him a little too eccentric for my taste. I had thoughts like, “Why is his makeup is so feminine?!”, “His hair is so outrageous!” and “His music videos have a weird vibe.” And because of these superficial matters, I gradually lost interest in learning more about JKS.

    About a month ago, I rewatched YAB and fell under the Taekyung spell once more. I started researching again about JKS. This time, I didn’t start my research by looking at his music videos/performances. Instead, I watched behind the scenes videos, interviews, fancams of fanmeetings, his birthday Zikzin event, Candy in my Ear etc. I also read a lot of interviews.

    This research path has given me a totally different perspective of JKS. He is a genuine, sincere and warm person who is striving for his dreams. He is an intelligent man who has a lot of wise thoughts about life. I have a very different level of attraction for JKS compared to my feelings for a K-Pop idol I’ve followed since 2009. It is a mixture of love, protectiveness, pride for all that he has accomplished, appreciation that he exists in this world, and a little bit of heartache (?!?! This heartache feeling for a star is new to me! Why do I feel like this?😞) More than being a fan of JKS The Actor or JKS The Singer, I am a fan of Jang Keunsuk The Person.

    I’m quite sad I only became a fan recently. I missed so many good years of Keunsuk in his prime because I judged too quickly. I’m so sorry. To be truthful, I love the timbre of his voice but I still don’t enjoy most of his music. If this is the case, can I still be an Eel?😟 I like happy/summer sounding songs like Voyage or sad-sounding ballads like Goodbye (from YAB). If you can suggest some JKS songs like this, I will be happy to listen to them.♥️

    If you reached the end of this comment, thank you for reading my thoughts and feelings. Thank you admin for this website so new fans like me can learn more about JKS.

    • Hello his new eel, vanillasky!
      I’m admin of this blog, and happy that you found ours and left your thoughts here.

      Because of my personal businesses, it’s been a while since I last updated thus blog. My mom was at hospital and my work is hectic as usual. But there are some great news of his coming, so I will update this weekend. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

      • Very nice to meet you Tenshi! Thank you for welcoming me. I see you are from Japan! It must be amazing to regularly attend JKS events and see him/his shows/his merchandise around your country.♥️

        I saw your new post and was very excited. I feel like I cannot get enough of JKS news so thank you for the new post! I am so grateful that you take time out of your busy schedule to share news in English.

        It’s a bit difficult to find English subbed JKS video. For example, I saw full YouTube videos of his Asia Tour but they didn’t have English captions. Makes me very curious to know what he is saying. 😄 Also, Produce 101 shows the interesting “veteran artist” side of JKS but there aren’t subbed videos.

        PS: I hope your mom is doing better. Wishing her good health!

  3. Hi Vanilasky just finished reading your sincere and honest comments I do have the same feelings like you .I am not a young eel but I like JKS only at the end of 2014 from the drama of ‘Hong Gil Dong ‘ not only bcx he is so handsome his acting was very good . I started to look over all his dramas and movies and even went to Shanghai and Tokyo to watch his Concerts I like him a lot only only bcx he is an artist but as a true and heart touching person .I will love him and support him till the end and wait for his healthy and happy return .bTW sis Tenshi how’s your mother ? Hope nothing serious !❤️❤️Wishing her good luck good health God bless her and thx so much for all your works ,byebye have a good weekend ❤️❤️💋💋

  4. Hi, Vanilasky and Jenny, ❤️❤️ Dear Vanilasky it seems like you talked for every non Japanese speaking eels bcx most of his DVD concerts one has no English sub ? It will be more interesting and entertaining if we can understand what he is talking about, but anyway I have bought most of them , just enjoy his shows .LIKE him a lot ❤️❤️Talking about getting tickets and going to his shows ,it’s kind of difficulty , I have to ask friend to buy and have to buy it by lottery and by luck too ! I can only saw him in a very far distance .! But I did enjoy the atmosphere ! Eels are all crazy seeing him singing and dancing together with him! JKS performance is perfect and he is a very heartful person he always show his best and try his best doing anything ,that’s why we eels love him so much❤️❤️.dear Jenny long time not talking to you how you been doing , thx to sis Tenshi we have this blog we JKS fans can talk to each other and have news of JKS , really appreciated ,Byebye Love you all have a good day ❤️❤️

  5. Hi Jenny kookoo! Pleasure to meet another eel!

    Teresakwokys, I can imagine how exciting the atmosphere is! JKS simply has that “Star aura” without even trying.

    I wanted to share that after carefully listening to Keunsuk’s albums without videos to affect my judgment, I am very happy to say that his music has grown on me. Maybe I just really love this man.😂 so far, I really like Save Me (I don’t understand the Japanese words but the music makes my heart ache😟) and Haru ni Nareba (this sounds like a song that could be in a drama OST).♥️

  6. Hi Vanillasky,
    I loved your posts. I have admired artists but have never been a real fan of anyone before – people who know me are surprised that I became such a huge fan of JKS almost instantly. The first time I saw him was 1, 5 year ago, watching Love Rain, which I have watched five times. I liked the show so much that I started to search the actors and fell in love with him. It is hard to say exactly why… probably because of his sincerity, vulnerability, generosity, kindness… As Vanillasky, I also feel deeply about JKS, – it is definitely “a mixture of love, protectiveness, pride for all that he has accomplished, appreciation that he exists in this world, and a little bit of heartache”. My heart really aches when his eyes are sad, and I wish I could do something about it… I have even spent a lot of time thinking about what I would tell him if I could. . I wanted to help him the same way he helped me since he came into my life when I really needed something or someone, and I am very thankful.
    I would looooove to go to one of his concerts and I am also a little bit jealous , but who knows? Maybe one day I will be lucky enough. Maybe we can all go together one day! Save Me is my favorite song. In the meantime, I try to watch and read everything I can find., and finding things with English subtitle is fantastic.

    Tenshi, many thanks for all your hard work. It is much appreciated. I wish I could help you. I even started learning Korean just for fun, but apparently it will take me a hundred years to be fluent, so you will have to wait quite a while for my help :-).
    PS. I hope your mom is already healthy and doing well. I just lost my mom two weeks ago and know exactly how painful this is..

    • Hi Adriane, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. 🙁 I hope you and your family find comfort and peace.

      I liked Save Me when I listened to it then I came across a video of JKS talking about the song yesterday – his feelings during recording and what the song means to him. Now, I love Save Me even more.

      Yes! I hope we can see him one day! At this point, I just want to meet him. Doesn’t matter if it’s a concert or quick fanmeeting. Any chance is ok. Haha!

  7. Hi, I think all his eels will be speechless when see him in person ,just looking at him❤️❤️, have you sis saw his DVD Cri-Present in Seoul ,!? “ he said during the show that he just sit there for the whole show doing nothing , fans can just look at me “ and then he said just joking ,hahaha ! He is so lovely and like to made fun on all his fans , we will never get tired of watching him ❤️❤️


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