Official Jplus photo-book is out!!

Updated 28 June 2011

All pics of the contents of the photo-book have been removed except for the pic of the cover.

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Seems like people in Japan have started getting their JPlus photo-book!
Should be several days more for those overseas who have ordered …. Absolutely delicious photos, I can’t wait to get them! 😀

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  1. Hi,

    May I know, how many photobooks are there? This seems different from the one I saw online the other day. Pls advice. 😉 Omg, he’s so cute. 😉 Pls advice. Thanks! 😉

    • maybe you can post the link here of what you saw … there’s the “Marry me Mary” photo-book, “History of Jang Keun Suk” photo-book, but the Romance Jplus photo-book is his most recent one this year where he went to Europe for the photo-shoot. You can search for it on Amazon or HMV Japan

      • Hey, thanks for explaining. Now I know the differences. 🙂 Is there any other sites I can buy the JPlus photo book other than Amazon & HWV?

        Really looking forward to “indulge” in our dearest Sukkie. 🙂 Hehe…

  2. Hey girls, I’ve received jKS’ 3 photo books today…. To be honest with my sincere friends you, I was moved to tears after flipping the pages of them. I forgot to breathe. I don’t know any words to explain my feeling now. Sorry I got a lump in my throat…. *sigh* 
    I can’t select which pics is the best. We can see real JKS in these photo books. He’s in them. So if I chose one pic as the best of all, it’s only a part of JKS, not JKS himself. These books are full of JKS. Every page represents him. So if you haven’t ordered them yet, I strongly recommend them to you. But after getting them in your hand, you must be addicted to him more and more and can’t escape from him any more. If you’re prepared to live with him forever, you must buy them.
    Again, CAUTION!!!!!! They’re like a real drug. If you flip one page, you can’t be back to your present life. I promise you.

    P.S. You can enjoy all of them fully. Because all of them differ somewhat such as layout, size of pics and some pics are only seen in one of them. And the attached DVD isn’t a short film shown at Cri Show. I haven’t watched the DVD yet to survive to breathe today, but according to an enclosed card, the short film will be released separately.

    • tenshi !!!!

      So nice!! You got the books today! I still have to wait! 🙁
      I’m sure every page will make us smitten with JKS all over again… I know what you mean, every page IS him.
      How can we ever choose any favourite? 🙂

    • Tenshi san, reading your account of going through the Jplus photobook already very touching ^_^ I have not ordered yet but I will do so soon…

    • Tenshi-san, Aphrael & anybody who may give me advice,

      I’m considering buying his DVD but can’t decide which! I already hv Where is your star. I was thinking of buying History or Romance provided there’s Eng subs. Help! (And pls don’t ask me to buy all…. :D)

      • I think both don’t have subtitles…

        but Romance should have a better chance with the English, because the short clips that have been shown at Cri Show have a bit of English here and there ….
        … I mean, personally, I would not get History because it’s history (haha~~). I would prefer something that JKS did recently, and also something where the profit goes to him, cos History is released by JKS’ previous agent company

      • Farina, I heard that they’re planning to issue the international version of the photo books but the content and the release date etc are not announced yet (I inquired about that to Frau before). At least “TheRomance JPLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION Limited” and “TheRomance JPLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION” are said that they are special limited edition of Japan. Especially “TheRomance JPLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION Limited(including the special book and DVD of behind-the-scenes of photo book)” was a first press limited edition, so it is possible that you can’t get it afterward.

        As I commented above, the attached DVD is different from a short film shown at Cri-Show. So the attached DVD doesn’t have subtitles and probably the short film released in some future has subtitles(I hope so because of the same reason of aphrael’s comment).

        I also don’t have “History Of Jang Keun Suk Limited Deluxe Version”. I heard that it was released without JKS’ intention. It was released by his previous agent. So I can’t comment about the content of it.

      • Thanks Aphrael & Tenshi! I’m trying to thicken my skin n get a Japanese friend to get it for me as he did for Where is yr star before….

  3. Wah! Tenshi San, so admire you can get his photo book…somemore 3 at same time. Sure to nite is your sleepless nite….haaa
    Last week the 1st thing i reach malaysia is to buy magazine which with him as cover, same bought 3 at one time.
    Enjoy reading but ensure come back to the real world..

  4. hi Dream, may i know what magazine was that, was it malay magz-HAI? I already bought it, his pic as a front cover…

      • Did you order all 3? Thinking of looking at your collection first before making any further move. Promise to be EXCEPTIONALLY careful and delicate when turning those pages! Can wear gloves too if you prefer 🙂

      • Alphrael, that time during the preorder through you, the only version that was not in is ‘The Romance J PLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION’ right? (cover photo is him taking the cigaratte, leaning against the car).
        I wanna order that one but am kind of confused as the name of the photobook have changed… so just wanna confirm.. 🙂

      • Ferlyn, there are still the same 3 versions, just that the title has changed slightly with the addition of “Romance”.

        So I think for the Limited version, it is now called
        “The Romance J PLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION’ Limited”

      • Apharel, so the one I should get is ‘The Romance jplus photograph collection’ that cost jpy3990 at amazon right? This is the one I did not preorder thru u right?

      • Ferlyn2, I think “The Romance J PLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION’ Limited” is too heavy to hold it for a long time. I recommend you to put it on the table and flip the pages. So “TheRomance JPLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION” is much easier to read through in a daily life ^^

      • Ya I gonna flip thru it in the safest & the most gentle way. However may have to keep wiping my saliva along the way. Oops…. Hehe can’t wait to c it.

  5. P.S. “TheRomance JPLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION Limited” weighs 2.5 kg (a eel weighed it) and the size is 257×364 cm. So heavy and so big!!!!!!
    Again, this is the best of which I’ve ever bought and seen about his items. And the same as me, I heard that many Japanese eels cried for joy to get to know and love JKS more through these books. We can see his various and private faces for the first time. They represents real JKS!!!!!

  6. Hello, anyone tell me how i can buy photo collection. If i order by internet, how many days later i will receive the photo collection and dvd.

  7. I particularly like the picture of Keun Suk with a close up on his eyes and the one which looked like he is laughing from amongst pillows. Can anyone tell me which “J-Plus” is this? Thanks!

    • Staying Up Late, as aphrael said, the photos used in all 3 versions vary slightly.
      I checked the 3 of them now. I’m sure all of them include your favorite pics ^^

  8. hi aphrael. may i know which website did u get ur Jplus. is it hmv or amazon. i saw let me cry dvd the limited edition at amazon. does it still available. i can’t understand japanesse so i don’t know if it is available or not. hope u or tenshi san can help me


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