7 thoughts on “[23.06.11] Taiwan entertainment news report”

  1. Wow! These yellow cabbies are so pro!
    All the black merc are ferrying JKS and team right? The whole expressway is filled with ‘yellow & black’! Hahaha! 😀
    This sight is simply amazing! All the yellow cabbies are surrounding JKS cars like bodyguards!! Hehehe!

    Aphrael, does the yellow cabs reminds you of our WTAxxxx ‘star-chase’ in KL?? Hehehe! ;p

    • crazyoverJKS, the yellow cabs areefinitely much more efficient than me, with cute sticker somemore !! …. so I hv to learn up & speed up as they did & get a sticker on my car too hahaha !

      If I’m lucky & got a chance to change my car, I will still get a sticker of WTA XXXX to place in front & back on my car, while the cute JKS sticker on the side…..

      Should a lot of you eels from this blog coming for his next year Cri show in KL & interested in chasing & get close to him ….. I will arrange vans instead of taxis, bigger & more comfortable than Taiwan eels hihihi

  2. This is funny, is like a chasing game, i bet it makes the fans even more excited with this game. I just finished the Grestest Love, a super cute Korean Drama, this report mentioned about Cha Seung Won, who is the leading actor in that drama. Hallyu Stars really are popular now these days in all over Asia, I live in US, and I’m one of the fan too. hahahah


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