23 thoughts on “[Jun 2011] JKS in Japan when seeing himself on TV”

    • So cute!!! was my comment when I saw this video. He was really excited like a small boy! I like him, he got so many interesting characters that you would simply adore.

  1. Ahhhhhh….. why is JKS sooooo cute???!!!! I just couldn’t stop smiling & laughing when i see this video! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Btw Aphrael, not sure why i can’t post my comment under “[News] JKSโ€™ popularity in Japan surpasses Gaga, anxious over popularity”, so i will ask here instead.
    (Oh and thanks for that wonderful article, JKS has once again WOW all his fans and now even the media & reporters too! :p)

    Do you have any news/idea if the Oct concert tour in Japan is open for overseas fans like us? Or it is just for Japanese fans?
    Coz if the tickets are available for sale for overseas fans and you gals are thinking of going, i would very much wanna go too!!!
    I’m sooooo tempted by JKS words “This time, it will be a true concert. Iโ€™ve started preparing 5 months ago. It will be a high-standard performance.”
    WOW!!!!!! *seriously hoping to go Japan in Oct now*

  2. There are 2 great news to share.
    1. Oricon Top 50 Half Year 2011, JKS get no.15
    2. M3 concert held at Japan on Aug, 4 shows 64k tickets all sold offใ€‚
    (remember Tenshi San will be attended the show too, again you can see prince)

    Very soon he will become Superstar of the World i/o just Asia only.

  3. Ivy, any videos of the so called “shuffle dance” that Keun Suk did 4 times in the press conference? Sounds interesting and should be fun to watch.

  4. Apparel thank you so much 4 all the updates of JKS in Japan!

    Oh my gosh JKS is so cute when he sees himself on tv lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just trying out my new ipad2 loving the fact the having my JKS doses everyday will be easier lol

    • hahahah yah agreed.. like little boy nt superstar.. so innocent…. great that he maintain his down-to-earth and humorous comical character…


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