[Pics] Taiwan Cri Show

JKS and company on stage for the final encore song ….
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Heard that Taiwan Cri Shows are a great success.
JKS and fans were very high and enjoyed themselves tremendously!

For more pics,

Hwang Tae-kyung …










Love his killing look ….

Introducing his photo-book …

Love his smiling eyes ….

32 thoughts on “[Pics] Taiwan Cri Show”

  1. wow! he became more n more energetic n creative to fulfil his eels’ wish! wish him all the best n keep healthy! luv u always jks!! tqvm again n again n again aphrael77 for these great pics…

  2. don’t know why I find Sukkie’s FM & Cri-show do not need a lot of special effects or stage effect… he can make the stage ALIVE somehow with his strong stage presence…even for costume, he don’t need much elaborated outfit, he looks charmingly in any images with mix & match & changing his hairstyles… very special ^_^ (Sukkie can save a lot of money to buy houses in different countries so that he can visit his wives everywhere LOL..)

      • ..Just look at him with smile and perhaps the tear will falls down when truly happy on it ^__^
        let’s hope..hope will lead our dream comes true..\(^0^)/

    • Hehe Tenshi, I have not had a chance to get the one on one autograph session with JKS before, so I’ve always been day dreaming what I sld say to him (assuming I’ve not been struck dumb in awe of his greatness presence)! just wonder if he ask what’s my name?’, would I hv the guts to say ‘ u can call me Darling/love/ honey’ (choice would depend on my bravery factor then)!!! Just so that I can hear him call me that!!!! Hahahaha (uncontrolled laugher!!!)

      Okok I know my above day dream is corny, but a gal can dream yah ^^

      • me too i dunno what to say…maybe the time im in front of him i will be nervous and blackout(usually i feel when im in love with someone)hahahahha..

        oh no!!!!!that killer look makes me dead now!!!!

    • Thanks for your advice, girls.
      I’m not so brave as gingercake that in case of I’m nervous and blackout, I wrote a letter to JKS with English and Japanese parallel translation (because I know he’s good at reading Japanese). In my letter, I described this aphrael’s site as the most international and heartwarming JKS’ fan site.
      I don’t know I can pass my small present and letter to him directly, but I’ll try!

      • Psst! Aphrael, check Sukkie apps, open From JKS (heart) tab ->freeboard… told him to say hello to us….which I doubt, but who knows our luck?

      • Tenshi-san, if ever he does and surprise us, we’ll all probably faint!! Imagine, it will be worldwide!! It will definitely hit the news that there’s a new unknown disease and there’s no remedy! LOLZZZ!!!!!! Crazy wishful thinking…. 😀

      • Tenshi, how are you going to pass to him? In Japan or Korea? U know his Korea ddress? Mayb I can drop by & pass something to him & inform him abt Ivy’s blog too during my visit end of Oct.

      • Carol, tomorrow I’m gonna participate his autograph session!!!!!
        In short, I finally can see him in person !!! 🙂

      • tenshi, you’re going to lose sleep tonight!! 🙂

        You’ll love meeting our Prince tomorrow!

      • Tenshi, Japan autograph session r thru balloting rite! U r so lucky than strike lottery. B steady & tell us how u feel.

        Aphrael, is better to start putting our country name beside our name in case JKS log on to this blog after Tenshi forw her letter to him 😉

  3. I didn’t look his face about 2 days bcouse I have to go to the place with no internet connection, now he looks more handsome > < huh…

  4. (*happy sigh*)…how can anyone be so perfect, he can look so hawt!!! Yet when he smiles, so cute!!! Can just stare at him forever ^^
    (by the way….am I seeing things?! Wats the guy behind JKS, the one wearing the ‘i love fan’ shirt, wearing??? :p)

    • gingercake, your eyes are very sharp! :p yea, but in 2nd pic, that guy? disappeared already, and a weird pic also did to that tie guy, looks like mngr kim! sorry if got mistaken, yea, a candid sometimes/always lie to us, don’t say never! 😀
      anyway i ignore the others coz an amazing prince was there!

      • ^_^ may be it is Sukkie’s T-shirt (see he is not wearing that in the same picture), Tree-J are saving $ for Sukkie for him for other more meaningful purposes LOL…

  5. wow the green checker outfit is so unique… only JKS can bring it out!~ and the killer look jus “murdered” me hahahaa —> bang*

  6. Aphrael, the SH Cri is the last stop ! Should be the best …both u & day dreaming keep up yr stamina to stand, yell, scream, sing & dance LOL

    • Carol70, I think so too that Shanghai Cri-Show will be the best as much experience gained for past Cri-Show & China eels are also very dedicated & passionate eels, so aphrael77, you will have a good time in your coming trip as language will not be problem too ^_^
      btw, aphrael77, when will you be leaving for Shanghai?

  7. Feel very good and coool eventhou’ not there.
    He is so charming and cute… really makes everyone’s day full of smile.
    He is a healer for those who are down….looking at him makes you happy.

  8. OH! I had missed out 2 days (weekend no on line)..
    Miss his so much!!!!
    His performance get better and better….congratulation!
    next and the last will be Shanghai…Aphrael must be very looking forward tht day come fast..cant wait already.


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